Sorority House Massacre II: Nighty Nightmare (1990)

Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Written by:
Mark McGee, J.B. Rogers & Bob Sheridan


Robyn Harris .... Linda
Melissa Moore .... Jessica
Stacia Zhivago .... Kimberly
Michelle Verran .... Suzanne
Dana Bentley .... Janey
Jürgen Baum .... Lt. Block
Toni Naples .... Sgt. Shawlee
Peter Spellos .... Orville Ketchum

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1990

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A house owned by a family whom was murdered by the main family man called the Hockstatter's has been abandoned for years but five sorority sisters decides to buy it out since the place has been on sale for a cheap price.
They are warned by a burly intimidating neighbor Orville Ketchum (Peter Spellos) telling them about the family man dead but his spirit still haunting the house and gives them the key to the basement in case they need to protect themselves from this ghostly maniac.
They ignore his warning thinking that he is crazy and find a Ouija board so they all decide to conjure up Hockstatter for fun but then the Ouija board goes crazy.
Later on the sorority sisters are being killed off one by one from a mysterious killer with a hook and they all think that Ketchum is a suspect as he is always spying on them whenever an inicdent happens.
Meanwhile, an officer Lt. Block (Jürgen Baum) and his sidekick Sgt. Shawlee (Toni Naples) are still trying to figure out the missing case of Old Hockstatter by talking to the survivors who have witnessed what has happened around the house beforehand but will they arrive at the house before all these sorority sisters are dead?


Watching this film you don't understand at first on how this was a sequel to the first flick in which the chemstry for this one is different. Well it's not a sequel at all. Of course it's about sorority sisters entering a new place in which a killer killed his family and at first when that is mentioned you do think to yourself Aha so it is a sequel but there's more to it. A corny camera closing in shot on Linda kneeling down next to a corner of a sorority house acting helpless which looked laughable when this scene was trying to make it look intense and creepy.
Then there's the beginning of the film with her and the rest of the main sorority girls getting ready to move into the house as their conversations were way too unnatural.
There's an interesting moment with Janey standing in the middle of a room in the sorority house and talking about what happened there with the murders while there's thunder and lightning happening which seemed cheesy but enjoyable on how she was discussing the situation and then a good shot on a glass door with Orville Ketchum staring strangely at them but their reactions on screaming was terribly phony. This burly intimidating man next door talks about the story of a guy named Hockstater murdering his family a long time ago which is very different compared to the fisrt and the flashback sequences go into scene's of the Slumber Party Massacre. I was thinking WHAAAT? I mean SPM wasn't about a family being murdered at all but the makers really used alot of it to make this seem like a different story put together and seemed like a tribute to those T&A slasher flicks. I found it impressive still and the best moment ever. Hey guys it's not a serious horror film at all. Then afterwards he puts his hand down his pants as if he is about to pull a weapon with a good shot on the actresses freaking out (If their reactions looked phony) and then handing them a key to the basement which looked impressive too.
Alot of the plotlines are very comedic and too cheesy to seem scary too. Plus alot of the performances are incredibly amateurish.
Good shots on the sorority girls walking down the stairs to the basement which looked pretty creepy but again they weren't natural with their discussions but nice shot on perverted material.
There's the basement of all the belongings that Hockstatter had which does seem intimidating like some hooks and a chainsaw. There's also a time when these sorority sisters decide to use a ouija board which was very laughable and can tell this is nothing serious at all but then the results of their questions looked quite entertaining at the same time.
There's a corny moment with the sorority girls trying a ouija board and a good camera shot looking down on them using it but they're not convincing at all by talking to the board and moving the piece in which the moments on this was terribly amateurish. But yet a nice shot on the piece flying off and falling into a fireplace with a good shot on the fireplace flaming up.
Then there's a one taking a shower and the other one waiting for her. Even if it looked trashy it was still fun to watch. During this moment others undress and put on their lingerae's which looked like a total slumber party too. I mean this was lingerae city seeing what they were wearing which was sexy looking outfits that they were close to being nude almost all the way in this film.
There's of course newspaper ads that Ketchum kept and one of them says "Hockstatter kills the Slumber Party Massacre" which adds a perfect touch to the film since they used a flashback sequence in it.
A good shot looking up on Janey walking down some stairs and then a nice shot on a hand grabbing her. There's a good shot on a shadow figure with a hook raised in the air and plunging down with a cheesy shot on blood splattering on the wall.
Then there's two officers trying to investigate the Hockstater killings and go into a strip club to talk to one of the strippers who survived the murders which really adds on to more skin for this flick.
Of course looked corny and cheesy as usual but it seemed entertaining on the surroundings around them. Meanwhile good shots on the main stripper doing a dance and strip tease on stage as well as cheesy and hokey discussions between two east indian mafia's smoking and being amused but their reactions were way too acted out and comedic too.
There's a discussion between one of the officers and this main stripper after her show discussing the Hockstatter incident which looked way off and unconvincing but yet it still seemed enjoyable even if this performance looked trashy.
There are scene's that tries to be scary with some of the survivors trying to survive the night and there's nothing scary about it at all.
There's Linda, Jessica and Kimberly freaking out about the murders which weren't convincing at all and too plotted out. Also a good shot and blocking moment with the three of them sitting on the floor in different positions holding a knife and being leary on protecting themselves.
There's a good shot on Kimberly rising out of a bloody bathtub towards Linda and falling back in.
But my other favourite part of the film was one of the sorority sisters are possessed by Hockstater and trying to go after the last survivor in the film in which I loved the creepy sounding voice which was cheesy but very fun to watch.
I enjoyed the closing credits of the cast members showing their scene's and who they played too.
Bottom line is this flick is a golden turkey but it's fun to watch if you're expecting a bad film in which this one totally is and that's the reason why I considered this one average. It's a comedy horror but not funny nor scary but something about it seems to make you want to watch it all the way through if you're into low budget T&A corny made for video slasher films.

The acting is quite terrible for the most part. Let's review some of the cast members as the sorority sisters.
Lead actress Robyn Harris (Linda) really can't act her way out of a wet paper bag but really tries her best to show a character in her part. She just can't seem to pull it off at all. While she tries to be energetic she slumps big time. Even when she screams or freaks out she is totally amateurish and seriously needs some lessons on how to do all of this if sh's serious on getting work in better horror films.
Melissa Moore
(Jessica) wasn't that great herself but does a bit better in her role and seems to come across nicely in front of the camera. She seems fairly okay when she tries to act outgoing and bringing on some sleazy humor but it's not award winning at all. Yet she shows good expressions with the scene's she's involved with especially when she acts possessed by Hocksatter. Of course she became an icon for many other cheesy low budget films.
Stacia Zhivago
(Kimberly) seemed to pick up the pace a bit more and almost pulled it off but yet she even lacked a bit. She remained a virutal unknown like most of the other cast members but I could see her getting work in others films of this type regardless.
Dana Bentley
(Janey) really had a sharp attitude to her role and knew on how to act like a tease to the other sorority sisters which seemed to look not too shabby at all. She brought some good spunk to her character. She seemed to be the best one out of the whole cast although her work was only average but that is a bit better than most of the cast performing here. Her screaming reactions were low on energy though when she is attacked.
For the other characters:
ürgen Baum (Lt. Block) seemed to have a nice serious attitude as a cop in the film but at times he seems a bit stale with his work. But has the right serious looks to portray one so that's a good pointer for him nonetheless. He was another one of the best cast members in this film.
eter Spellos (Orville Ketchum) was the total attention grabber for the story of the film showing a good expressionless like behavior and he came across intimidating but in a slapstick way. He had a stillness in his voice whenever he spoke and really knew how to come across as a suspect to the murders involved. He was yet a little too comedic than scary in many of his scene's though.

Stacia Zhivago is full nude top to bottom while taking a shower big bare breasts as well as a shot on her vagina. Meanwhile, Melissa Moore comes in and flashes her with her towel towards her (Her breasts look like they're implants)
The other cast members like Dana Bentley, Michelle Verran and Robyn Harris wearing nothing by their bottom nighty or taking off their clothes and putting their top lingerae's on. This seems to be the main drawing card for the film.
There's a breast shot by
Bridget Carney while doing a strip tease at a strip club.
There's also a breast shot on Shannon Wilsey doing a strip tease at the strip club.
Zhivago is bare breasted while rising out of a blood bath.

There's lots of blood splattering against the wall
A woman's foot is bloodily caught in a bear trap
Some bloody stabbings with blood splurting out on a woman's face
A blood bath is revealed
Ketchum is brutally shot with bloody results

The music was quite cheesy for the most part especially during the opening credits by having a high pitched Z grade synthesizer playing. There's also many chanting sounds for when the suspense or terror happens which got on my nerves. There's some good horror sounding wavy keyboard music and some synthesizer violin high pitched sounds too which seems to blend in quite good. There's many deep piano playing too but it sounded slightly cheesy. There's also some good rusty sounds when someone is looking around and trying to aovid the killer which really worked. The music was put together by Chuck Cirino.

Janey: I never really told you guys why we got the place so cheap.

Candy: We did see him that afternoon lurking around the neighborhood.