Solstice (2008)

Directed by: Daniel Myrick

Written by: Daniel Myrick, Martin Musatov & Ethan Erwin


Elizabeth Harnois .... Megan / Sophie
Shawn Ashmore .... Christian
Hilarie Burton .... Alicia
Amanda Seyfried .... Zoe
Tyler Hoechlin .... Nick
Matt O'Leary .... Mark
R. Lee Ermey .... Leonard

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: January 1, 2008 (USA); Theatrical: June 19, 2008 (Russia); Theatrical: July 9, 2009 (Argentina); Theatrical: August 6, 2009 (Thailand)

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A bunch of kids go to an isolated cabin near a swampy lake in Nowell Lake, Louisiana for some holiday fun but one of them Megan (Elizabeth Harnois) is still grieving the suicide of her twin sister and her boyfriend Christian (Shawn Ashmore) is trying his best to be understanding about it all.
At a corner store Megan meets up with an employee Nick (Tyler Hoffman) who shows her a magazine with an article about communication with the dead in the summer solstice, the time of year when there is the greatest length of daylight.
While this moment happens she seems to have nightmares about her dead sister as well as hauntings that follows her around in which she believes could be her sister as well.
She tries to unravel as to why the suicide happened in which she snoops around a house of an eccentric man Leonard (R. Lee Ermey) who seems to spy on everyone at the cabin.


The film seems quite interesting but sometimes hard to follow. Yet we see some kids going away to a cabing resort by a swampy lake which seems to be the typical thing for young people to do as well as one of them named Megan being disturbed about her past which draws in the suspense by what happens in which we spot many takes on flashback memories in the flick which shows good dysfuntional moments and alot of tragedies which leads to the horror story as of now.
Then there's many haunting moments as well as nightmare scene's which involves this troubled girl which seems very creepy and at times can almost make you jump too which are great effective moments to the story making it look suspenseful.
Good scene's with Megan and Sophie when having a dysfuntional moment on a situation which looked quite effective.
There's also some nice dark camera shots on her slowly walking through a hallway of a cabin through a hallway with her tensed up which looked creepy and well done.
Then the story has an oddball older character named Mr. Thomas who comes across intimidating to the rest which leads to missing clues to the horror story making you wonder if he's behind this mess with some of the strange events occurring.
There's also the ideal boyfriend Christian who seems overly protective with Megan in which brings the story to a nice charm making you think he can protect her from any bad dreams or hallucinations she's been having. Yet he may be too protective.
Then there's the guy next door at a store named Nick that Megan invites to their cabin in which Christian seems too jealous about which seems intimidating wondering if a fight will happen or not which looked quite impressive.
Nick then decides to do a seance in a lake and things go crazy as I found this moment to be a little too obvious and over the top. You will see what I mean when you watch this film but at the same time this can be fun.
There are also many good and suspenseful points surrounding Megan and things happening to her in which you wonder if she will go overly paranoid or crazy. It has to do with a little toy sized teddy bear which looked so cute but seems to be a voodoo type of curse.
There's also a scene that will keep you glued to the set while Megan tries to find evidence by trespassing in a house and then she finds out that the owner is returning and panicking to get out wondering if she will make it without getting caught or yet killed.
The situations unfolding were extremely effective and intense in which you'd picture in a film like I Know What You Did Last Summer along with many black looking ghosts haunting Megan and others which had neat cheesy effects to the story that worked well too.
Bottom line is this film was good even if at times the story might be a little rusty. Someone mentioned that this film seems to borrow alot from those young adult novels by R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike and to think of it this fellow made a point on that which isn't a bad thing since I enjoy Stine's novels (Not Christopher Pike though). There are teenage kids on a holiday as one of them has a dark secret and the ghosts haunt them for it which is similar to those books. So I say hats off for a good inspiration for a teenage horror flick like this one.

The acting is somewhat not too bad as lead actress Elizabeth Harnois (Megan / Sophie) does a great job by portraying two twin sisters in which you'd really think that these were two completely different people alltogether. She brings out some nice intensity with her performance as well as doing well with her crying and other saddened emotions too throughout the film. She also does well with her obsessions and frightening behavior too leading to her sanity level. She was a perfect drawing card to the story.
Shawn Ashmore
(Christian) brought some nice characteristics too as the supposedly caring boyfriend in the film in which he does well with his mellow and soft speaking to when he tries to show his good guy attitude in the film. He certainly came across well as the clean cut guy next door type of role.
Tyler Hoechlin
(Nick) was a good possible suspect to all that was happening in the story in which he seems a little too charming for his role and knew on how to portray this type of character too. He had the right looks to play this role and had the talent too.
Matt O'Leary
(Mark) stood out as well as a goofball type in the film who can come across as quite annoying to someone who thinks lightly on problems in which he really made himself believeable as one of the kinds you can get annoyed with easily.
R. Lee Ermey
(Leonard) was the perfect key role to the story playing an eccentric old coot in the flick. He really knew how to act initmidating in his part with how he approaches others. He seemed to be a perfect suspect in the film as well as portrayed a great horror character actor.

There's many good flute type music for the film which really makes the scene's sound very effective as well as some screeching sounds for the haunting moments as well as some banging sounds for the jumping moments all done by Jane Antonia Cornish.