Slaughter (2009)

Written & Directed by: Stewart Hopewell


Lucy Holt .... Lola
Amy Shiels .... Faith
Antonia Bernath .... Cathy
Maxim Knight .... Cort
David Sterne .... Jorgen

Release Date: After Dark Horrorfest: January 9, 2009; Tallahassee Film Festival: April 17, 2009

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A troubled young woman Faith (Amy Shiels) tries to get away from her abusive boyfriend Jimmy as she is tormented in her nightmares about it all.
Her friend Cathy (Antonia Bernath) takes her out to a dance bar in which she meets a woman Lola (Lucy Holt) whom is harrassed by her date and all of them get aquainted as Lola invites Faith to her farmhouse in which she doesn't get along with her family there.
Faith agrees to move in to change her life around. However, things seem a little strange as Faith nor anyone else isn't allowed to enter a slaughterhouse barn which is always locked and run by Lola's father Jorgen (David Sterne) in which there's a dark secret on the family and she investigates.


Well this film was inspired by true events which looked very convincing from the beginning as there's a good close up camera shot on her answering a phone with a wide eyed shocked reaction after discovering who's on the phone and choking out her wondering how the caller got her number and then someone is banging on her door with a good camera shot on her looking through the peep hole to see who it is.
Then a body being hauled off the lake in which the settings on this was totally dark and creepy and it is entertaining I must say especially a nightmare sequence with the main woman named Faith and her ex-boyfriend Jimmy who is stalking her to how far he'd go in order to get her to listen to him. Some of this reminded me of the history on Ed Gein.
A good scene between Faith and Cathy in her bathtub having a discussion about her ex boyfriend and Lola speaking her mind about him to her which looked quite strongly done with good camera shots on them around the bathtub.
There's nice circling camera shots surrounding both Faith and Cathy on a dance floor having a good time which looked crisply done.
There's also many other moments involving Faith and her friend Lola having fun hanging out which almost seemed like a suggested lesbian love moment which doesn't explain if these two women were closeted or not. It was very confusing.
There's many good moments with the farm area and Faith spotting stuff that seems almost creepy and mysterious like as if something just isn't right like the slaughterhouse barn along with her having a conversation with the family child Cort telling her about trespassing in the barn on what his grandpa would do which looks impressive.
A good close up shot on an axe being grinded as well as shots on pigs panicking running around while spotting this.
There's a good creepy shot on Faith walking into a barn with pigs exploring and then a good moment with her falling and then running out.
A nice touching conversation between Faith and little Cort having a discussion as well as good shots on them in the field catching fireflies. Then there's a nice camera shot looking down on her picking up something covering a slaughtered pig and her almost getting shocked and sick which looked nice and suspensefully done.
A good shot looking up on Faith walking in the slaughterhouse barn with pigs parts on hooks. Then a good shot on her running away after spotting something creepy opening the barn door and then a great shot on Jorgen outside whacking her in the head which looked quite brutal.
Good close up shots on Faith's eyes while being dragged as well as a good distance shot on a pier by a lake with Jorgen tying her up and throwing her in a lake.
Good shots on Faith struggling under water trying to break free and looking up trying to swim up which looked incredibly suspenseful on how all of this was shot.
There are also good creepy moments with the family man Jorgen chaining Faith and trying to drown her as well as Lola rescuing her and then torturing her with objects which almost has a Saw psychological type of feel to it.
A good close up shot on her tied up with shots on Jorgen about to be hung and then Lola torturing her with poking sharp objects into her skin which showed a great close up shot on that as well as her getting some pliers to take out some of her teeth and acting menacing about it which looked truly intense.
Plus we see many struggling moments with Lola and Faith which kinda seems mind twisting as if this killer has given up the innocent survivor doesn't kill her to finish her off and then the battle begins once again.
Great shots on both Faith and supporting character Kyle running away to the door of a barn to get away from a maniac which looked well paced with the shots on this as well as them trying to run to a vehicle.
There's a good moment with her panicking when a supporting character Jimmy comes up to her and grabbing Faith getting threatening towards her while there's a great intense moment with her trying to talk to him about the dangers that are happening.
There's also moments with Lola shooting her family which almost seems to be influential on the real life killings on the DeFeo's in their house at Amityville.
Bottom line is the scene's looked strong with a decent budget but yet the story doesn't explain itself too well like it does with the told plotline which seems to show alot of leaky holes throughout the picture. You don't know as to why this family man Jorgen drowns people nor do you know why his daughter Lola ends up killing her family. To top it all off Faith who invites Lola to her farm doesn't explain herself too well either but just briefly about her history relationship with her family which seemed unpleansant. Yet it does take time to figure out the pieces that Lola is a maniac who hates her demented family which is the reason to kill her family. It goes to show on being careful with who you trust. Still, there were alot of improvements needed for this flick let me tell ya.

The acting is not too bad in which lead actress Amy Shiels (Faith) seemed to bring her characterisitcs into good shape as someone who is disturbed about her past and showing a good sensitivity and fear to what's happening around her. Showed off good grossed out expressions when entering a slaughterhouse with slaughtered pigs. She also knew on how to have a calm and soothing attitude too. She also seems to do not too bad with her screaming and intensity with the terror surrounding her in which she seemed to show alot of energy for all of this.
Antonia Bernath
(Cathy) really brought on her protective attitude as well as speaking her mind a great deal type of personality reminding you of one of those good people with a good strong behavior. She also does a good job when she is emotional too.
Lucy Holt
(Lola) really brought it in with her psychotic behavior really speaking very rough and aggressive as well as knowing on how to act menacing too with the tools she uses to torture or kill others. She was a perfect horror character actress in the film. She really brings it up with the terror involved in the storyline and proving a woman can be a demented killer than just a guy all the time.
Maxim Knight
(Cort) really brought on a nice cute kid charm to his role in which makes you wonder as to why he's a part of a psychotic family with his innocent attitude in which he really brought all of that to life and knew how to portray a typical little kid doing fun activities.
David Sterne
(Jorgen) really had the right looks as a demented family man farmer and really came across as intimidating in which he really didn't have much lines in the movie and didn't need to for his part in the story. He was truly mean looking.

Pigs bodies are butchered and hung on hooks
Some teeth are pulled out
Body parts and bones are revelead while being fed to the pigs

There's alot of metal scraping sound effects as well as windy sounds with many loud bumping sounds too which works well for the real dark scene's that were shown here all composed by Justin Caine Burnett which sounds quite effective indeed.