Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

Produced & Directed by: Tom McLoughlin

Written by: Lawrence Kohner & Mark Rosenthal
Stephen King (Short story)


Tim Matheson .... Jim Norman
Brooke Adams .... Sally Norman
Robert Rusler .... Richard Lawson
Robert Hy Gorman .... Scott Norman
William Sanderson .... Carl Mueller
Nicholas Sadler .... Vinnie Vincent
Bentley Mitchum .... David North
Tasia Valenza .... Kate
Chad Nyerges .... Chip

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: May 7, 1991 (USA); Theatrical: August 22, 1991 (Germany)

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A family man Jim Norman (Tim Matheson) is troubled by his past after he experiences his brother being killed by a steam locomotive in a tunnel in 1963 while he was bullied by a group of older greasers lead by Richard Lawson (Robert Rusler) in which the tracks have been taken out when he arrives to his old home but the memory remains the same.
He teaches at a local highschool and witnesses the punk's cadillac rolling by and killing some of his students in which he is to blame for these murders since the car is only revealed by him and the victim they plan on killing.
Eventually they come back to haunt him as new students at his school planning to seek revenge on him as well as terrorising his family so Jim must try to meet ends with these people as well as trying to resurrect his dead brother to help him overcome his fears on this gang.


A nicely done film based on Stephen King's short stories and it certainly has those spooky and strange elements like in all of his work which it boggles your mind as to how these punks came back from the grave. Plus it does show a nice fear in a dark railroad tunnell wondering if a train will come since there's no escape if it does come charging. It was a perfect touch.
To top it all off the film does show great horror's if you were bullied by older kids and being relieved they're dead but only to come back and to haunt you if you had a profession as a highschool teacher.
There's nice special effects for a made for cable tv movie which looks better than your typical one showing the cheesiness to it which this one doesn't show that at all.
The film was quite original and keeps you glued to watching the cadillac chasing after it's victims in which you wonder if these people will survive this car chasing after them which at times can seem spookier than in Christine.
Also it's nice looking at the abandoned railroad tracks that were taken out on present day which makes you wonder if a ghost train will occur since the ghosts of the punks arrive there close to the end of the film.
There's a good scene with two children walking on some railroad tracks heading towards a tunnel with Jim Norman behind them calling out in fear. Then there's many good shots on them inside the tunnel with a car storming in the middle of the tunnel with punks tormenting them which looked quite well done. There's also a nice moment with one of the children after he's stabbed and falling on some tracks with him weakly telling the other to get some help as well as a nice distant shot on a steam locomotive chugging along and great panicking reactions on the other punks trying to get into their vehicle as well as a great close up shot on the locomotive coming in full speed and smashing the car with a nice shot in the tunnel showing an explosion on the vehicle.
There's a good moment with a car charging full speed ahead towards Jim at his vehicle and stopping right in front of him as well as an obnoxious student storming out of his car getting aggressive towards him.
A nice shot on someone riding his bike with the black cadillac terrorising him along with him screaming in fear which looked good as well as him falling off a cliff which looked terrorising.
There's also a good moment with Jim trying to teach his class and a good shot on Richard Lawson turning around and introducing himself as a new student which looked creepy on how he was presenting himself along with sticking out his switchblade knife as well as a good moment with Jim having his head turned to the blackboard and Chip throwing something towards him.
A good moment with Chip trying to talk to Jim at his house with his words choked up and acting nervous as the moments on this looked very energised plus a good moment with Chip himself running along in a street with the cadillac charging at him and his body on the front of the car speeding along the road with him. Plus there's a good moment on him in the passenger seat with some of the punks being rough with him asking if he's scared along with a good shots on their ghoulish faces cackling crazily which was very spooky like.
A good nightmare sequence and good quick shots on a girl
getting slayed with nice close up shots on the punks laughing and doing evil actions as well as a nice jump up shot on Jim from his bed with Sally Norman trying to confront him but him snapping at her showing good timing.
There's a good moment with the punks driving towards a house with Jim trying to get him and his family to run in leaving it that haunting like feel to it.
A nice aggressive moment with Jim being forceful towards Carl Mueller to do something with him as well as a nice creepy dark shot on the two of them at the dark abandoned tunnel with him trying to call to the punks to show themselves.
A nice silent moment with Scott Norman walking home from school and suddenly the cadillac leaping to life charging at him which is a nice jumping moment.
A good moment with Jim at a gravestone trying to talk to his dead brother and to try and resurrect him along with great haunting shots on the punks taunting him.
There's a good moment surrounding Chip and Scott Norman in a house with the punks looking ghostly and coming into the house from the windows and terrorising her which brought a perfect horror feel to it as well as them trying to get physical towards Scott.
There's a nice final confrontation with everyone at the tunnell which looked adventureously done as well as the head punk approaching to do battles with Richard as well as a nice touching discussion towards Jim towards the end of the scene which was very emotional.

Bottom line is that this film is incomparable to any other ghostl like horror film which doesn't have to look bloody to be good along with being in touch with your fears on bullies from your past returning in your adult lifetime to still do this to you now which isn't a pretty site. Plus, this story has a very touching ending with a ghost of a kid who died from a train accident in his time and makes you believe the people who are no longer in your life are still with us in their spirits.
The film was followed by two sequels which seems necessary since this film was considered a cult classic especially to the Stephen King fans who enjoyed his other flicks based on short stories like Children of the Corn and Maximum Overdrive although not a nationwide classic in the same veins as Carrie, The Shining, Christine or Pet Semetary. But the film is dark and gloomy in alot of spots like the one's recently mentioned which was perfect.

The acting is in great shape in which Tim Matheson (Jim Norman) really brought out everything in his role as someone troubled by his past in which he shows some nice fearful expressions along with great aggressions too. He does well snapping at his fellow actress by not wanting to dream which looked well performed. He studied his part quite well and knew on how to behave disturbed by all what's happening to him.
Brooke Adams
(Sally Norman) really was powerful with her actions in the film and had a nice tough attitude in the film instead of someone crying in fear by all that's happening along with showing a good strong sympathetic and concerned attitude. She was realistic in her role.
Robert Rusler
(Richard Lawson) played a perfect head greaser punk in the film showing a good bad ass behavior and coming across very aggressively and violent too. He certainly brought to your attention that you's wanna kill this person for his evil doings and was a great horror character too.
Robert Hy Gorman
(Scott Norman) has a great charm as the pre-teen of the married couple having an innocent but sneaky behavior in which you see in most kids that age and really pulls this part off very well. He shows great energy when he is scared by the surroundings of these ghostly punks too.
William Sanderson
(Carl Mueller) did his part well as an eccentric one in the film bringing his fears across perfectly along with a great paranoid attitude too. A good paranoid reaction by trying to get away on a certain madness. He often played these types of roles in TV and film since he knows his craft by doing so.
Chad Nyerges
(Chip) didn't have a huge role in the film but thought I'd mention him regardless since he showed a nice versatality in his role as a bad ass jock just coming across that he is about to hit you when he's mad and later on showing his fears in the film making him seem harmless when this moment happens.

There's alot of great classical low bass violin tones along with some high pitched violin music too. We hear all sorts of adventurous playing with alot of trombone playing too as well towards the end some nice soft touching music with the odd piano playing too all done by Terry Plumeri.