Slaughter Party (2005)

Written & Directed by: Fred Rosenberg


Felissa Rose .... Tara
Mighty Mike Murga .... Craig
Ford Austin .... The Doctor
Adam Glasser .... Donovan
Ric Drassin ... Cage
Sarah Rosenberg .... Kerri
Annmarie Lynn Gracey .... Mel
Heidi Martinuzzi .... Kimmy
Rebekah Brandes .... Bobbi
Michaelia Carroll .... Shauna
Christina Rosenberg .... Tina


Brinke Stevens .... Donna Siebert
Ron Jeremy ....
UFO Enthusiast
Lloyd Kaufman .... Dr. Kaufman

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 15, 2005

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While two men and their midget friend Craig (Mighty Mike Murga) tries to discover a haunted house a cannibalistic mad scientist the Doctor (Ford Austin) captures them.
He kills two of Craig's friends and then turns Craig's into one of his killers to continue his killing spree.
While Tara (Felissa Rose) is grieving over his sisters murder that Craig committed, she goes to a bikini party with her lesbian friends. Then, the mad killing spree starts to occur with Craig to do please the Doctor and also to bring Tara back to his lab for peer torture and for his main slaughtering yet.


They say some movies are so bad it's good but this one it's so bad you wanna puke!!!!!
There's shaky camera shots surrounding the Doctor with a menacing grin on his face which looks extremely trashy and corny too. There's a bad shot on Craig having his neck tied up to a tree with him lacking big time by struggling through this.
We have a ton of cheesy one liners in the film with some friends going to a deserted looking area only to be mamed and tortured to death by a madman who eats their guts etc. It's shocking horror violence yes but it's so corny that none of it is scary like the makers were trying to make it out to be. Also this madman seems to look like he's raping one of them which happens to be a midget doggystyle and suddenly becomes into one of his possessed killers which doesn't make any sense at all.
Then this midget whom is Craig ends up killing beautiful women as it was supposed to look like one of those creepy moments in a slasher film but this was so cheaply done as if someone decided to make a home movie with their friends while doing these scene's. Not the least bit scary. I mean a midget for a killer? C'mon! They tried to make something different with this splatter flick and it failed. There's bad shots lookin up and sideways on him acting deadly while stabbing his victims as well as a shot on him holding up his knife while spying on one of his victims in which this shot and deadly expressions are way too laughable.
Then there's the lead character Tara grieving someones death as well as her and a friend going to a bikini party out in the deserted area where there's a lake in which they jump in and splash one another around. I mean this was so laughable as it doesn't look like a fun type of party at all. It was totally bland.
There's some moments with everyone having a discussion swigging vodka bottles on what they have been doing which looked very wooden and too planned out.
Also there's moments with the midget killer Craig attacking a blonde and then the blonde chasing after him was way too silly along with this midget killing and chasing after other women at the party looking too plotted out. There's a corny shot on them rolling on the ground fighting against one another which looked hilarious.
Then there's a distant scene with her chasing after him while the other friends are lying around and then look concerned by what is going on which looked very unnatural and hokey.
There's a scene with Cage beating up on a bartender at a bar in which I must say that amateurish isn't the word for the blocking on all of this as it looked totally pretend.
Lots of bad shots on Craig running after the partying and killing them which doesn't look horror like at all with how it was all plotted and planned out.
There's a bad moment with the Doctor grabbinga UFO Enthusiast and stabbing him which looked unconvincing but yet some good gruesome shots on him finishing off the results.
Then there's a torture room with Tara tied up next to this madman along with phony looking body pieces in which this seemed to borrow a bit off of this other horrible flick in 1965 titled Bloody Pit of Horror or a Herschel Gordon Lewis flick but these guys had a better budget and a storyline with what they did.
There's many shots on her strapped to a table and screaming intensely with the Doctor acting insane towards her in which this moment was supposed to look disturbing with both of their reactions on this but it flops. Yet some good close up shots between the two of them as well as him maming her and there's a good close up shot on her wide mouth screaming that you can spot some cavities in her teeth.
A good shot on Craig coming up behind Kimmy and massaging her and a close up shot on her bikini being pulled off of her with her being distracted in her thoughts which seemed not too bad and then some corny camera shots on them struggling against one another.
There's also some tough detectives which seems obvious they were pretending to be tough which looked amateurish with their lines and actions as well as pointless cameos by other b-film actors which doesn't make up for the story along with many corny one liners too. It was tough to tell whether this was a comedy-horror or a plain black comedy.
Bottom line is this was Troma's worst effort I found and made on close to nothing with a clear looking camera but at the same time the best looking DV camcorder. I'm sure these makers wanted to forget that this film ever existed although if you've seen their other work which is pretty bad. It seems they are going underhill lately. You're not missing much with this one. Also you could tell where they shot the weather was scorching hot and I think that the heat got to everyone in which you can tell by their performances and how they did eveything making like they're in a hurry to finish this and not wait a long time like most films in production due to the heat.

The acting is god awful but like I mentioned the heat seemed to get to everyone. Felissa Rose (Tara) as always is very over the top with her emotional behavior along with her intense screaming and not getting into the horror mode. Sometimes she's okay with her aggressive attitude though but again she seems to be herself whenever she does that and not the character that she portrays. Her crying is way too phony and over the top when she's grieving at a tombstone. A crazy reaction on her going nuts after spotting the killer.
Mighty Mike Murga
(Craig) can't act his way through a wet paper bag and he was better off performing as the clown at the Motley Crue concerts in which he portrayed character's like a clown at their Carnival of Sins tour. He tried to look nasty and deadly with his expressions and growling attitude which were laughable in a bad way. His reactions with fear after spotting someone eating guts and forcing this onto him looks very amateurish on how he was performed through this.
Ford Austin
(The Doctor) even lacks a great deal as he seems to act like a clown and not a maniac. But he is better than most of the cast in this film. Yet he is better at doing a trashy black comedy than portraying a horror character of an insane canniballistic scientist.
Ric Drassen
(Cage) who plays an obnoxious and violent detective came across well on the camera but his acting still lacked and was not at all believeably violent with his actions on set. He can do okay at times with his lines but other times is just as bad as the rest of the cast. Yet due to his tough looks can still get work in other shows regardless.
Sarah Rosenberg
(Kerri) seemed okay as someone who is pushy but outgoing as one of the friends at the bikini party. She had the nice looks which helped her character a bit and seemed to do so so with her character.
Horror film journalist Heidi Marinuzzi (Kimmy) who made one of her acting debut's here was one of the better cast members portraying a lesbian in the film in which she tried her best to show some characteristics with all that's going on in the plot. SHe seemed to do fairtly okay with her battling moments too.
Now lets discuss some of the pointless cameo's shall we?:
Brinke Stevens
(Donna Siebert) does an okay job portraying a receptionist and her speaking sounded good for this type of a role. She was probably the best in the whole cast in fact. She was never a special type of actress but has gained alot of experience in bad horror films that were better than this one.
Porn king Ron Jeremy (UFO Enthusiast) brought on a nice charm to his role and seemed to do well with his comedic timing in his role in which I wished he had a better part which could've saved the film a tiny bit but not much.
Lloyd Kaufman
Dr. Kaufman) was his usual self as he hosted a scene like he does with all his Torma work but I don't think his part suited the film at all.

A blonde woman's breasts are exposed while taking a shower.
The midget killer takes off a woman's bikini top and is full breasted.

The Doctor rips guts out of a man and tears another man in half and eats their guts.
Then he tears guts out of a UFO Enthusiast character.
Also there are body pieces as well as Tara's leg being brutally cut
There's a bloody slit throat and plenty of blood splatterings.
Alot of bloodshed splurting out too in many scene's of the film

Andrew J. Rausch is also terrible with his composing for the film in which he uses alot of techno type music as well as rap beats in which we've heard in alot of no grade horror films that appeals to young teenagers during this time period. The soundtrack to the movie also made me feel like throwing up with the awful song titles and the bad heavy metal music.