Sole Survivor (1982)

Written & Directed by: Thoma Eberhardt


Anita Skinner .... Denise Watson
Kurt Johnson .... Brian Richardson
Robin Davidson .... Kristy Cutler
Caren L. Larkey .... Karla Davis
Andrew Boyer .... Blake

Special Appearance:

Brinke Stevens .... Jennifer

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: December, 1983

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Denise Watson (Anita Skinner) survives a terrible plane crash as all but her were slaughtered to death on an island. But yet she carries on with her life thinking everything is going well for her with her job at a TV station.
However, she is told by her psychic friend Karla Davis (Caren L. Larkey) that she was supposed to have died in the plane crash and telling her that something awful was going to happen.
Denise is stalked by a group of people whom were dead from the crash are wanting her soul as they kill people from around her until she is found and killed herself since death has planned to take her life.


The film was a low budgeter but yet not terribly low budget. It was quite well done without having alot of skin and intense gore in order to cover the plot for stinking everything up. It remained a mystery all the way through which boggles you to why this is all happening.
There's a great beginning with one of the supporting characters getting paranoid and screaming after a dream as well as a flashback sequence on the plane crash with the survivor sitting in her seat which looked quite twisted.
A good shot on a child outside near a cargo area of a hospital staring lifelessly along with shots on his hands dripping with blood as well as a good shot on Denise Watson trying to talk to him with a truck backing up quickly towards her which looked very suspenseful.
A good moment with
Karla Davis phoning Denise and telling her not to open her door which looked spooky on how she said it as well as a psychic feel to the picture plus there's nice close up shots near a kitchen area with a cat clock stopping and Denise herself acting a little nervous looking around along with a shadow near a window which leaves a total chill down your spine.
There's also the odd creepy moment with this character calling the survivor up and warning her about something that's going to happen which is very chilling and does keep you in suspense as to what will happen whether it's a killer or something from the living dead going to attack this survivor.
There's a good moment with Denise driving in her car preoccupied with a male pedestrian slowly walking in the middle of the road as well as an anxious reaction on her by swerving to get out of his way with great shots on her doing this. There's moment with her trying to talk to him with a good shot with his back turned and then slowly turning around to face her looking expressionless which looked very spooky too.
Good camera shot looking down on Denise as well as the people who work with her walking into an elevator along with a nice funny moment on someone dressed in a Santa suit trying to run to the elevator to get in.
There's a good moment with her on a lower part of some stairs talking to Karla with a good shot on her smoking a cigarette as if she's close to suicide.
A good shot on a man in a parking structure on top of the stairs looking down lifelessly towards Denise as she acts nervous thinking he is gonna mug her along with good shots on him slowly walking down towards her and she tries to run away along with a good shot of her going in an elevator with him trying to reach out and attack her with the doors closing which has a nice creepy almost zombie like feel to it.
Nice shots on Kristy Cutler playing strip poker with two of her friends playing strip poker in a living room in which the moments shows some good humor with some people having fun and peer pressuring one another to take off their clothes when playing this game. They all react well panicking when there is a knock on the door which seemed very believeable.
There's a good shot on hands closing in on Kristy near a swimming pool with great suspenseful shots on her being forced into the pool with a nice shot in the water on her panicking while she's drowning.
There's a cheesy discussion between Denise and a sleazy cabbie trying to come on to her which leaves a good impression that he was the wrong one to get a ride from.
There's a great shot on Kristy with a close up shot on her holding a kitchen knife walking up a staircase along with another shot on Denise combing her hair in a bathroom and then a good camera shot going up the stairs. Plus a nice anxious moment on Brian Richardson entering the house and trying to save her with a good shot on him coming up from behind Kristy and turning her around with a good dark spooky shot on her spooky expressionless face and a nice shot on her stabbing him.
There's a great energetic moment with Denise smoking a cigarette and pacing yakking away and being emotional as well as drinking some alcohol talking to
Karla with her being too quiet watching her which leaves a good creepy impression.
The film takes place close to Christmas time but yet that's not the film's main focus like you'd see in something like Black Christmas, Christmas Evil or Silent Night Deadly Night. It can be watched all year round.
Some people consider this a pre-Final Destination flick but I don't see what this one has in common only that it was a survivor cheating their death from a plane crash but that's about it.
There's many creepy moments with people from their death experience returning and slalking this survivor wherever she goes trying to kill her which is quite impressive to the plot and makes it very entertaining.
There's also a fun scene with friends playing strip poker while listening to some funky 80's type of music which seems to fit in well with the storyline that invovled an actress who would later on star in many low budget horror films. I found this scene enjoyable but this film was not a T&A flick.
Of course there's a creepy ending in the film along with who you think was alive all along but wasn't. I found that part very necessary for the twists of it all.
Bottom line is the film was fun to watch and it was quite dark with all that was happening showing ghouls fromk the plane accident killing the survivors friends or anyone near them but we have seen this many times in other flicks like in Carnival of Souls, The Fog and Dead & Rotting so it's been overly done. Apparently this film was a reamke of an old classic too.

The acting is very dated but however everyone seemed to do fairly okay during this time era. Lead actress Anita Skinner (Denise Watson) seemed to bring in alot of character with her part as a surviving victim of the plane crash named Denise Watson bringing out her outgoing attitude as well as showing good aggressions in the spots she needed to be that way. She also had some nice crying emotions too along with her frightened behavior. Does well by telling an onscreen cab driver off which looked well paced. She could definetely earn her status as a scream queen for future films but sadly never carried on.
Kurt Johnson
(Brian Richardson) portrayed a perfect serious attitude as a shrink in the film and was good with his still speaking along with showing some good energy while trying to get through situations midway in the story. He knew how to act stern whenever it was necessary to do so.
Robin Davidson
(Kristy Cutler) came across quite well as an outgoing friend who seemed to really know how to portray someone who likes to have a good time. She drew well to the picture with her supporting role and made her character very realistic for the storyline too. She came across incredibly creepy as someone returning from the dead looking expressiionless too.
aren L. Larkey (Karla Davis) played the troubled actress whom was a perfect key role to the story with her high pitched speaking and knew how to behave paranoid too by the terrible incident of the plane crash. A good moment with her trying to host a show but always screwing up and doing retakes which was very convincing looking realistic with someone not getting on the ball of things. Her reactions to her look nicely done when she is negative towards someone else. She made sure her part was incredibly mysterious and didn't lack at all to what she did. Even if she wasn't the lead role in the flick she will be remembered by anyone who watched this film.
There's a cameo by cult sexpot scream queen Brinke Stevens (Jennifer) as one of the friends playing a game of strip poker which was perfect for her part after he other small role in Slumber Party Massacre. She seemed to perform differently than in her other work I've seen her in which is a compliment. It's a shame she later on got work in many terrible made for video horror flicks.

Brinke Stevens takes off her top during a strip poker game showing her full breasts since she often appeared nude during this era of her acting career in every film she had a part in.

A body is cut in half from a plane crash.
A person is bloodily shot.

There's good echoey flute playing which works well. There's many wind bending sounds too for the real ghostly moments too. Also there's high suspenseful horn playing in alot of spots. Thwere's some peaceful flute playing during the pleasant scene's with the lead character driving in her car along with some sounds that you'd hear in a 70's flick. The music was nicely brought together by David F. Anthony