Sorority Babes in the Dance-A-Thon Of Death (1991)

Directed by: Todd Sheets

Written by:
Todd Sheets & Misty Wolfe


Kelly Hodges .... Tiffany
Lisa Krueger .... Beverly
Holly Starr .... Liz
Laura Fuhrman .... Kelly
Craig Wilcox .... Jimmy
Jenny Admine .... Muffy
Veronica Orr .... Sherry
J.T. Taube .... Chuck
Carles Munroe .... Mr. Ray
Carol Barta .... Bertha

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: 1991


A group of sorority girls have fun with their own cool club and one of them Tiffany (Kelly Hodges) decides to buy a crystal ball at an antique store owned by two elderly antique dealers Mr. Ray (Carles Munroe) and Bertha (Carol Barta).
They summon up a demon from this ancient crystal ball as it suddenly steams up causing her and the sorority girls to pass out.
Then the head sorority sister tells them in order to join the sorority sisters that they have to stay one night at an abandoned sorority house that's claimed to be haunted.
While staying there one of the sorority members Beverly (Lisa Krueger) becomes posessed and ends up killing some of the co-ed's at the abandoned house in which Mr. Ray and Bertha tries to rescue any survivors but not until they've taken their ghoulfest to the discotheque and turned it into the dance-a-thon of death!


There's a scene with Tiffany looking at a crystal ball in an antique shop and having a discussion with both the owners at the antique store talking about the crystal ball which looked very amateurish in which this was supposed to look mysterious.
There's lots of amateurish shots with the main characters dancing which looked god awful and trashy discussions between Jimmy and Chuck peeking in the sorority house to see what they're doing. Man watching it was humiliating as hell.
There is a bit of a natural discussion with everyone gathering around a crystal ball and horsing around as well trying to get into the mode of performing a ceremony and then a cheesy shot on the crystal ball smoking up with good reactions on the rest choking and coughing with the smoke around them but their passing out looked amateurish.
Many interesting shots on the people running around the abandoned sorority house but again this isn't saying alot.
There's a real amateurish shot on Beverly making out that she's plucking out her eyes in which she's now possessed at the sorority and then putting them back in which you can tell the eyes were props and no make up on her eyes and she was just shutting them tightly. I really shook my head with the lack of effort on this moment.
There's many shots on Beverly trying to attack the people with them screaming and running away which seemed at times average and other times bombing big time like the film itself.
The camera shots were supposed to look tricky with the killings but they looked very obvious that it was just a trick as if someone was an inexperienced magician at the age of 5 and under.
There's a real amateruish moment with Beverly laughing hysterically and spinning around trying to make the moments possessive like and it just looks plain silly.
There's also silly conversations between the antique owners acting upset or not acting themselves in which this all looked terribly foolish watching this scene unravel within what was going on here.
He also had the odd choreography with some of the supporting characters fighting which looked very sloppy too.
I remember seeing this video cover for rent at Tom's Video under near the adult section with an area of many obscure independent horror flicks and it looked like a made for video flick and was prepared for the worst later on when I got the Tomb of Terrors Box Set. Of course I was curious of this film wondering if it's a sequel to Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama but really this one beared no relationship to it at all. Plus it was made on one of those old VHS camcorders that had crappy quality plus you couldn't hear the dialogues too well at all as well as everything else looking bad and not entertaining the least bit. Plus it didn't offer alot of black comedy and tried so hard to look scary and possessive which missed by a long shot.
The bottom line is that everything about this dud executive produced by David DeCoteau was amateurish and looked like some friends getting together to make a fun home movie for themselves with no budget to make any special effects for the killing scene's that you'd wanna wipe your ass with it after watching this heap of trash. Avoid it as the title is better than the whole film itself.
DeCoteau must've been flat broke when he was the executive for this film which shows big time in which he paid none as you can tell.

The acting is so awful I can't tell you how bad it is in which there's not one person worth talking about on here which most of them just say their lines and slack off big time when it comes to getting into character. Just alot of pretty women that's about it. Of course these actors remained virtual unknowns which isn't a surprise at all. So embarrassing.

The music was done by a toned out synthesizer using high and low sound elements in the story. Some of it wasn't overly terrible and there's odd organ sounds too with the traditional old fashioned theme music riffs. There's also many moments with a heartbeat sound effects too which is okay.