The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)


Directed by: Johannes Roberts

Written by: Ben Ketai


.... Kinsey
.... Luke
.... Mike
.... Cindy
.... Man in Mask
Emma Bellomy .... Dollface
.... Pin-Up Girl

Release Date: Quick Theatrical: March 9, 2018





A rebellious teenage girl Kinsey (Bailee Madison) is travelling with her family to their relatives trailer park to sort out her issues but the area is dead and abandoned as well as later on they are targeted prey for three masked killers that hunt them down.


Perfect creepy start to the story with the area of the trailer park and a couple being terrorised by the masked killers especially a scene with the husband sleeping and then we see the Dollface character lying next to hims this setting looked darkly lit adding a perfect horror touch to everything.
Impressive start on a family travelling to the mobile home in which there's good moments with the parents dealing with their rebellious daughter Kinsey being bitter on stuff as well as a nice discussion with one of the parents Cindy having an upsetting and emotional discussion with this troubled kid. It looked pretty strong between on what they're talking about.
Then when they arrive the trailer park it looked perfectly done in with no one there as well as misty shots of the place. Plus a good moment when they go into the shop and there's a note telling them what their room is as it gave me a sinking feeling wondering if it was the masked killers that put the message for them there.
Great creepy moment when they are in their mobile and they spot left over chinese food in their fridge as this draws in more of the mysterious situations as well as a good heavy pounding on their door and they spot a mysterious looking girl without her face revealed asking for someone which seemed spooky to watch.
While the story is rolling along there's nice discussions between Kinsey and her brother Luke in which there's an impressive and creepy moment when they explore the inside of a mobile that has a door left open and things are perfectly still which gave me the chills watching wondering if something is about to happen which worked in cleverly.
Then things looked terrific with the tension on what is happening when they inform their parents as to what has happened as these moments looked realistic imagining if you were in this situation as I knew the story was going to be even more exciting with the terror that will happen to all of them.
Terrific moment when both Cindy and Kinsey lock themselves in their mobile and they discover that their cell phones have been smashed as this looked spooky and what's even more spooky is who they realised is residing in the trailer with them which psyched me out watching as well as them trying to get away from this maniac by locking themselves in the bathroom along with perfect struggling moments on the two of them trying to escape by going on the roof and one of them not being able to make it as this looked suspenseful at it's extreme.
Great shocking moment when both Luke and his parent Mike are driving along the trailer park and out of nowhere BAM! Something hits them as this made me jump out of my seat along with a horrible accident that happens as well which caused an injury to one of them making them helpless as this was a perfect psychological moment as well as driving perfect tension to what happens later on.
Terrific psychological moment when Mike has something impaled in him and is hopeless to do anything and we spot the Man in Mask coming into the vehicle with him in which I was thinking to myself OH NO!!! It leaves a creepy impression that this maniac won't do anything good to him at all.
Terrific moment when Kinsey is trying to hide away from the maniac's truck finding her which has a nice jumping moment when she thinks she's alone in there and she isn't at all which was a perfectly clever moment written in the story.
Perfect still moments when Luke is with Kinsey in a mobile talking to her silently and then another great jumping moment happens which is out of the ordinary which packs a giant punch on what this situation is but I won't give it away. It worked in terrifically and a pleaser for anyone who likes to be jumped out of their seat when least expected.
What was really exciting is when Mike is at the swimming pool area and then it lights up with a retro 80's pop hit playing and he tries to be cautious as this looked spooky wondering when one of the killers will creep up on him with all of this unravelling. Plus a terrific vengeful moment on what Mike does to one of them with terrific camera shots on all of this as I was like Oh yeah!!!!
Powerful struggling moments with Mike against the Man in Mask with his axe swinging at him or battling against one another in the swimming pool which kept me watching wondering as to what will happen next.
Perfect moments when Kinsey talks to Officer Brooks on what is happening which gave me a sinking feeling that he will be caught by surprise and become the killers next victim since it always works this way in horror film.
I was impressed when Kinsey seeks revenge against the Dollface killer as well as I kept watching when she is about to remove her mask as I was waiting for this to reveal on what she looks like as well as confronting her as to why she's doing this which stuck out in my mind big time.
More action packed moments when she tries to get away from the truck as well as some explosions happening and she runs away from this vehicle charging at her along with a young mother trying to help her escape in her vehicle while the Man in Mask tries to get her as this made me watch every little detail that was happening here. Almost seemed like a paying tribute to the end of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
The ending of the film almost gives you a feeling that the terrors aren't over yet as it happens where you don't expect it to happen at all.
Bottom line is that this sequel was just as exciting as the original or maybe even better. It's more suspenseful adding more scares and surprises too. It for sure makes things truly psychological with some helpless people that are injured and being pitted against some maniacs making it seem impossible to escape from their evil clutches. Makes out like you're in the story with them while watching this flick. I advise anyone to check it out.

The acting is terrific in which lead actress (Kinsey) really knew her craft by playing a rebellious emotional teenage kid showing a perfect arrogant attitude as she reminds me of people going through stuff as well she does a nice job with her upsetting attitude too. She brought her intensity to the extreme when pitted against the terrors surrounding her. Knew on how to show her scared aggressions as well as reacting to being in pain too or getting vengeful making all of this looking natural.
(Luke) does his job naturally too playing a laid back type of sibling as he tries to be easy going with stuff as well as being mildly bubbly too. Was great freaking out or acting choked up after what he spots and spits out his words acting breathless on a situation which looked incredibly convincing. Does great plunging a knife into someone as well as showing terrific agressions to another onscreen killer which looked dynamic. Reacts well to being in pain as well as doing a good job dodging someone attacking him.
(Mike) does a nice job as an understanding type of family man and shows a nice mature attitude along with having a fair uplifting personality. Also was good by being alert on stuff along with showing a great scared and anxious attitude bringing it to life. Also does well as moaning in pain after what had happened to him as well as reacting scared to what will happen to him in the end. He for sure studied these moments incredibly well.
(Cindy) shows it off well in her supporting role with her stern attitude and her emotional sobbing with a mother and daughter discussion as she made this moment very memorable. Also does a nice job acting a bit nervous when she answers the door the second time to someone's knocking. Also was great freaking out when she is about to be attacked screaming her words out. Plus reacts greatly to her onscreen daughter when she helps her to escape as well as reacting to being slayed which she did this at a perfect intense rage.

Corpses bodies are revealed magled big time
Sharp wooden object is impaled ina guys chest
Man in mask is scarred

Perfect creepy composing all done by Adrian Johnston as he has a great versatile range of music throughout the storyline in which there's echoey piano music which has the chill to things. Plus some creepy violin music for the terrors that strike out. Plus low sounding keyboard music along with other low beats, hissing noises and rusty scratching sounds too. All of this added to make you jump out of your seat when necessary and adding a high level of creepiness in which he helped add great chemistry to things while we all watch the story unravel.

Nice songtack score which features 80's artists in which we briefly hear a pop tune of "Kids of America" by Kim Wilde for the opening credits and then we hear it in the background when the story starts with the killers up to their nasty deeds as this song stuck out really well while watching the movie.
Also a nice ballad "
Total Eclipse of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler during a swimming pool area when the power is turned on and someone is being cautious of the killers coming to get him in which this a happy song which seemed to bring the chills since it works in well that something bad is going to happen to this person.  

Kinsey: Why are you doing this?
Dollface: Why not?