Sometimes They Come Back... For More (1998)

Directed by: Daniel Zelik Berk

Written by: Adam Grossman & Darryl Sollerh


Clayton Rohner .... Captain Sam Cage
Faith Ford .... Dr. Jennifer Wells
Max Perlich ....
Lieutenant Brian Shebanski
Chase Masterson .... Major Callie O'Grady
Damian Chapa .... Dr. Carl Shilling

Release Date: Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival: November, 1998



Two military officers Captain Sam Cage (Clayton Rohner) and Major Callie O'Grady (Chase Masterson) set out to investigate a remote Antarctica based governmental outpost forcing to land during a terrible snow storm in which they have discovered that eveyone except for a medical officer Dr. Jennifer Wells (Faith Ford) and a tech officer Lieutenant Brian Shebanski (Max Perlich) are the only survivors but Captain hears ghostly sounds in the snowy corridors and must find out what is behind the madness as well as encountering demonic zombies in which he must try to survive the madness with his co-horts.


Some good shots with Major Callie O'Grady and Captain Sam Cage walking through some snowy passageways with their weapons active and trying to discover some stuff.
There's a good moment with Sam looking near a doorway with a spooky voice calling towards him and a great freaked out expression as well as him letting it out shooting his gun at the window of the door.
A great scene with someone flying towards Sam and trying to attack him with great camera shots on this.
There's a good moment with Dr. Jennifer Wells trying to calmly tell Sam about taking it low with him snapping at her which seemed quite psychologically disturbing.
Good shots on Jennifer, Sam and
Lieutenant Brian Shebanski preparing to fire away with a good shot on Dr. Carl Shilling entering with humor and demonic like and then great moments on the three of them trying to shoot him. Then there's good shots on some of the demonic zombies trying to charge at them with the three of them trying to get away and blocking a door to prevent their safety which looked very energetic.
There's a great moment with Sam getting into a rage towards Brian and knocking off his hat discovering he's one of the demonic people in which he really gets hysterical asking what he wants as well as him menacingly firing his gun at him which looked greatly done.
Good confrontation between both Sam and Carl with good shots towards one another with great forceful conversations.
Terrific shot on
Jennifer lying on a table crying with a great shot on Sam behind her holding a dagger in the air as well as good close up shots on his paranoid eyes and stressful expressions.
Also a great battling scene between Carl and Sam which looked strongly performed with good close up shots on the two of them going at it. There's also a good shot on Sam himself impaling Carl with a pick axe in the air.
There's a good shot in a ghostly light with a woman approaching towards Sam and a good shot on him holding out a ring towards her.
Man oh man I don't know about this as this was a totally different story alltogether and didn't fit in at all with the Sometimes They Come Back series.
The story was very tough to follow just showing some soldiers in an airplane with a snow storm forcing them to land and then staying in a labratory and checking out for anything suspicious seemed like the writers was borrowing a bit from Aliens which seemed cool but the story was extremely boring.
There's some intensity towards the characters which looked strongly done but then more boring moments but yet there's a camera stuck to a toy vehicle going through the corridors trying to spot anything which looked very entertaining to watch as if something will happen and it very well does hit the jackpot on a horror event along with demonic sounding voices calling for the Captain of his army which kinda psychs you out bringing a surprise to all this silence that's happening.
Then there's some flashback sequences too which tries to explain the story but yet it didn't make a heck of alot of sense to me but again that's just me.
Then the story tries to get gothic like with a close to sacrifice sequence in which the story does pick up a bit there along with demonic possessed type of zombies attacking beforehand but really that's about all the excitement you can get with this film which just sinks it from being considered average.
Bottom line is this film is quite bland and the worst of the film series. It doesn't show a heck of alot with the scene's which resembles boring moments in David DeCoteau's cheesy cult monster flick Creepozoids but that one was a bit more fun to watch.

The acting is fairly okay in which lead actor Clayton Rohner (Captain Sam Cage) really pulls off a great bad ass behavior in his part as the head solider just having an obnoxious redneck type of aggressions towards his people and getting into a great rage too. He certainly knew how to act menacing whenever he used his weapons in which he studied this character very well. A good moment with him screaming towards his fellow actor with a gun at him due to his sarcasm telling him to shut up which looked highly energetic and aggressive like.
Faith Ford
(Dr. Jennifer Wells) really showed a nice calm behavior to her part in which she knew her stuff to play this type of a part being soft spoken but strong willed too. She also does greatly with her crying and scared emotions too. Great powerful moment with her crying hysterically towards her fellow actor and trying to get physical towards him which was well performed. She was a great target for a horror character actress indeed.
Max Perlich
Lieutenant Brian Shebanski) really came across perfectly as someone very irritating with his sarcastic actions towards others. He also had the right looks too. He was definetely one of those ttypes reminding you as one of those solider types who doesn't take his work seriously at all.
Chase Masterson
(Major Callie O'Grady) showed a nice tough girl attitude as Major Callie O'Grady and really came across strongly with her role. She was a perfect key role to the story. She also had the right looks in the film too in which she seemed like a tough mama.
Damian Chapa
(Dr. Carl Shilling) portrayed an okay horror character as at first he looks innocent but then does well with his demonic expressions and really knew how to behave evil and intense when he needed to. But alot of his lines were overdubbed with a demonic sounding voice.

Jennifer O'Dell is lying on a ground barebreasted almost acting lifeless

A sharp object is stabbed through a Lieutenant
A pick axe ias stabbed in a chest of Dr. Carl Shilling

There's still some good ehoey heavy drum booming soundbeats as well as a harmony of low sounding violin music which seems to work greatly. Of course we hear some windy sound effects too. There's some great peacful violin orchestra music during the closing credits in the film too.