Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)

Directed by: Sally Mattison

Produced & Written by: Catherine Cyran


Keely Christian .... Jackie Cassidy
Brandi Burkett .... Diane
Maria Claire .... Susie
Brittain Frye .... Ken
Maria Ford .... Maria
David Lawrence .... Frank
Hope Marie Carlton .... Janine
David Greenlee .... Duncan
David Kriegel .... Frank
Alexander Falk .... Davis
M.K. Harris .... Morgan
Lulu Wilson .... Juliette
Garon Grigsby .... Michael

Release Date:
Limited Theatrical: September 7, 1990






A bunch of teens are playing volleyball while school is out along with a weirdo watching them. One of the friends Jackie Cassidy (Keely Christian) decides to throw a slumber party for her girl friends while her parents are away while this weirdo seems to stalk her house.
A new cute guy next door Ken (Brittain Frye) is invited to her house meanwhile a neighbor Morgan (M.K. Harris) is spying on everyone with his telescope while the party really gets going.
A bunch of guys try to join the party too while they will do anything in order to get in even if it means pulling a bunch of pranks.
However, a maniac with a power drill seems to do away with everyone one by one and shortly they find out that Ken has a spilt personality and that his uncle was a retired police offer who committed suicide and blames everyone for his death in which he locks everyone in the house while doing his deadly deeds.


Okay I was looking forward to checking this movie out when I rented it at my local video store in which I was wondering what happened afterwards to Russ Thorn since he was last seen as a ghost portraying a 50's greaser rock star with a drill at the end of his guitar.
I see a bunch of teens playing volleyball with a weirdo watching them play which gives the film to a nice cheesy start making you think that it's a summer slasher for sure. Then afterwards one of the friends goes to her vehicle and looks around wondering if someone is watching her which seems cheesy cause its daylight and usually this kind of thing happens at night. Then the driller killer kills her in her car but yet you don't know who the killer is and I think to myself. "C'mon Russ show yourself!".
Of course the party is about to start with the friends entering the house which is hosted by a girl next door named Jackie Cassidy which looks like that you'd wanna join in too but then the story falls flat later on since it doesn't look like that these girls are really having fun and just pretending to be.
Yet we have some teenage boys trying to get in since that's the traditional SPM routine as well as them trying to scare the girls.
One of them pays a pizza girl for her shirt in order to deliver it and get into the house which seems like a total joke. At least the writers knew on how to have a pizza delivered like in the first SPM flick. However, there was a different twist. Then the mysterious driller killer follows the pizza girl and does her in which seemed creepy but that was one of the only good moments in this film so far.
Then there's strip teases and a cute guy named Ken invited to the party in which he fornicates with the girl named Juliette who invited him over. Suddenly this mysterious killer kills her and puts her in a plastic bag but all of this looked so terribly done.
Next we find out that Ken is the killer in which he kills one of the guys who tries to go search for help and it wasn't strongly written in during the struggling moments that they have with each other as you think to yourself "What gives?" Automatically by this time I knew this one had no relationship to the first two flicks but apparently the film was going to be under a different name in which I can't understand why they didn't. Maybe because this killer uses a power drill just like in the first two as well as having beautiful girls having a slumber party while school is out just like in the first two.
Ken goes into his van where there's satanic pentagrams, candles and dead bodies in the vehicle while he plans to do his next killing which seemed impressive but once again it falls flat when he enters the house and decides to go on a killing spree with his drill in which none of this looked believeable at all as well as the victims trying to escape. There's even a moment where one of them named Maria tries to talk Ken into stopping at what he's doing so he's distracted. For a long time he puts the drill aside and none of the other girls make any effort to grab it and do him in. It goes to show what little intelligance the vicitims have in order to survive a massacre.
The writing is so god awful especially for the character Ken when he's supposed to act demented and menacing that you'd wanna puke it's so amateurishly done along with the performances.
Might I mention the survivors try to escape through a basement window which seems to be another traditional unintelligent way on escaping in a typical slasher film when nothing else works and seems to take their time while panicking at the same time while this killer is on their tail. YAWN!
Bottom line is everything about this film was terrible except for the music score but that's about it. I found this one to be a true insult to the first two films not that they were any great either but alot better than this one. If you haven't seen this film yet trust me you're not missing out on it at all. Plus on the back of the video box cover there's stills from Sorority House Massacre 2 in which I couldn't understand why they were placed on since it was a totally different film.

The acting is very bad but some of them seem to try their best so let's see what I can dig up here.
eely Christian (Jackie Cassidy) played the virgin type of role like you'd see in a Jamie Lee Curtis type of scream queen fashion. She seems to do okay in some spots and trying to act as natural as possible but yet she acts too over the top in some spots. However she knew on how to act raging in the end of her performance and showed the odd energy in other certain spots too. Her talents were so so.
Brittain Frye
(Ken) was supposed to play the heartthrob gone wrong in the film but he looks so pretty boy fake as if he took plastic surgery to have the kid next door looks. His acting is even worst in which he is not at all convincing as the driller killer with his dark humor in which he seriously needs acting lessons. There's a moment with him crying after finding out one of the girls were murdered which terrible wasn't even the word for this. A cheesy attacking approach entering the house with the drill and trying to act menacing which really fell flat as he performed this very amateurishly. He has had experience in a daytime soap opera and gigs like that in which there's not much talent in shows like that.
Maria Ford
(Maria) looks like she was on crack as she was so frail looking and trying to look lustful but too homely looking. Her acting was off in many spots too but she tried to pick it up whenever she got frightened by the terrors going on at the slumber party so she showed some descent energy here and there.
David Lawrence
(Frank) played the nice guy and flirtatious type in which he seemed to do okay playing this kind of role although he wasn't very spectacular but better than most of the cast members here. His looks seemed to do more of the talking though.
David Greenlee
(Duncan) really suited the part as a dweeby type in the film with his looks as right away that's what you would think. However, he seemed to be just another line reader and not really getting into character at all.
M.K. Harris (Morgan) has the key supporting role here as the neighbor and seems to bring some decent timing with his comedic performance and knows how to portray a character but like the rest of the cast he wasn't anything too special. Yet he can prove to be a worthy character actor.

Actresses like Maria Ford, Lulu Wilson and Brandi Burket take off their tops barebreasted while doing a striptease for fun in a living room of a house.
Lulu Wilson is barebreasted in bed while fornicating and later on she walks into a bathtub with her butt briefly revealed.
Maria Ford
has her blouse stripped down exposing her breasts while she is pinned to the floor.

Lots of bodies are drilled in which looked quite graphic
A girls insides are gutted out
A hook is stabbed into the killer
Lots of bloodsheds

There's great low keyboard playing with the thumping moments too which really has a suitable sound for the mysterious driller killer as well as some odd bonging sounds too. There's also some decent chiming music during the opening and closing credits all brought together by Jamie Sheriff.

There's also many cheesy music scores in the film in which nothing of it will come to your mind making all of it sound forgettable. Yet there are the odd good one's too with some dance type music but some of the others have annoying screechy guitar playing too.

Ken: You're not being nice!!!