Smash Cut (2009)

Directed & Edited by: Lee Demarbre

Written by: Ian Driscoll


David Hess .... Able Whitman
Jesse Buck .... Isaac Beaumonde
Sasha Grey .... April Carson
Michael Dubue .... Alan Dackman
Michael Berryman .... Philip Farmsworth Jr.

Special Appearances:

Ray Sager .... Reverend Roscoe Boone
Herschell Gordon Lewis .... Fred Sandy / Radio Announcer

Release Dates: Fantasia Film Festival: July 18, 2009; Frightfest: August 29, 2009 (UK); Athens Film Festival: September 24, 2009; Austin Fantastic Fest: September 25, 2009; Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: October, 2009; Sainte Maxime International Horror Film Festival: October 29, 2009; Whistler Film Festival: December 5, 2009

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A disturbed filmmaker Able Whitman (David Hess) is unhappy as his last horror film bombed big time so he gets an idea by making a snuff film slaughtering people as well as using their body parts and corpses for props in his film after he gets an idea when he ends up in a car accident by killing his passenger and not knowing with to do with the dead body.


The first part of this film seemed quite interesting in which we look at the bloodied opening credits and found this to seem like an entertaining drive in type of Grindhouse flick but while watching the film it looked like a complete ripoff. There's lots of 70's feel to it as well as the main character Able Whitman acting like a jerkoff while taking off his clown make up after a theatrical showing of his movie and griping about everything. Then there's some strippers performing as well as one of them hitting on him.
There's some disturbing moments with a car accident and this stripper dead but yet there's things attached to her which doesn't explain why they're there as well as Able tearing her arm off in which I couldn't understand how that could've happened either. A good camera shot moving around his body with a blood bag and other objects which makes you wonder what this is all about and then a good camera shot looking away on him with him calling action and then passing out.
There's sick moments with corpses being used for his film in which this maniac tries to fool his actors that they're corpses but they reek like crazy in which can make the viewer really cringe.
An interesting shot on Able chasing towards a woman with a killing object as well as cheesy blocking on both of them struggling and then her falling behind a desk with him taking out body parts which wasn't convincingly gruesome like it should have but too slapstick.
Alot of the scenes seem too comedic as this killer kills a receptionist and then puts her decapitated head onto a desk which looks like an obvious head of a dummy and I was thinking ho hum.
Many corny takes and conversations between Isaac Beaumonde and April Carson at a malt shop in which all of this looked way too cheesily done.
There's some good close up shots on a minister in a limo holding a cigar and talking towards both of these people which looked crisp but again the moments on the conversations looked trashy.
There's some cheesy camera takes between Able talking to April about doing a role along with him getting hysterical which looked fairly energised but at the same time quite corny too.
A good approach by an employer being hard on Able walking back and fourth with him sitting down. The speech on this was kookie but the setting looked fairly okay.
Eventually the murders are a little more serious which combines this film a horror as well as a comedy as there's moments when Able is torturing a girl to death in a storage room tearing out her insides as well as getting revenge on one of the film producers by cutting off his hands that he also uses as props for his movie with bloodied body parts in a room while he starts to slaughter this person too. There's a scene that's not for everyone with him pulling out an eyeball with everything going as this scene really psychs you out and almost wishing that this moment was over.
There's a good side camera shot with him pointing a sharp object towards this employer in a double decker bus and a good close up shot on him being stabbed which looked not too badly done.
A good dark shot on Alan Dackman entering a room with Able sitting there cackling hysterically as well as good gruesome shots on body parts and bloodied walls with Alan himself getting a little anxious as well as a good shot on Able using a machette and slamming it down on his arms and a cheesy close up shot on him screaming in pain raising his cut off wrists with Able chanting crazily to him abvout having his hands in which all of this looked quite twisted.
There's a good shot on Able whacking someone to the ground as well as a nice close up shot on him pointing a dissecting knife in front of the camera.
A good looking moment with Able grabbing Philip Farmsworth Jr. down on a desk acting aggressive as well as a camera shot looking up on him using an award piece and smashing it down many times which looked quite brutal.
There's even scene's with Abel forcing April to have herself tied on each rope hanging along with a heroic battle by her boyfriend to save her which was kooky.
Some good camera takes between Able with an axe in his hands and Isaac with an object battling one another near a metal staircase and other objects but the heroic battle looked hokey. There's a good moment with April coming up from behind Able and whacking him with an axe and then falling down. Then a nice camera shot looking up on April looking down. Then a nice shot looking down on him opening a container revealing a decapitated head.
Bottom line is this film was almost plotless with a maniac filmmaker killing people to use as props for his next upcoming horror movie in which is called a snuff film. It was just gross and easily forgettable not reminding you that it was hard to understand.

The acting is quite bad for the most part but again alot of these types are. David Hess (Able Whitman) seemed to act overly goofy in his role as a maniac filmmaker in the flick showing a versatality instead of acting dark and serious in alot of the roles I've seen him in. He's not bad with his comedic timing and can really act menacing when he needed to be for this flick. But I've seen him perform alot better in Last House on the Left. There's a good wide eyed shocked expression on him after being whacked by an axe near the end of his performance.
Jesse Buck (Isaac Beaumonde) was a little too over the top in his role as someone who tries to act brave and heroic in his role but yet this seems to be the intention. He does bring out a descent amount of energy into his role nonetheless.
Sasha Grey
(April Carson) seemed to show an interesting outgoing behavior and came across well on camera along with some good screamiong and emotional reactions as I found her to be the best actress in this film. Again, this isn't saying alot.
Michael Berryman
(Philip Farmsworth Jr.) has a supporting ole in this one. This time he doesn't play a freaky character but a film producer. However, he doesn't seem to pull off his part too well in my honest opinion. He's a good actor but this part was not right for him.

Jennilee Murray exposes her breasts briefly while changing into a shirt.

A woman's arm is torn off
A receptionists fingers are cut off as well as her head chopped off
A person is stabbed by a sharp object in a bus with blood splurting out
A heart is exposed
A few bloodied corpses are revealed
Intestines are pulled out
Body pieces are revealed in a room and other bloodied objects
An eyeball is stabbed out

The music is very 70's oriented composed by Michael Dubue with alot of disco sounds like you'd hear in those blaxploitation flicks back in the good old days. There's also annyoing high pitched screechy saxophone music too which seemed to really get to me. Plus there's some low bass guitar music too as well as the odd banjo music which sounded a bit kookie.