The Small Woman in Grey (2017)


Co-Produced, Co-Cinematograped, Edited, Written & Directed by: Andrew Sean Eltham-Byers


Josh Boden .... Jack Castle
Alan Harding .... Alex Winter
Heather Russell Kay .... Stacey Ferns
Matt Fisher .... Stevie Yard
Becka Tizzard .... Laura Oaks
Susan Barham .... Mrs. Corman
Jesse James Reynolds .... Richard Reynolds

Special Appearance:

Brinke Stevens .... Jessica Corman's Voice

Release Date:
Direct-to-Prime Video: 2017




A group of teens party at a camp site but realises a deadly spirit is roaming the area killing anyone trespassing on the land which happens to being a girl who commited suicide after being bullied by her peers.


The story starts off blandly with a guy and a girl getting to know each other and the guy getting the wrong impression with this girl kicking him out of her home but it gets creepy later on when he's outside in the dark and a voice is creepily whispering towards him as this grabbed my attention and other dark spooky moments with this prologue which is an improvement to a start off in the story.
Afterwards a group of friends go out camping and having fun with Jack Castle being sarcastic towards Richard Reynolds as this offered decent timing as this moment can be fairly memorable to anyone who saw this flick.
Then one of their other friends arrives late whom is Stevie Yard having a good conversation with Laura Oaks adding humor to the story and then Richard gets jealous and approaches him which leaves an impression that a fight is about to break out. It looked intimidating but at the same time a bit cheesy to watch as well.
Yet some good natural moments when Jack meets up with Alex Winter as they get aquainted and a nicely near gay romantic discussion about to unravel as this was well focused and looked natural to top it all off.
Meanwhile, Richard is wandering around in the wooded area alone and hears the whispering towards him which was impressive by watching this all unravel along with a brief shot on a ghostly figure watching him. However there's a deadly attack by this force as it doesn't look as intense as it was supposed to have been and lacking energy within this.
Stacey Ferns gets aquainted with a paranormal researcher as this looked cheesy and corny to watch. It lacked inspiration by how it was set out but a badly written scene too. However, when he meets the campers there's a nice flashback sequence by what happened to someone iun the woods as it was a nicely lit black and white scene.
Afterwards, this researcher goes into the woods and hears his name when he tries to call out to this dead person with a cheesy ghostly shot of this figure once again but his deadly trap looked clever on what happens yet the CGI effects looked a little too computerised due to a lack of a budget.
When night falls things look exciting as fog is rolling as well as certain victims being killed which was a nice touch in the horror story but however their reactions aren't as intense as it was intended which was a disappointment.
Then when Jack and Alex are the only one's left the suspense piles up when they try to go and get help as this looked nicely done as well as Alex going into some sort of a school gymnasium and meets up with an elderly lady Mrs. Corman as I had a hard time understanding on what she was talking about as the scene really dragged big time but almost paid a tribute to Friday the 13th. Yet things look entertaining later on when this spirit approaches and springs into action as I must admit for a no budgeter the effects looked decent and one of the best moments outcome throughout all of this.
Bottom line is that the film at first seemed to be pointless and a let down but things really improve with the ghostly moments. I can't say much for the characters though as watching them coming into action was a drag. The paranormal moments makes the story watchable.

Like mentioned at the end of the comments section the acting is pretty bad with the odd exception such as our lead actor Josh Boden (Jack Castle) as he seemed to pull off his sarcasm quite well along with acting somewhat cocky. He for sure does well by portraying a homosexual along with his blushing type of behavior when being romantic with his other fellow actor. Plus seemed to do okay later on acting fearful.
Alan Harding (Alex Winter) was another fine actor as he portrayed that good looking boy next door looks and charm to his role in which he does well by acting flirtatious as well as knowing how to get into a conversation. When he acts anxious when the terror strikes him he is okay by behaving like this as well.
Matt Fisher (Stevie Yard) presented himself well onto the camera as he might have seemed to pull his stuff but his acting is the pits. He really didn't react well to stuff at all especially when he gets anxious as none of this looked convincing especially when he is getting slayed his energy lacked greatly. Not a true character actor.
Becka Tizzard (Laura Oaks) was a little better than most of the cast but she was very wooden in her role with her seriousness and moments like that. I couldn't get into what she did in the story as she was supposed to bring out some spunk into her role and didn't do that at all.
Susan Barham (Mrs. Corman) did a nice job I must admit with her mysterious role but at times was a little too over the top when she tries to act aggressive or crazy. She offered decent energy into all that she did here. Had the most effective supporting role I must admit.
Jesse James Reynolds (Richard Reynolds) seemed to have that macho presence about him and does a fair job by acting cocky yet was stiff with his aggressions but however came across as someone not to mess with. Yet when he reacts to being slaughtered his performance just lacked big time.

A bark of a tree is impaled through a persons chest and then bloody stabbings of arrows shooting at him.
Man is sliced in half by sharp wires.
More bloody arrow stabbings as well as a decapitation.

Sam Hodge composes the music for this flick and for the most part does a terrific job in which there's terrific deep sounds for the real creepy moments just blending in marvellously within all that happens in the scene. Plus there's metal tapping and other sorts of sounds too as some of it reminds me as to what would be put into Texas Chainsaw Massacre. At times there's some idiotic techno sounds which got on my nerves but it wasn't played all through the flick.