Snowbeast (1977)

Directed by: Herb Wallerstein

Written by: Joseph Stefano


Bo Svenson .... Gar Seberg
Yvette Mimieux .... Ellen Seberg
Robert Logan .... Tony Rill
Clint Walker .... Sheriff Paraday
Sylvia Sidney .... Mrs. Carrie Rill

Release Date: Made-for-TV: April 28, 1977

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Two girls Jennifer (Kathy Christopher) and Heidi (Annie McEnroe) go up to a ski resort in Colorado during a winter carnival.
They hear a growling sound and see footsteps of an unusual animal. Jennifer encounters the animal attacking her and then she is missing.
The patrol team tries to search for Jennifer as the head patrolman Tony Rill (Robert Logan) insists that this is no ordinary animal and asks his Grandmother Mrs. Carrie Rill (Sylvia Sidney) to close down the carnival, but she doesn't listen to his warning and keeps the festival running.
Even the town Sherriff Paraday (Clint Walker) thinks it's just a grizzly bear.
But then this beast attacks the resort and also finds Jennifer and certain others dead with their faces torn off as this creature keeps the bodies in a shack.
Four people at the resort led by a man Gar Seberg (Bo Svenson) along with Tony, the Sheriff and Gar's wife Ellen (Yvette Mimieux) tries to hunt the creature down in the deep woods as they claim that it is the legendary Bigfoot and to kill it.


This movie seemed exciting with what I heard about the storyline but it is an average made for tv monster flick and dated too. Not all of it is terrible as it can be a fun one to watch if you're in the mood for it but it seems a but overly long and slow in many spots of the story here.
The beginning look fairly impressive with two skiiers skiing down a hill and a monster watching with it's growling and not revealing itself yet by attacking one of them which makes this film quite mysterious and then the survivor telling the others what it was and not believing her in which really draws attention too with the story as well as the victim ending up missing too.
A good conversation and camera shots facing Tony Rill and then Mrs. Carrie Rill having a heated discussion of what is out in the woods and Logan shows some good energy by getting firm with her about it all.
Many good distance shots on someone skiing down a hill as well as nice close up shots on his feet skiing. There's a good side shot on him tripping and falling as well as a good camera shot closing in on him with a great scared expression on his face and a clawed hand on his head.
There's some good class with a child encountering the victim found dead in a barn looking shocked in which seems interesting too finding out where this monster is hiding when not going out in the woods for it's next killing.
However, there are too many takes on the victims skiing before this monster goes in for the kill which seems to be the main focus as well as people finding foot tracks too.
Some good discussions between Gar Seberg and Tony in a hottub outdoors discussing about a possible bigfoot monster with ther other one disagreeing.
But yet this moment seems to pick up again with one of the main character's named Ellen Seberg waking up in the barn after this monster placed her there and then hearing a door opening with her being cautious which is probably the only scary moment in this story in which the plotline here was in good taste.
Then of course there's a moment with a highschol band gymnasium getting ready to do a marching band performance and the beast for the first time reveals itself by crashing through a window with everyone screaming and running away which was one of my favourite scene's too. The monster however looked slightly cheesy nowadays but I can see how it would look scary back then for a TV movie.
A good close up shot on Ellen slowly waking up in the barn area and then hearing something with her slowly walking towards the area she hears it acting cautious which seemed very spooky.
There's great suspenseful shots on both Gar and Ellen trying to escape the barn from the monster with suspenseful takes on them smashing their way out of the barn which looked highly energised.
Then the ski resort is deserted with hunters looking for this beast and when one of them comes back saying that they killed it you definetely think to yourself that they killed the wrong type of animal which seems typical for a flick with hunters announcing what they think is good news.
There's good angle shot and other shots slightly looking up on Gar and Ellen talking to the local sheriff discussing about the monster and what to do which looked quite natural.
Then a great struggling moment with the main characters trying to snuff out this beast which looked exciting for a find near the ending but it does show on how intelligent this monster is by setting a trap of logs so it can trap one of them to kill. However just when it gets exciting the film comes to an end. The best is only seen briefly throughout the whole film which I can understand as it probably looked like a cheap looking costume.
Bottom line is this film becomes terribly trite but it can be entertaining for anyone who enjoyed watching snowy mountains and skiing along with unsolved mysteries during the first half on this movie with something attacking these people which seems fun too but after that you're not missing too much of this.

Alot of the acting was very average but again most TV movies are I find like that. Bo Svenson (Gar Seberg) had the masculine looks for his role and seemed to come across nicely onto the camera but yet seemed a bit low on energy when he tried to get into character. He was never too believeable in most of the work he's performed in which he seemed to have basically the looks more than his talent.
Robert Logan
(Tony Rill) seemed to bring a normal amount of energy with his role by his aggressions and powerful attitude on the snowmonster terrorising the area in which he was the best male actor I found in the film and doing the best that he can with everything. He shows some good energy by getting firm on what's out in the woods.
Clint Walker
(Sheriff Paraday) showed a great serious in his role as the lawman in the film along with speaking his lines quite well. He wasn't overly great but seemed to try his best by portraying this kind of role and passing the test.
Sylvia Sidney
(Mrs. Carrie Rill) showed a great elderly warm laifd back and caring attitude in which I found her to be the best cast out of them all. She knows how to portray a role like the one that she did and not wanting anything to happen to her at all.

There's low quick violin chord structures during moments when the main characters try to snuff out this snowbeast along with some good drum booming sounds too. There's some good adventureous flute and trombone playing too that was used in the film. This sounded very 70's TV adventureous like done by Robert Prince.