Sorceress (1995)


Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Written by:
Mark Thomas McGee


Larry Pointdexter .... Larry Barnes
Rochelle Swanson .... Carol
Toni Naples .... Maria
Julie Strain .... Erica Barnes
Linda Blair .... Amelia Reynolds
Edward Albert .... Howard Reynolds
Lenny Juliano .... Don
Antonia Dorian .... Trisha
Michael Parks .... Stan Latarga
William Marshall .... John Geiger

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: January 4, 1995



Two friends Erica Barnes (Julie Strain) and Amelia Reynolds (Linda Blair) both work for the same high-priced, high-powered law firm, are both married to modern day witches.
Erica's husband Larry (Larry Pointdexter) accidentally kills her off a ledge in which she swears that he will never be rid of her in which he is tormented in his nightmares on having violent sexual fantasies involving a mistress Maria (Toni Naples) while trying to have a new relationship with someone who is faithful to him Carol (Rochelle Swanson) but she seems to be possessed by Erica's spirit in which she has the help from Amelia in order to do this making his nightmares becoming very realistic.


While watching the first part of this film I knew that this was a made for video production with the quality but it's not as bad looking like most made for video flicks. It seems to look like that it will be a fun bad movie to watch with a lustful women practising an evil voodoo curse on someone but then it does fall flat when her boyfriend accidentally pushes her off the ledge which looked badly done but some nice cheesy writing on her revenge plan before she dies. Then the opening credits start to roll with cheesy special effects with some flames blazing in the backgraound in which I respect that in an independent flick like this one.
It falls flat big time after that showing many sex scene's in which it covers the weak plot of the film in which I had a hard time following everything but there's a nice soothing scene with a dream sex sequence which would be good for watching before falling asleep hoping to have a wet dream.
There's also haunted halluicnations which offers more skin and what will happen for the viewers to get their jollies watching this. 
Then i was hoping that something later on would get better as someone acts like a basket case having an appointment with the lead character like a counselling session was happening and then he goes mad nearly about to kill this person. It kinda boggles you thinking about being in a position with someone unsafe but even that falls flat while this moment looked a bit amateurishly done.
The horror does start up with a supporting character about to do her voodoo curse in a room with a pentagram by possessing one fo the innocent women by acting lustful and deadly but this isn't the least bit scary.
Towards the ending is when the excitment starts up with the survivors struggling to put a stop to this black magic curse even though with some moments on trying to struggle away from one of the evil lustful women it doesn't look as suspenseful like it was supposed to have.
Bottom line is this is a soft core porn dud carrying just as much of a weak plot in which is produced by Fred Olen Ray teaming up with director Jim Wynorski. I'm sure they would admit that this is their worst effort or one of their worst efforts. It almost seemed so bad it's good but it's so bad there's barely a story to watch it and can be easily forgettable too. However we have to go through this again since a sequel arose.

The acting is not the greatest but some try to pull their weight since we have the odd familiar faces involved with this dud.
Larry Pointdexter (Larry Barnes) really lacked with his characteristics especially whenever he tried to get violent or angry in which he looked like that he was fresh out of the soap opera or modelling industry with just the looks doing all the talking than his acting skills. He seemed to look good on the camera but that's about it.
Rochelle Swanson (Carol) was so hopeless in her role in which she was just a line reader. As simple as that folks. She didn't even seem to look stunning with her looks either. I just found her a bit annoying with her whole performance and not picking up much energy at all.
Toni Naples (Maria) seemed to pull of her character fairly well with everything that she did throughout her performance along with showing a good violent lustful attitude too. She also does well with her mysterious soft speaking or getting down to the point with stuff.
Nice smooth talking towards her fellow actor by telling him he's in a dream which looked believeably lustful.
Playboy favourite sexpot pinup Julie Strain (Erica Barnes
) drew attention quite well to the screen too with her wicked attitude as well as really acting very soothing for when she really gets naughty. However at times her aggressions lacked. Also there's a moment with her gagging before she dies looked very amateurish. Still she comes off well onto the camera even if the film was a turkey.
Linda Blair (Amelia Reynolds) must've been hurting for money big time while doing this since her hey day ended so long ago that she would take anything that offers a paycheque. She pulled off on portraying someone innocent which was quite impressive along with her mellow attitude and also knew on how to show her true colours too by behaving wicked which wasn't too bad at all either. She concentrates quite well sitting near a pentagram and doing a chant which seemed fairly impressive. Yet she's done better acting.
Edward Albert (Howard Reynolds) was probably the best cast member of all in which he does show a good troubled attitude with whatever he did and showed great energy into trying to put a stop to the madness towards the end of his performance. He seemed to be a fair character actor. At times he lacked but later on picked it right up again. There's a moment with him acting in pain while driving but he doesn't react to this naturally at all. Shows off raging expressions which looked fairly good as well as showing some good energy on him firing his gun.
Michael Parks (Stan Latarga) you could tell was not into his performance at all in which he's been in far better shows than this in which he portrayed a basket case losing his mind. He seemed to have real stale energy in what he did. My bet is he wasn't paid enough to do a better performance which is a shame as he always was a talented actor. It looked like that he was ready to retire while doing this one.

There's a big breast close up shot on Julie Strain feeling herself in the very beginning of this movie
Hallucination sequences are revealed with Strain bare breasted along with Toni Naples
Rochelle Swanson is fully nude while fornicating
There's group sex which involved Strain and Naples in bed in which there's different moments on this
Naples has her blouse torn open exposing her breasts
There's a butt shot revealed on Larry Pointdexter while getting out of bed and putting his pants on
Antonia Dorian takes a shower with her breasts fully revealed
There's plenty more boobs and skin with these actresses in which it covered most of the plot. So sad folks

There's some bloody gun shots but nothing much more

The music was almost sounded similar to the Puppet Master flicks but yet sounding cheesier with the waltzy type synthesizer music along with toned out piano pounding moments when there's moments of anxious scene's used in certain spots. It basically is Z-grade sounding along with lustful mellow sounds for the sex scene's like you'd hear in a blue movie. There's adventureous music for the opening of the flick as well as some decent chanting sounds too which was all put together by Chuck Cirino and Darryl Way.

Erica Barnes: You'll never be rid of me! Never!