Southbound (2015)

Directed by: Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath & Radio Silence 

Written by: Roxanne Benjamin, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, David Bruckner, Susan Burke, Dallas Hallam, Patrick Horvath 


Chad Villella .... Mitch 
Matt Bettinelli-Olpin... Jack 
Kristina Pesic .... Sutter 
Fabianne Therese .... Sadie 
Nathalie Love .... Kim 
Hannah Marks .... Ava 
Dana Gould .... Raymond Kensington 
Anessa Ramsey .... Bunny Kensington / Phone Operator 
Susan Burke .... Betty 
Davey Johnson .... Dale 
Mather Zickel .... Lucas 
David Yow .... Danny 
Tipper Newton .... Jesse 
Matt Peters .... Al 
Kate Beahan .... Cait 
Gerald Downey .... Daryl 
Hassie Harrison .... Jem 

Release Dates: Toronto International Film Festival: September 16, 2015; Fantastic Fest: September 27, 2015; Sitges Film Festival: October 14, 2015; AFI Fest: November 6, 2015; Paris International Fantastic Film Festival: November 22, 2015; Glasgow Fright Fest: February 27, 2016; Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival: March 10, 2016; Lyon Festival Hallucinations Collectives: March 24, 2016; Hong Kong International Film Festival: March 26, 2016; Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: April 9, 2016; Imagine Film Festival: April 17, 2016; MOTELx Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 11, 2016




Five interlocking tales of terror follow the fates of a group of weary travellers who confront their worst nightmares - and darkest secrets - over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway.


We have a nice mysterious beginning with two troubled people bloodied known as Mitch and Jack driving their vehicle near a deserted area as well as going to a diner to get gas along with something rattling outside and a mysterious cashier seeming to think that all of this is natural as well as them later on spotting some figure in a distance and them trying to speed away only to be brought back to the diner which makes things perfectly twisted as you wonder if they are in the same world or another dimension. Plus a good jumping moment when we see the figure suddenly approaching face to face with one of them and good special effects by what happens here.
Also a nice mysterious drawn in moment when Mitch goes to a hotel and walks inside a door leading to what looks like a home as we see him trying to go after his daughter whom is running away which psychs you out wondering as to what this is all about.
Nicely done in moment with a group of party band members leaving the same hotel the next day after a hang over in which they end up with a flat tire in a deserted area of the road as well as a married couple Betty and Dale offering them a ride which is drawn in as them being too friendly and generous as this makes you wonder if the terror will happen if they accept a lift from them which is a nice mysterious horror moment for sure.
Great setting when these girls enter their home and spot the family in a strang setting along with two twin brothers doing everything the same as well as a creepy mysterious looking meat which makes you wonder that this isn't your everyday meal adding more levels of creepiness. Plus what's also spooky is when Betty knows what had happened to one of their members in their communication catching them off guard as this gives you the chills.
Also some nice shocking moments when two of the girls spit up black vomit due to the meat they've eaten which looked convincingly gross except for the lead one Sadie who was a vegetarian as well as her trying to get out of the home after spotting her friends not the same anymore which looked well done.
Then a great setting with the family and the two girls at a cult ceremony which was a perfect touch for a story such as this one as it was nicely set out along with the intensity on them later on trying to chase after Sadie after she was caught in the act on spying on them showing great raging energy.
Great still setting on Lucas driving his vehicle in the night and then BAM! He hits Sadie which makes you jump for sure by how this was all set out offering perfect timing.
Also strange moments when he calls 9-11 as they tell him what to do which makes you wonder if he called the right line. During these moments some nice tense shots on Sadie suffering in pain on the road. 
What's more twisted is when he carries her into a hospital it is deserted as it leaves a good chilling feeling that something here is not right as well as the 911 operators trying to tell him on what to do by doing surgery with Sadie as there's great graphic close up shots on all of this which can please horror fans big time. Also leaves a creepy feeling that something bad will happen here too. 
In another scene of this story we have a great strong fighting and deadly moment with Danny being violent with his weapon in a bar as well as more great horror violence that reveals here along with taking one of the regulars Al with him to get to where he's going as there's something spooky about who he kidnapped as this draws you in nicely.
Also a good moment when Danny finds who he's lookinf =g for whom is Jesse but there's a different twist to this which looked clever as well as him speeding away in a vehicle with her and realising he's driven off to the edge of the world as there's neat green and nisty effects that's revealed here and a perfect touch to the film. Many of you fans will be pleased to this strange ending of his fate. 
Then we have a story on a family as they hear a door banging late at night which gives you the chills by having a feeling that these are dangerous people doing this. Plus we spot the one's responsible wearing masks as well as good intense moments on them beating and torturing the parents to death while the girl hides and sees this as this looked good and natural. 
Later on we see who's under the masks which boggles you out and making you confused as how they came to be here but then it catches on as to what happens later on as we see the beginning again of the sotry explaining itself a little more which was celverly done too before the movie ends. 
Bottom line is the story is very confusing but seems to makes sense a little more in the end like mentioned. It's a well done independent horror anthology and done in a unique style making it out that it takes place with the other stories in the same area instead of them being totally different chapters with a cryptkeeper type of narrator. A film worth checking out if you're in the mood for a Twilight Zone type of story.

The acting is well performed by most of the cast members as we have a nice moment with Chad Villella (Mitch) as he seems to have a good calm type of behavior as well as being fully alert when something happens. Shows off some nice energy especially near the end of the first chapter while trying to chase after someone and acting anxious too. 
Matt Bettinelli-Olpinack) as his friend shows the opposite acting truly disturbed by what is happening as he shows this off powerfully. Also shows good aggressive expressions along with a nice hyped aggressive behavior too. He for sure really packs a punch within whatever he does and brings all of this to the extremeas someone whom is scared and frusterated. 
Fabianne Therese (Sadie) draws out the attention nicely as a bandmember in which she offers a believeably intelligent type of personality as well as showing it off by having a no nonsense attitude too. She reacts well to stuff that's happening around her. Also shows a perfect fearful energy when trying to run away as well as reacting well by suffering to death after being hit by a vehicle. She was one of the best performers in this flick. 
Susan Burke
 (Betty) certainly came across as someone a little too friendly and offering a nice eccentric attitude with what she does here and seemingly creepily comedic by what she does here too. Also knew on how to act creepily aggressive as well. She offered a nice horror character to her role and seemed to know this part inside out. 
Mather Zickel (Lucas) does a good job by acting like a clear minded type of person who speaks well with his lines. Also does a good job panicking after he hits something as well as showing a nice raging and frusterated attitude while being told on what to do as well. Offers a nice basket case type of attitude towards the end. Had the right looks and motive for his role. 
David Yow (Danny) really knew on how to act hog wild with his shot gun acting perfectly deadly and menacing while blowing some people away and does it with perfect style and offering some nice horror timing. Plus does a great job with his obnoxious and demanding attitude when he kidnaps someone or acts emotionally upset later on in the role. 
Tipper Newton (Jesse) does well with her mysterious character in which she shows a good saddened and calm behavior especially when she explains on stuff towards her fellow actor. She really got into this nicely and made the scene's flow well within whatever she did here as well as being memorable in the story. 
Matt Peters (Al) had the perfect looks and motives as a regualr customer at a bar showing off a deceivingly easy going type of person. Plus shows off a nice cackling type of attitude later on reavealing on who he really is which shines off greatly onto the screen. He brought alot to life in his supporting role as well as doing a good job near the end by striking someone. Another nice character actor in the story.

Person's jaw is ripped out.
Body parts are bloodily snapped in half in a paramedics room. 
Dissecting knife goes into someone's stomach and showing some of the insides. 
Body parts are blown off in a bar. 
Head is blown off.

The music was powerfully done sounding good and deep with the synthesizer playing as we hear various dark sounds which is perfect for a horror flick and suiting into the scene's marvellously in which we hear various sounds along with hissing and chiming too here and there. Alot of it sounds like the music from 80's retro horror flicks as the composers the Gifted really studied their craft nicely here.