Slaughterhouse Rock (1988)

Directed by: Dimitri Logothetis

Written by: Nora Goodman, Ted Landon, Dimitri Logothetis & Sandra Willard


Nicholas Celozzi .... Alex Gardner
Tom Reilly .... Richard Gardner
Donna Denton .... Carolyn Harding
Hope Marie Carlton .... Krista Halpern
Tamara Hyler .... Jan Squire
Steven Brian Smith .... Jack
Ty Miller .... Marty
Toni Basil .... Sammy Mitchell

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: February, 1988

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A troubled college student Alex Gardner (Nicholas Celozzi) is constantly having nightmares about being tortured by creatures in some sort of an abandoned prison on the island of Alcatraz as well as people dying there.
Suddenly his brother Richard (Tom Reilly) and their friends are seeing his nightmares as the hallucinations happen when he is asleep but disappear when he awakens as he wants to save his life and sanity as well.
Then Alex insists at going to the island to find out why he is having these nightmares and to solve his issues by confronting a tortured spirit there as his dream specialist Carolyn Harding (Donna Denton) suggests that it's the best for him. There they find the abandoned prison and Alex meets up with a spirit of a missing rock star Sammy Mitchell (Toni Basil) as she tells Alex how she got killed as well as others and why they are there and how to stop the evil forces from happening as she goes into his soul.
Meanwhile, his brother Richard dies from a posession and turns into a monster going on a killing spree. Alex sees the spirit of his dead brother as well as the others that are being killed and Alex must find some way to save himself and his surviving friends by stopping the evil and getting off the remote island.


During the beginning there's nice shots onAlex Gardner's feet in some dirty water next to some stone walls as well as a shot on him trying to cut open his arm being chained up with a machette. Suddenly there's a good shocking moment on him cutting his wrist off and then waking up in another dream with his wrist cut off as well as waking up again which gives you an impression if this is actually happening.
There's many good horror shots surrounding Alex like a demonic hand crashing through a wall and grabbing his throat which was supposed to make you jump yet it looked a bit cheesy. It still was an enjoyable moment. There's also another scene with people in a bar in slow motion smoking cigarette's and drinking with the camera panning to him in a bar with a wall pushing through and demonic hands are reaching at him.
There's some great moments with both Richard Gardner and
Krista Halpern getting it on and acting lustfull with one another in their room while both Alex and Jan Squire have a boring conversation in the living room which looked nicely done.
There's many great cheesy one liners with the friends like Richard and Krista hanging out in the living room along with Jack and Marty acting like jerk off's. Next there's great shocked reactions after they open a bedroom door and spot Alex in bed with strange forces around him while he's sleeping in which this looked very effective.
A good confrontation with
Carolyn Harding towards Alex about his nightmares and what happened at a prison on an island as the situations looked quite strong due to it's budget.
There's great shots on everyone in a boat with mist around them as well as them climbing up some rocks on an island struggling to get to land as it shows a nice horror feel to it.
There's great camera shots around the prison hallways as well as shots looking down on the cast too.
A nice shot on Alex near a chapel area with a shot on Sammy Mitchell with a good ghostly presence towards him as why he's here and what he has to do which looked quite impressive.
A good approach with Krista trying to come up to Richard while he's hiding behind a pillar and drooling with fangs reavealed and then him stepping forward about to attack with the others screaming and trying to get away while he tries to attack them all. There's good close up shots on Krista tied down with Richard tearing off her clothes and then biting her neck.
Next at the chapel there's good discussion again between Alex and Sammy as well as Richard appearing as a ghost and showing some humor on the matter that's going on.
A good moment with Sammy trying to get Richard's attention when he's the demonic monster while trying to urge Carolyn to run while she distracts him which was terrific timing on the moments surrounding all of this.
A nice shot on Carolyn trying to act brave towards Richard during a rainstorm and acting lustfully towards him which really boggles your mind.
We spot some more camera takes with Alex struggling in some dirty water trying to survive on what is happening slong with both Carolyn and Jan sobbing while trying to struggle against Richard and planning to light the area on fire as there's terrific energetic force on both parties.
Bottom line is that this is an exciting teen party horror flick which stands on it's own and is quite original with it's story. I loved alot of the sequences as you wonder what the hell is going on. There is also some dark comedy used in the film to uplift the terrifying events that happen in this film. It's not a mainstream film by any means and the story is hard to follow sometimes but the excitement never stops in the low budget flick with great effects too. However it borrows a bit from American Werewolf in London with the people already being killed returning as scarred ghosts with their online humor but that's not a big deal. I'd advise horror fans to check it out close to Halloween since there's many fun touches all the way through this movie.

The acting is passable for by any means not award winning but still passable so not terrible. Lead actor Nicholas Celozzi (Alex Gardner) knew his craft as a teen tormented by his nightmares as he shows great energy to his part in the film as well as acting insecure too on what is happening to him. He really knew how to act aggressive and anxious too.
Tom Reilly
(Richard Gardner) did well as his older brother who really did well with his masculine looks as well as having a masculine attitude and being full of life to top it all off. He certainly does a great job when he is turned into this demonic beat by showing great monstrous expressions as well as having a good growly voice apart from the sound effects that were used on them. Energetic he was and I have no criticism on him.
Toni Basil
(Sammy Mitchell) really drew an eye to the audience as a ghost as she had the right looks looking almost fragile and mysterious looking. She said her words quite well by speaking ghostly and brought some great chemistry to her part while trying to save others on the island.
Donna Denton
(Carolyn Harding) had a great strong attitude as a specialist in the film and stood out just perfectly. She also knew how to act creeped out when the terror starts to happen as well as trying to be brave at the same time.
Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton
(Krista Halpern) looked stunning in her role and seemed to do so-so with her emotions on set of filming this piece by trying to show off more than her lusty looks. I can see her getting other work in low budget movies like this one mainly for her looks though. She does well crying in pain and terror after being bitten on the neck.
Tamara Hyler
(Jan Squire) really pulled off her role as the girl next door type and seemed to pull it off well by acting sympathesing as well as doing a nice job by crying in fear with all that's happening with everyone. She only had a handful of other gigs which is a shame.

Cult actress/model named Hope Marie Carlton appears topless before and after a sex scene.
She also gets her top ripped off by Tom Reilly's character when he is posessed again and so exposing her breasts.

During hallucination sequences a guys hand is chopped off, his face is mangled, body burned, body cut open.
A neck is bitten.
Many scarred victims are exposed as ghosts.
A fist is punched through a guy's head.

Devo musicians Gerard Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh are terrific with their rockin composing especially during the dream sequences and during the terrifying battles with the great high and low keyboard and heavy guitar riffs especially with the opening credits which was total kick ass. We also hear some cheesy 80's light synthesizer music for many moments of the film which totally works too.

In fact, we have a bitchin soundtrack by the group Devo but what song really bears in my mind is the one that was used in the closing credits titled "The Only One" as it's totally 80's type for a motion picture like this one with a woman singing the song.