Summer Camp (2016)


Directed by: Alberto Marini 

Written by: Alberto Marini & Danielle Schleif


 .... Will 
Jocelin Donahue... Christy 
Maiara Walsh .... Michelle 
Andrés Velencoso .... Antonio 

Release Dates: Film4 FrightFest: August 30, 2015; Busan Film Festival: October 2, 2015; Sitges Film Festival: October 10, 2015; San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival: November 1, 2015; Fantasy Film Festival: December 5, 2015 (Germany); Gerardmer Film Festival: January 30, 2016; Limited Theatrical: March 18, 2016 (USA); BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: April 3, 2016; Crossing Europe Festival: April 22, 2016 (Austria); Nocturna Film Festival: May 26, 2016Theatrical: June 10, 2016 (Spain) 





Four American camp counsellors going to a European campground that doesn't even look like a camp experience an outbreak of a rage-inducing plague that started with one of the animals there and then spreads to them as on and off they act deadly which was the cause of the contaminated water that was supplied there.


We spot a beginning that grabs your attention with someone blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back running with good close up shots on her running through the wooded area which was supposed to be suspenseful but it tricks you when we spot her friends doing an activity with her as a trust game as this seemed to be well put in to the story. Then later on as she's alone blindfolded we see a mysterious figure with a knife coming towards her which leaves a deadly feeling on this.
Plus we have a moment when the friends are driving their vehicle and are stopped by a strange looking man that uirnates on their vehicle as this draws in a good mysterious feel but later on in the story we're in for a huge disappointment. 
We spot a moment with Will going into a pen where his dog is while warned on what his pet did as he goes in regardless in which this keeps you in suspense while watching this and wondering if this animal will attack him or not while we have good close up shots on the other friends as well as the farm animals watching this and drawing you in more closer and cringing big time but the moments that were supposed to make you jump is an utter disappointment which we kinda figure out on what's going to happen next. 
We spot Will with a bleeding hand slowly creeping up on Antonio making out he's infected and is about to attack him as you watch carefully but the tables turn here which was supposed to surprise you which worked but then when we get into the struggling situations they were completely pointless as well as seeing the others turn and then they try to survive the madness happening.
There are nice dark shots on the battles as the intensity is there however there's not a story much to see here except seeing others turn and attack one another. There was nothing more to discuss with these situations and no new twists at all. Yet there's an interesting scene when Christy turns as Will is carrying her and he throws her in a pool with no water which is a painful feeling but then she springs up and tries to plan her next vicious attack as this looked well shot and choreographed too. 
However we do spot a moment when Will and Christy try to survive the madness in a trailer they spot with the others trying to attack the object which was something new and seemed to work well into the story but nothing to brag about. 
Then we have the next day when Will and Christy goes back to the area where the mandess started and the kids arriving for summer camp with the sprinklers turning on and them jumping around and having fun as this makes you cringe since this is what started the madness with the contamination with them running away as well as good close up shots on the kids drinking it and you get a brief glimpse on one of them spit out black stuff which draws you in. 
Then good shots on the two of them running in the woods with mist flying around and the kids trying to attack them as this looked nicely set out. But this was only the good part of the story worth watching and then it's almost over.
Bottom line is the movie barely carries a plot whatsoever as it was all about the noise and effects as well as this becoming way too much. I couldn't get into it and had a hard time following it since it was just going around in circles. Skip this and watch Cabin Fever or even Friday the 13th instead.

The acting is quite average and uninspired but these cast members did their best to do as good as they can with their roles as (Will) portrayed the hero type of role in which he seemed to come across as someone fairly laid back by what he was doing but definetely changes that mode nicely when he acts freaked out or intense and vicous when he suddenly turns which he brings it all to a powerful rage and acts convincingly powerful. 
Jocelin DonahueChristy) was fairly okay with her timid behavior as well as freaking out with her emotional crying on what was happening just rolling with the punches okay. She also does well when she turns showing nice vicious expressions as well as her movement ready to pounce in which she really worked hard at being this way and does it with great horror style. 
Maiara Walsh (Michelle) shows off a good calm and understanding type of behavior in which she seems strong with being courageous in certain spots and knew on how to act powerfully violent when she changes as well as being fast with stuff. I found that she had the most effective role in the story and comes off well onto the camera by what we see her do here. She was a fairly decent character actress.

Bloody bites 
Bloodsheds here and there 
Sharp wooden object in a forest is impaled through someone else

The music by Arnau Bataller is nothing too great as he has the typical fast paced drumbeats and loud banging sounds like we hear in other types of horror flicks. However there's the odd good low synthesizer and other gloomy type of music as this works in nicely even if the story itself is lame.