Spirit Camp (2010)

Executive Produced, Edited, Cinematography, Written & Directed by: Kerry Beyer


Roxy Vandiver .... Nikki
Julin .... Rachel
Megan Moser ....
Amy Morris .... Lindsay
John Paul Burkhart .... Brent
Katy Rowe .... Amber
Brandon Smith .... Sheriff Todd
George Brock .... Teddy
John Lansch .... Jake

Release Dates: Texas Frightmare Filmfest: May 1, 2010; Dances With Films: June 5, 2010

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A group of murders have taken place at a cheerleader camp forcing the place to be shut down for two years and once it reopens a juvenile delinquent goth girl Nikki (Roxy Vandiver) is forced to attend after being released from jail as a part of her rehabilitation.
Life doesn't seem good for her since she clashes with the popular girls there lead by Rachel (Julin) as well as the head stuck up cheerleader camp counsellor Lindsay (Amy Morris) who has a good eye on her for breaking any rules.
What these girls weren't aware of before going to the camp was that the killer was never caught and many locals arounfd the area warns them all that they will never survive.
This killer seems to do away with these cheerleaders one by one mainly using an axe as a weapon.
Nikki and the other survivors become allies in order to try and survive the night that this killer wearing a goofy mask is having fun by slaying these campers away as everyone is a suspect and no one is to be trusted.


While hearing about the title and seeing the box cover you kinda wonder if it's one of those typical bad camp movies you see these days that has a weak plot and bad acting which it seems to start out that way with the prologue on two teens making out near a tree which seemed so wooden on how you watch them perform and then the killer does them in raising his axe in the air and explosing a full moon outside which I thought was a nice cool touch to the film.
Then we see a nagging mother taking her daughter and her friends to the cheerleader camp which seemed badly written on how everything was done and odd moments like the mother not paying attention and swerving her car after someone nearly crosses a muddy dirt road in the rain which was supposed to be a jumping moment but wasn't quite there. Yet you are in suspense wondering if this vehicle will crash into a tree or not.
Then there's a moment with a snobby cheerleader walking to the camp ignoring her Mom when she tells her that she loves her which seems disturbing that she is trying to be loving and this bitch doesn't care but yet she becomes the first victim to be killed after the camp reopens since what has happened. However this killing looked fake but yet the killers hands and feet are only revealed which the uniform he's wearing looks like a Michael Myers outfit which seemed quite cool.
Then the fun starts with a fruitcake cheerleader camp counsellor named Lindsay intriducing herself to everyone which was well written in a tongue in cheek type of fashion. It kinda looked like some similar elents that was used in the awful 1987 flick Cheerleader Camp but more entertaining. It was pretty bad but so bad it's good. Then there's the camp owner named Mrs. Haddenfield, which was a perfect last name thinking about the cult classic 1978 flick Halloween in, talking about the rules which at times was hard to be taken seriously by what she tells them. At the same time the moments looked strictly told.
Then there's more good stuff you see in this film like a caretaker named Jake who seems violent with his work in which we need someone like this as a suspect to the slashings but yet we all know it would be too obvious that he'd be the killer.
Some of the mysterious killings seemed quite phony looking in which you see a plump cheerleader calling towards someone behind a cabin area and then she goes behind the cabin and you hear the sick slaying that this killer does which I was thinking to myself "C'mon this needs to be more convincing."
The story picks up in a better fashion as one of the cheerleaders boyfriend sneaks into the girls cabin in which the rules that there were no visitors allowed and he tries to hide from the bitchy Rachel which offers some laughs with the lines that were told in the film.
I also loved the make out scene with the boyfriend and girlfriend making out in a washroom outhouse area which seemed very realistic and the writing used here was more improved compared on to how the story started off. Of course he doesn't have a condomn on him so she asks him to get one from his car and right away you think to yourself that this is a bad idea as he will be the killers next victim to slay. In order to survive a horror film never go outside alone in the dark for anything cause you're almost guaranteed to die.
There's even teenagers smoking dope which we need something like that for a teenage slasher film especially if it's taking place at camp. I got a good laugh by all that was happening there along with Lindsay catching them in the act which leaves a good sinking feeling that they're gonna face some consequences. Yet it's hilarious with what she does afterwards whenever she takes the stuff away from them that they're not allowed to do as the rules that they need to follow. Alot of the story here showed some great timing with the dark comedy. I just laughed my ass off.
Then the fun really gets going with the more people being put away by this killer in which he wears some sort of a funny mask which seemed like a cross between Michael and Jason. Plus there's many characters that seems like possible suspects for the film too making it hard to trust any of the locals around the area which makes the film looks nice and mysterious with the locations on the rest trying to survive the massacre. Plus there's a thunderstorm which causes a power outage at the camp too as this was a great touch to the film.
Bottom line is this film is like a cheesy spoof on something like Friday the 13th mixed with other types of elements too. It's not as bad as it seems in which this seems pretty well done in the beginning of the story and during the end it opens a door for a sequel in which I hope they make one since there were many fun touches throughout this movie.

The acting seemed bad at first but yet alot of these cast members seem to get with it when the story rolled on.
Roxy Vandiver
(Nikki) really brought a great serious tough girl attitude onto the set as a person doing probation work after being in jail in which she really brought alot of great energy and aggressions to her role. She certainly studied her part quite well and never lacked a moment in what she did in the film. She's passable portraying a character actress.
A great panicking reaction with her on a cliff not knowing what to do while she is running away which looked highly energised.
Julin (Rachel) certainly knew on how to portray a typical popular stuck up rich girl in the film plus had the beautiful looks too which was a nice bonus for the type of role that she portrayed. She brought out some descent energy too with everything that she did too.
Amy Morris
(Lindsey) was a bit over the top with her part as the camp counsellor at the cheerleader camp but yet with what she did it was necessary since she was quite a character at the same time. She was a nice part of the story with the comedy-horror elements used in the story and seemed to show good timing with her bitchy and outrageous behavior. There's a moment with her screaming out loud out of surprise which looked comedically performed as that was impressive even if I thought it didn't fit the story. She acts kooky and trying to show some spunk by what's going to happen in which this looked well done when instructions are told at the camp. A good moment scolding others when she enters their cabin after finding a whiskey bottle which seemed well done with her bitchy attitude. Another scene she is snatching a cigarette away from her fellow actress and then getting sharp with her which looked highly energised. There's a great moment with her telling the girls after being caught smoking dope what is going to happen which looked believeably performed as well.
John Paul Burkhart
(Brent) seemed a bit corny with his performance as a gay male camp counsellor but yet seemed to know on how to portray this with the right moves and the gay attitude which makes you wonder if he really is like that. All in all he could be well remembered in this film. He just seemed a bit silly that's all.
Brandon Smith
(Sheriff Todd) was quite goofy as a redneck type of officer in the flick but yet he certainly drew attention onto the screen quite well with what he did in his performance making him a perfect suspect with his aggressions in the flick. He was a nice key member to the story in it for sure even if his role wasn't very big.
John Lansch
(Jake) was uncredited in this film for some silly reason cause he was another good key role to the story as the caretaker at the camp in which he had the right masculine and freaky looks as well as a good quietness to his part in the flick. Oh well he knew his stuff whether he was credited or not.
Although this fellows role was a brief supporting role I had to mention him Phil Leggett (Mitch) really drew attention to the screen as a stocky but good looking guy next door with a terrific outgoing charm along with some good wit to everything that he did. I found him to be the best actor in this film and it could be a stepping stone to bigger roles in other low budget flicks or even bigger one's. Two thumbs up for this guy.

Sarah McCulley does a little flash near a tree exposing her breasts
Sarah Vandiver
takes off her top to change into a new shirt in a cabin fully exposing her breasts. Later on her top is lifted up while being molested by the killer with her breasts briefly exposed.
Katy Rowe
lifts up her shirt with her breasts hanging out in an outhouse.

A person's stomach is torn open
Many bloody axe stabbings
Bloody knife stabbings through the stomach
Violent bloodsheds on people's bodies
A knife is stabbed though a girl's head
A sharp object is stabbed through a girl's eye
Blood is splurting out of a sheriff's mouth
An axe is stabbed in the back a couple times

There's some good creepy tones in this film with screechy metal sounds as well as some scraping noises too. Plus there's some low violin bass type music too for the moments with the killer. There's some metal guitar riffs during the ending credits along with some techno sounds too which seemed necessary for this type of a film but wasn't in my tastes at all.