Star Vehicle (2010)

Co-Produced, Written & Directed by: Ryan Nicholson


Dan Ellis .... Don Cardini
Sindy Faraguna .... Riversa Red
Nick Windebank .... Lodgeboy
Nathan Durec ....
Mike Li .... Frankie
Paige Farbacher .... Jenny "K" Gore
Erindera Farga .... Stenna
Kris Michaleski .... Jordan

Release Date: Gorezone's Weekend of Horrors: October 3, 2010 (UK)

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A temperamental filmmaker Don Cardini (Dan Ellis) seems to be violent with the people that he works with in order to make his films look right which are bad horror films. These people push his buttons big time as well as seeming to be obsessed with the scream queen in his film Riversa Red (Sindy Farguna) in which he worms his way into her good side which is difficult to do.
Don goes even crazier than ever which gets him kicked off the set so he starts to slay the people involved with the film and manipulates a Lodgeboy (Nick Windebank) into filming his own snuff films as well as forcing the cast to kill one another while pointing a gun at them.


When I saw that this was a Plotdigger Film Production I was expecting it to be full of skin and perverted killing yet this was taken in a bit of a different direction than most of their productions.
There's some beginnings with people getting ready to film their locations with one of the filmmakers Don Cardini acting arrogant and demanding which seems to be common with the showbiz industry. I had to tell ya that the locations used in this flick was wonderfully done on the great outdoors almost like a Friday the 13th type of environment.
Suddenly the film is rolling and the people playing actors perform badly which looked intentional like Ryan Nicholson wrote it in making fun of really bad low budget horror film's which really worked along with gory props that were well done too.
We do have some skin in the film but it isn't overly done plus there was no rape scene's either which is a nice change for once.
A good discussion between Don towards Riversa Red in their vehicle together with her getting tired and acting a little sleazy as well as him seeming interested in all of this which looked well done as well as good camera shots on one another too.
In the film there's lots of cheesy slapstick moments like violent producers and directors ehich doesn't look too convincing with all the assault that's happening to them but yet it seemed like some descent timing in a corny comedic fashion. The writing was well done with arrogant filmmakers on a set though.
The killing scene's used in the flick needed improvement big time when Don really goes berserk in which he doesn't look like an insane serial killer in which these moments were supposed to look convincing and it fails.
Yet there's some intense and disturbing moments when Don makes his own snuff film by forcing others to hurt or kill one another as well as making them bury each other alive in which it's in the mind wondering if they will really be forced in order to do a nasty trick since Nicholson was brilliant writing a psychological element here. Then it falls flat afterwards with one of the surviviors finding out what has happened to some of the dead bodies along with a crappy ending too which didn't seem to make sense either.
There are nice shots on Don washing away blood on the front of his vehicle as well as him getting nasty towards Lodgeboy
by offering him to be his camera person in which this looked quite intimidating and intense on all that was shown here.
There's a nice camera shot focusing on Don dragging Stenna into a dirt pit with nice intense screaming of her trying to struggle along with him slamming something down on her head which looked very brutal and intense.
Bottom line is the film didn't carry a heck of a story even if Nicholson tried so hard to make a story out of it as well as borrowing some elements from the odd old school horror ideas. It saves from bombing due to some great scenery and the odd fun moments with the cast acting out a bad horror movie in itself. Otherwise this film was really a waste of time. Sorry I just couldn't get into it.

Most of the acting in this film was quite bad and uninspired but I will dig up on who is worht mentioning.
an Ellis (Don Cardini) had the right looks but was extremely wooden in his performance as an arrogant movie maker in which he tries to have an obnoxious attitude but is really being nothing but loud and saying his lines. A nice cheesy moment with him approaching his fellow actor aggressively with a knife and charging menacingly after him in which this looked at an average pace in which he needed to up it a bit more to make this a convincing horror attack. He really brought out some great manipulative anger towards everyone by forcing them to do deadly deeds while things are being videotaped which almost looked hard to watch by what he was forcing everyone to do. He seems to get into it a bit better when he goes on a killing spree or manipulating others to do his deadly deeds but that's about it. Sorry folks.
Sindy Faraguna
(Riversa Red) portrayed a mediocre scream queen actress on set with her high pitched speaking as well as coming across as somewhat a lustful type. She really brought out alot of intense emotions with her part when she was in danger which seemed quite interesting by acting like she was totally out of her mind and twisted like. Nice intense crying and screaming while she is forced to bury someone alive. A great menacing moment by her with a shovel by whacking somebody across the head which at first it didn't look too brutal but then afterwards she really got into it big time. But yet she was over the top in many moments on her scene's too and needs alot of work within her characteristics.
ick Windebank (Lodgeboy) seemed to come across as a creepy type close to the end of his performance which at times worked and other times seemed a bit too melodramatic. In the beginning he does his part not too badly as a passive type in the film. Does well getting strange towards his fellow actress. He does well by grabbing her and being rough with her. This looked very energetic and a little intense.
Nathan Durec
Luke) came across impressively at first as an arrogant director with his aggressive attitude but there were times he dragged and was a little too over the top. He brought out some descent energy at least.
That's about it folks who stood out in this flick.

A woman is briefly seen naked coming out of the water and sitting on a pier
Another woman is barebreasted while putting suntan lotion on her

There's gory props on a film set like a body cut in half hanging from a tree or a cut body lying on the ground.
A person is bloodily stabbed
A face is bloodily smashed
Dead bodies are bloodied in a bag in a trunk of a van

The music is half good and half bad. There's many low sounding techno type keyboard beats for the suspenseful moments which didn't do anything for me. However there's was some odd piano plunking which sounded neat as well as a groovy type of synthesizer music for when there was a scene with a maniac washing off his vehicle from blood splattered on it which sounded quite old school but in a great fashion. There's perfect 80's sounding keyboard playing with some good synthesizer beats too for the closing credits which is a bonus thanks to Gianni Rossi's work on all of this since she has done the same for Gutterballs.