Sometimes They Come Back... Again (1996)

Directed by: Adam Grossman

Written by: Guy Riedel & Adam Grossman


Michael Gross .... Jon Porter
Alexis Arquette .... Tony Reno
Hilary Swank .... Michelle Porter
Bojesse Christopher .... Vinnie Ritacco
Glenn Beaudin .... Sean Patrick
Jennifer Elise Cox .... Jules Martin
Jennifer Aspen .... Maria Moore
William Morgan Sheppard .... Father Archer Roberts
Michael Stadvec .... Phil Thorn

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: August, 1996 (UK)


A single father John Porter (Michael Gross) and his daughter Michelle (Hilary Swank) returns to their hometown after John's mother dies by breaking her neck from a mysterious accident to attend her funeral and tries to leave as soon as they can but however John has a disturbing secret as his sister Lisa (Leslie Danon) fell for a group of greasers led by a guy Tony Reno (Alexis Arquette) in a coal mine which he uses her for a sacrifice and John witnessed this and then seeked revenge by killing him and his gang.
Tony seemed to return as a demonic force and haunts John by being around Michelle and have some plans for her in which John must take a stand to Tony and his gang once again to save his daughter from his evil grips.


A good beginning with an old lady trying to reach for something with a good camera angle shot looking up on her and a ghostly presence moving what she is trying to get as well as her falling to the floor which looked well done.
There's a good moment with Jon Porter staring out the window and then a flashback happens which involves younger characters Alan and Jon using magnifying glasses watching a teenage girl at a window getting undressed as well as spotting supporting character Lisa Porter talking to Tony Reno outside with a nice shot on Jon pointing a toy gun from his window towards him and a good close up shot on Tony giving him an evil stare and pointing his fingers at him like a gun which looked good.
There's a nice dream sequence with a shot on Jon walking into a bedroom and a shot on Jennifer fornicating with Tony in bed with a demonic feature of him as well as good close up shots with some sort of a devil's tail wrapped around her and him grinning and chuckling which seemed to work not too badly on how it was done.
A good shot on Jon in his vehicle staring out near a street as well as a good shot on a coal mine and having another flashback on both Alan and Jon spying on Tony and Lisa next to his car and then he comes up to them getting aggressive with them as well as the two of them answering in fear which looked believeable.
There's a nice shot on Jon in the tunnel of the mine spying on what's going on as well as Tony with his friends doing a cult ceremony with Lisa tied up sobbing and screaming which had a total horror moment on this although it looked a wee bit cheesy but there's great close up shots on Jon picking up a dagger and stabbing her with it.
A nice moment present day with Michelle Porter coming in introducing Jon to Tony with a nice shot on Jon himself turning around and then looking shocked at what he sees along with a good shot on him grabbing a fireplace pic. Later on there's a good aggressive discussion between Jon and Michelle about him telling her he doesn't like him which looked strongly done.
A nice effective discussion between Father Archer Roberts discussing Jon about his past and what's haunting him in which there's great effective shots on Father Archer acting intense and aggressive towards him.
A good camera shot on Phil Thorn with some sort of vines from the ground pulling him down as well as Tony approaching him and acting wicked in a humorous way which looked corny but well paced. There's also a good close up shot on the field lawnmower approaching him.
Nice shot on Tony summoning up one of his friends as well as a good close up shot on Vinnie Ritacco looking demonic rising up from a pool of blood.
There's a nice moment with Michelle, Jules Martin and Maria Moore playing fortune telling cards in which it looked almost natural as a bunch of friends hanging out and having fun.
There's great reactions on them screaming and looking scared after spotting a bloody pentagram on the floor with a good shocking moment on what's inside a fridge which looked good and gruesome.
Good moment with Tony going into a diner and acting creepy towards Maria and putting a cigarette in her food with her really getting defensive and intimated as well as Vinnie swinging a switchblade towards Tony and getting tough with him which looked good.
Nice discussion between Vinnie and Maria out in the woods making out along with a good camera shot on him with a demonic face and her screaming.
There's great camera shots on Tony flicking fortune telling cards with good gruesome close up shots on the cards impaling in Jules' head.
Good camera circling moments with Tony in the coal mine tunnel taunting Jon as well as a good shot on him about to hit Tony with him grabbing Jon's hand as the blocking was really on the ball.
There's a good moment with two officers escorting Michelle into their car as well as good shots on each of them talking to her which leaves a good impression that they aren't who they seem to be.
Great battling moments with Jon towards Tony as well as shots on Michelle tied up crying as this was probably the best moments which showed perfect camera takes on all of them as well as their energy.
I don't know if I'd consider this film to be a true sequel or not since the story was completely different with different character's alltogether. What it does have in common compared to the first film is that it is about someone disturbed about their past about some deaths of greasers who come back from the dead as evil spirits.
However, the story in the first one was quite dark and there's alot of dark comedy in this one which seems common for horror sequels to make up for the creepiness from the first one. It may work for others but not me.
There are some interesting moments with the flashback sequences which seems to work quite well and good one liners from the main bad dude Tony Reno towards the innocent child Jon as you think he might do something physical to him.
However the cult ceremony with Tony doing a sacrifice which looked a little too obvious though and not convincing enough. In other words pretty cheesy.
There's some shocking moments in the film too which may be hard to watch like a pig that's slaughtered or someone cutting off their finger which did look pretty painful on how it was set out too. The film also had some descent effects too for a low budgeter.
Yet there were some cheesy moments with some humor that the writers tried to ripoff what Freddy Krueger would do before killing his victims as well as some moments with these greaser ghosts looking demonic as it reminded me on similar elements in the Night of the Demons trilogies (All three of those were done in much better taste).
Plus there is a moment that involves a lawmower type vehicle about to run over a guy's head in the film which was fun and shocking to watch too.
Bottom line is this film was different in every way and may disappoint the fans of the first one plus it tried so hard to be funny with the main demonic character joking around before killing his victims but even that fell flat. The film is fun to watch if you're in the mood for it and has the odd entertaining moment especially close to the finish of it but if you want a higly entertained horror film this one isn't it.

The acting is not too bad as Michael Gross (Jon Porter) usually delivers his parts quite well with anything I've seen in him since his fame in Family Ties. He really brings his part out fairly strongly and shows good disturbed expressions when he's bothered by his past as well as showing the odd aggressions too which came out very realistically.
Alexis Arquette
(Tony Reno) really showed great nasty expressions and came across perfectly as a greaser in the flick and knew how to act obnoxious and evil too. Plus he did show some good timing when he's resurrected as a demonic ghost with his dark humor showing a ton of great energy and never slowing down at what he did for his character. He's probably the best out of the whole cast.
Hilary Swank
(Michelle Porter) had the nice girl next door appeal to her but however she just seemed average in her role on the film. She wasn't bad but she didn't seem too convincing as a character actress at all.
Bojesse Christopher
(Vinnie Ritacco) seemed to bring on a nice evil charm to his role as another greaser resurrected as he shows alot of great characteristics in his part and came across nicely onto the camera whenever he performed too.
William Morgan Sheppard
(Father Archer Roberts) really brought it on as an eccentric preacher having a maniacal type aggressive voice when he said his lines and just came off as one of those key members in the film that introduced the story and the terror that was surrounding it. He certainly brought attention with what he did and can be well remembered for his role in this one.
Michael Stadvec (Phil Thorn) portrayed someone who was mentally challenged in the film but yet he looks like an actor trying to portray this and doesn't act natural by portraying this part at all. I was not the least bit convinced and seemed to lack a bit while doing so.

Ingrid Shtare takes off her top in a window of her bedroom fully bare breasted.
Bojesse Christopher
has his butt exposed after rising from a pool of blood.
Jennifer Aspen
unbuttons her shirt exposing her breasts near a wooded area in the dark.

A stomach is stabbed by a dagger.
A thumb is cut off.
A persons head is run over by a lawnmower with a cut off hand revealed.
A slaughtered pig is revealed in a fridge with it's blood used as an astral pattern.
A person's ears is inside a mail package.
A girl's head and neck is stabbed by a bunch of fortune telling cards.
A head is sliced

There's some good heavy drum beats with alot of the heavy suspense used in the film as well as great strong chanting sounds which sounded incredible. Plus there's some light piano tapping from what you'd hear in an 80's slasher flick like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Silent Night Deadly Night. There's also great advenrtureous trombone playing too used in some powerful scene's to top it all off. This was greatly composed by Peter Manning Robinson.