Spasms (1984)


Directed by: William Fruet

Written by:
Don Enright & William Fruet
Michael Maryk & Brent Monahan (Novel)


.... Dr. Tom Brasilian
.... Jason Kincaid
.... Suzanne Cavadon
.... Warren Crowley

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: May, 1984



A gigantic serpent is captured on a remote island and shipped to an American college for experimentation. A British millionaire and an American scientist find themselves in hot pursuit of the beast when it escapes from captivity and starts to kill innocent people.


In the beginning we spot an island full of natives doing a ceremony as I was thinking to myself that this situation was overly long and didn't get to the point of things as I had a feeling I wasn't going to like this story at all. Things go chaotic with explosions and stuff like that trying to make the moments look suspenseful but it didn't do anything for me at all.
Then the story is awfully slow with conversations from the main characters as I had a hard time following with what was going on as I usually get a good feel for most plots but not this one so much.
Then the story grabbed my attention when we have a some sort of a criminal named Warren Crowley at the island where people were doing a ceremony but holding up serpeants as this looked quite dark.
Then he has a discussion with some people in a room which looked dark and the moments seemed almost gothic like by what they were talking about as it offered decent timing but yet this is nothing to brag about either.
The suspense seems to come back into the story with an employee working in a freighter carrying the object of the serpeant and his skin starts to mutate which looked deadly and a bit shocking too adding nice formula into a horror story.
Warren and his sidekick break into a laboratory as this looked good and dark and then an onject attacking them with good effects on the vision of the serpeant lashing out. This draws nice mystery and terror while watching all of this.
A nice soothing moment with both Dr. Tom Brasilian and Suzanne Cavadon having a nice near romantic discussion near a fireplace as this brief scene I had to admit looked nicely done.
After discovering some murders they go to a greenhouse to check if they can find the serpeant and by how this was all set out it was supposed to make you watch in fear that everything is still and this reptile will lash out again but this failed in order to do so but we do see a brief shot on this snake so that looked pretty interesting to watch.
The terror continues when this serpeant goes to a residentual area with the shot of the eyes creeping up towards the house and then some effective moments when it attacks some of the people there especially spotting someone flying in the air and crashing into glass of a shower door.
In the story we spot a couple playing frisbee at a park and the girlfriend is wearing a tight bikini suit that looked like a bra and underwear as well as her searching for the frisbee which is supposed to give you the chills that the serpeant is watching but this doesn't work at all and looked incredibly lame and stale to watch.
Both Tom and Suzanne gets Jason Kinkaid to help them search for this serpeant by using objects with him using his psychic abilities as to where this thing is and doing as the timing looked right by what is happening here.
Then during the near end of this story it looked well done when Jason battles this snake and we spot a good shot on the reptile even if the effects were cheesy looking.
Bottom line is that there's many goood Canadian flicks but this wasn't one of them. It was pointless with a weak and confusing plot. I enjoyed Fruet's other horror flick Funeral Home but making creature feature's like this one he doesn't cut it right.

The acting is quite dated but the performers still do their job nonetheless in which Peter Fonda (Dr. Tom Brasilian) pulled off his stuff with his bubbly and outgoing attitude. He was very energetic by what he did here as well as having the right looks and appeal for his role. Showed alot of great charisma.
(Jason Kincaid) stole the show within whatever he did here showing off an emotionless attitude as well as having a great disturbed seriousness to his speaking. Plus h does well acting intense or freaking out whenever he needed to behave that way. Looked perfect for the part too.
(Suzanne Cavadon) was very sharp in her role and knew on how to act tense or getting to the point with stuff. She really drew into her role big time and had alot of hype into her performance. Studied her part quite well.
(Warren Crowley) had the right appeal to play a criminal of some sort and had the right looks to this too. Showed off alot of spunk and enthusiasm into everything that he did here as well as acting somewhat witty whenever he needed to behave this way.

A woman is bare breasted while taking a shower.

A persons arms puffs up and bleeds.
Persons face swells up and looks bloody .
Bloodied looking bodies are revealed.

Eric Robertson composed the music for this but it wasn't anything too spectacular but there's alot of high intense screeching sounds when this serpeant attacks and so fourth as well as some suspenseful classical music. Some of the music I must say sounds different than your average horror film so I will cut him some credit for that. I remember watching the educational sci fi TV series Read All About It in which he did some music for certain episodes for that in which I liked alot better.