Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Deborah Brock


Crystal Bernard .... Courtney Bates
Patrick Lowe .... Matt Arbicost
Kimberly McArthur .... Amy
Juliette Cummins .... Sheila Barrington
Heidi Kozak .... Sally Burns
Joel Hoffman .... T.J.
Scott Westmoreland .... Jeff
Atanas Ilitch ... Russ Thorn

Special Appearance:

Jennifer Rhodes .... Mrs. Bates
Cindy Eilbacher .... Valerie Bates

Release Date:
Limited Theatrical: October 30, 1987





Years after the horrible incident at the Deveraux's house by the psychotic killer Russ Thorn by doing away teens at a slumber party taking place there, the young next door neighbor at that house named Courtney (Crystal Bernard) is full grown as her sister Valerie (Cindy Eilbacher) is put away in a mental hospital since the incident after she murdered the killer.
Courtney now has an all girl rock band and decides to rehearse at her friends relative's resort for her 17th birthday. However, she keeps having the same nightmares of that horrible incident as well as the killer returning. She even has dreams of her sister warning her not to go to that resort and then Val herself gets slaughtered by the driller killer.

While she enters the resort with her friends they party and hang out having a good time but Courtney keeps experiencing deadly hallucinations and is convinced that the resort is haunted and continues to have deadly nightmares of the killer.

Eventually she realises that Russ Thorn (Alanis Ilitch) finally has returned and is reincarnated into a younger and wilder 50's type rocker with a deadly guitar and a large power drill at the end of it. Russ does away her boyfriend Matt (Patrick Lowe) and continues to grind holes into her other friends too while they try to escpae him at the resort.


Gory and pointless sequel but still campy fun nonetheless (Of course the first one was gory and pointless too). This time the film tries to clone the sequels of A Nightmare On Elm Street but in a ripoff way just like the first one tried to clone Halloween.
Yes, the killer has lots of bad jokes while doing in his victims and is murdering in Courtney's dreams too.
I loved the beginning of this film before the opening credits with a pleasant dream by Courtney and then there's clips of the original film proving that this one is a definete sequel as well as clips of the later on sequences on this movie coming together and then a screaming like awakening reading SPM 2 which looked cheesy but yet very necessary since this is a cheesy film in itself.
I did like the moments with Courtney and her mother discussing about the nightmares she was having as well as her sister Valerie and next door neighbor Trish in an asylum after that horrible incident 5 years beforehand leaving it an impressive moment on what became of them since then. The neighborhood looks a bit updated since the first one as well as spotting a dead dove lying on a sidewalk in which I didn't get why it was there in the first place.
Then there's alot of fun touches with Courtney and her all girl band practising a rock song showing that she has really gotten into the entertainment field compared to her nosey preteen life.
Of course Courtney has a crush on the most popular clean cut jock in her school named
Matt Arbicost in which there MUST be a romance for a slasher flick between two teenagers.
There's also a moment with Courtney trying to talk to her mother during dinner time about how good her band is getting and wanting to go away to a resort to practise in order to see this guy in which this moment reminds me very much of a scene in Carrie about going to a prom which makes me wonder if this moment was paying a tribute to that movie while the rest pays tribute to those cult classic horror films like Psycho, Friday the 13th and of course Elm Street with some of the characters names involved in it. Yet this moment was quite well written surprisingly.
Then there's more nightmare sequences involving Valerie warning Courtney not to go away which was a nice touch to the story involved in the film as well as some horrifying incidents at the insane asylum too. Plus there's the encounter with Courtney and Russ Thorn in the dream sequence which looked necessary too since she encountered him 5 years back while trying to put a stop to him at that slumber party slaughtering that he was doing excpet he has a new personality and everything different about him.
Then there's pillow fighting as well as champagne sprayed on these chicks having their own slumber party at the resort with two horny boys peeking in a window watching one of them taking her top off. After all what isn't SPM film without all of this. All of this was combined nicely to watch as an entertaining evening while watching something fun.
Then the next day there's a cool outdoor pool party which really gives anyone who's watching the perfect summer spirit. Plus some nasty hallucinations which psychs you out including a hand in a hamburger bun.
There's more terrifying moments with Courtney hallucinating like a blood bath or someones face exploding with acne in which you do wonder to yourself is it for real or not and then the terror starts to really happen with Russ Thron killing her crush who made a birthday cake for her and then crashing the slumber party with his guitar and a drill attached to it along with doing a song and dance before killing his next vicitm which shows that this victim is not making an intelligent decision on how to escpae from this maniac.
The ending was extremely confusing and it didn't make sense like it was saying "It was only a dream.... No it isn't.... Yes it is. It's a disappointment as you really don't know what the hell happened with a crappy ending and the next sequel bears no relationship to neither of them which is even more sad cause you really want this killer to be toast like in the ending of the first one.
Bottom line is this story seems alot different compared to the first one with a bit of a better budget plus it's not always kill, kill, kill like the first one showing better dialogue moments. The chracters reprising their roles however were performed by different actors in which I never understood why except for the driller killer since he'd look too old to be reincarnated as a ghost of a 50's rocker killer. There's more of the dark comedy in this one since many slasher flicks were turning out to have elements mixed like that with their horror. To people that love cheesy rock n roll like I do you all may get a real kick out of it. An intersting summer type slasher film.

The acting is sometimes corny and a bit comedic but it is a bit better than in the first film (But the film itself isn't). Former TV star Crystal Bernard (Courtney Bates) does well performing her role in this and even does better than Jennifer Meyers who played that role as the 12 year old girl in the first film. She also has a fairly nice singing voice too and has had experience in her first acting gig on an episode of the sitcom Gimme a Break as Katie's friend in an all girl singing group called the Hot Muffins. She also really knew on how to cry emotionally and have a good senstivie attitude towards her role in the film. A good moment with her almost having a nervous breakdown crying which looked well done. She really showed a ton of great dynamic energy to her part in the film. Does well almost near the end of her performance with her cackly vengeful laughter as this was quite impressive. She was better noted on her work in other shows but still she did a good job in this one.
Patrick Lowe
(Matt Arbicost) played the nice clean cut good looking teenage boy next door who had the looks for this role and seemed to do not too bad in his role either. He really said his lines clearly with all that was happening and knew on how to be the true mature understanding type which he made this moment very effective for the story.
Kimberly McArthur (Amy) had the innocent teenage girl appeal to her and knew how to pull her part quite well with what she had to do in which impressed me making her one of the best character actress' in the film and can see her carrying on in other shows.
Juliette Cummins (Sheila Barrington) was the lustful one in the flick showing it off for a brief bit but she knew on how to make her performance fun to watch and can be well remembered for her role since she was gaining a reputation in the odd cult horror flick. She had a terrific singing voice (Unless she was lipsynching) but looked convincingly good playing in her band.
Heidi Kozak (
Sally Burns) was a perfect key role to the film in which she showed a nice bubbly behavior to her part in the flick as well as a nice understanding type of attitude. She was alot of fun to watch in the film plus had the right looks to the part she portrayed which also lead her for work in a couple of other cult horror films besides this one.
Joel Hoffman
(T.J.) was often getting killed off in previous horror films pretty fast like in Killer Workout and Slaughterhouse but he has a good supporting role in this one but he seems like he is trying too hard by studying Sean Penn when he played Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as a true actor should be natural performing how they should portray their role and not someone else. Thumbs down for that dude.
Atanas Ilitch (Russ Thorn) was quite a ham as the reincarnated driller killer. He looks 20 something years younger and was a classic as a humoress killer. His lines were cheesy of course but he didn't let his performance get in the way due to that as he had the looks and the moves along with the hyped laughter and speaking. He truly studied this role and really got into it big time.
We have a supporting role by Jennifer Rhodes (Mrs. Bates) as Courtney's shaken up mother who tries to do well but sometimes overdoes it. I enjoyed her as a Sister Gloria in the first sequel of Night of the Demons much better.

What's a SPM without boobs? We have Juliette Cummins dancing in a summer resort topless having a pillow fight.

The gore loads up more so than in the first one. There's a chopped off hand
A guitar with a drill on the end grinding holes through numerous people's chests with lots of blood and guts spilling out
Blood is pouring out of a bathtub
A face is decaying from a big zit
An arm is ripped off.
Plenty chunks of flesh and blood too.

Richard Cox's synthesising for the film is interesting as it is light sounding in many areas especially during the very beginning of the movie and some of it while the teens are on the run from the killer almost sound Texas Chainsaw Massacre like. I loved the electric guitar sounds when the killer uses his guitar drill.

Amy: what were you looking at?
Courtney: A dead bird
Amy: YEEEECH... you are so weird sometimes.

The Driller Killer: [to Courtney] I am you, and you are me, until we go all the way.

Sheila: [drunk] I'm all wet!

T.J.: I think your sweetheart's been taking too many diet pills.

Courtney: Do they always make that much noise?
Sally: The more they do it the louder they get. Practice makes perfect.

Amy: What's wrong?
Courtney: My... burger's... weird.

Sally: My face it turning into one big pimple!
Courtney: Sally, I don't see a thing.
Sally: You may not see it but its there. There's one, its just lurking below the surface.

Sally: Sheila, be careful... Who knows who's out there.

[Courtney is having a hallucination whilst talking to Sally]
Sally: The weirdest things are happening to my face! I've got the fastest growing zit I have ever had in my entire life! I mean, look at this thing! Isn't this the grossest thing you've ever seen? I need to get some more "Oxy 10". It hurts like hell.
[Suddenly, Sally's zit starts growing to a grotesquely monstrous size until her face explodes in an eruption of goo]

[Courtney is panicking over a horrific vision]
Matt: I'm gonna go call the cops.
Sheila: Ohh, God. Anybody got any tranqs?

Courtney: Your dream,no your a dream.
The Driller Killer: [picking up dead boyfriend's arm and splatting it on the birthday cake] DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A DREAM TO YOU? DOES IT!

Mr. Damnkids: Damn kids!

The Driller Killer: I can't get no... satisfaction!

The Driller Killer: Let's BUZZZZZ!