The Summer of Massacre (2011)


Make Up Effects & Directed by: Joe Castro

Produced & Written by: Joe Castro & Schroeder


Tim A. Cooley .... Chris
Lisa M. Garcia .... Kimberly Ann Williams
Nick Principe .... Lori Williams
Brinke Stevens .... Mrs. Williams
Rene Pena .... Danny
John Karyus .... Mikey Williams
.... Nicole
Evan Owen .... Jerry
Ted Alderman .... Doctor Harrison
Tchia Casselle .... Melanie
Scott Barrows .... Mr. Boogens
Jerry Angelo .... Jesse
Lauren Boehm .... Lisa
Felipe Winslett .... Vinnie
Chris Staviski .... Bradley
London Hilton .... Conrad
Justin Marchert .... Carmen
Cleve A. Hall .... Father Daniel

Special Appearance:

Kenneth J. Hall .... Man having garage sale

Release Dates: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival; Atlanta Horror Film Festival; Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival; Shockfest Film Festival: 2011







Rampage tells the tale of Chris (Tim A. Cooley) whom runs into a bunch of thugs who slay him and leave him for dead in the hood but awakens and acts demented killing anyone in his path.

Lump is about a bunch of friends lead by Kimberly Ann Williams (Lisa M. Garcia) going on a road trip and she brings her handicapped and deformed hermaphroditic sister Lori (Nick Principe) by shoving her off a cliff.
Lori survives this and ends up killing Kimberly's friends one by one till the two of them are alone together in which a consequence occurs.

Son of the Boogyman is about a deformed man whom is after his son Jesse (Jerry Angelo) after wiping out all of his family members as he is the only survivor from the massacres and will kill anyone in his path to get to him.

Burn is a story about a bunch of bible campers telling a scary story on two gay fire fighters and something went wrong.
When the story is finished, the campers become disturbed when they realize they are all in some way connected to Fire Station 14, but they decide to ignore this and go to bed.
One of the campers Lisa (Lauren Boehm) awakens and realises everyone around her have been killed and burned to death.


The beginning looked terribly trashy revealing a news reporter as well as emergency vehicles in a dead end town of Los Angeles in which we have people hung on hooks being tortured to death as well as a news reporter and others being shot to death as alot of the CGI effects and some of the background moments were made on a cheap computer as all of this looked terribly amaterish. I knew I was in for a plotless bad one.

The first chapter Rampage really annoyed me as it was plotless all the way through but will do my best to review this one but not much is going for this one and the worst one of them all which should've been the last one before shutting it off.
The near beginning revolves around Chris waking up from a sleep in which the setting looked a little gay themed by how it focused on his body dressing up and getting ready to head out for a jog.
Interesting shots when he's out on a jog a few goons surround him as the scene looked dark and decent as well as a not too shabby camera shot looking up on them with blurry effects when they slay him as this looked fairly intense but of course the graphic slaying had terrible effects like mentioned during the beginning of this story and continued for the rest of the way.
Then there's someone spotting Chris looking lifeless as butchered when she calls 911 as well as him getting up and looking creepy which looked mildly impressive but then goes in for the kill along with others while going on his journey as this looked awfully stupid and unexplained. I just couldn't wait for this chapter to end.
Near the end though it's interesting when he seems to get his revenge against some people doing a burglary as it leaves a clue that these were the one's responsible for nearly torturing him to death. Still doesn't explain as to why he went on a killing rampage as this was no doubt the stupidest chapter in the anthology.

Lump was a bit of an improvement but not a heck of alot as there's the moment with a single mother Mrs. Williams and Doctor Harrison discussing her severly handicapped and deformed hermaphroditic sister Lori which looked gross watching this come together as well as corny to watch all of this as none of this looked natural by what was going on but it did look dysfunctional at the same time.
There's a dysfunctional discussion between Mrs. Williams and her daughter Kimberly Anne about the situation with Lori which was nicely written in but how this was all put out looked terribly phony and unconvincing. Things needed to look more intense and fails in order to do so.
There's a moment with Kimberly Anne pushing Lori off a cliff as there's phony looking effects on this person falling off as I kinda chuckled while seeing this happen even if this was supposed to have looked tragic but failed to do so.
Things do look perfectly intense when we see Lori with her lump destroyed on her head which looked unpretty spotting this as well as the others freaking out on what all happened here as well as wondering what to do and Kimberly Anne being manipulative to it all which is a good pointer for a horror flick by trying to cover it all up. Decent aggressions and devastations with each other.
However we spot a lustful scene with Nicole trying to get it on with Jerry in a wooded area as amateurish wasn't the word for this awful scene.
But yet there's a murderous moment in another scene by having a plastic bag over their face as this scene seemed to pay a tribute to Black Christmas.
Interesting moment with Kimberly Anne spotting the wheelchair strolling along with no one in it which made things look mildly creepy as well as Lori confronting her about how nasty she was being treated as this scene was supposed to look strongly done but however it just didn't cut it at all.

Son of the Boogyman saves the film from bombing as it has a decent story to it all in which there's a greatly focused moments between Jesse telling his fiance about his history on whom his father is as things looked good and still for these moments.
There's nice mysterious flashback moments revealing the creep Mr. Boogens as he has a deformed face while he does in his victims in his home or other areas which I had to admit looked creepy with the make up effects as I tip my hat off to the person for showing effort on this.
What drew me in greatly is showing the mother and two little boys going to the home of Mr. Boogens when she tries to make her overcome his fear on going in the house as this left me a chilling feeling that this was a bad idea in which this scene was well paced for a horror tale.
Another intense and disturbing moment is when Mr. Boogens tortures an aggressive woman to death bashing or crushing her head which also looked well done.
More great energetic moments when Mr. Boogens goes around the town and a police officer tries to shoot him but seemed indestructable as well as killing some people from a bar as the moments looked fast paced and entertaining.
There's also a slaughtering at a hospital which of course reveals cheesy computerised bloody effects but at the same time made the moments looked fun in a trashy horror way.

Burn is the best one and like anyone would say that they saved the best for last in which it looked fun watching people at a bible camp singing campfire songs at night as well as telling a scary campfire tale in which all of this looked incredibly effective by what was going on here. Of course there's the moments happening while the tale is told which shows pop up animated cheesiness on people getting burned and so fourth.
Quarter way through the story with the main character Lisa wanders around the camp finding that everyone is dead with fires blaring as all of this was cheesily computerised but looked fun to watch as well as her going into a cave with two mutant beings doing something to her as this for sure looked good and shocking in a psychological type of fashion.

Bottom line is that this movie was a slasher horror anthology which tried hard to make it please the viewers but it was amateurish trash as you could tell they tried to save money by using a computerised background or other types of effects in which was done by a cheap special effects computer. If you thought the effects from Return to Sleepaway Camp was bad just try watching this one. Saved from bombing with the last two chapters. Best to skip this one.

The acting is fairly bad for the most part but there are some exceptions so I will try to dig up some cast members worth mentioning.... Tim A. Cooley (Chris) seemed to do okay portraying someone whom acts out of control after being assaulted half to death in which he springs into action to attack someone in which he really knew on how to go crazy by what he was doing to each person he crosses. Certainly was perfectly demented and menacing.
Lisa M. Garcia (Kimberly Ann Williams) knew her stuff as someone stuck up and having an attitude as she delivered her lines very well. Shows off some nice energy here and there as she just rolls with the punches as well as doing a nice job by acting manipulative. She was a true character actress and probably the best out of the whole cast.
Nick Principe (Lori Williams) somewhat knew the trick to play a crippled and deformed hermaphroditic showing the expressions and his speech which showed off that he was disabled but at times he overly does it especially near the end of his performance showing an emotional and upsetting attitude.
Brinke Stevens (Mrs. Williams) however was very rough in her part of the film especially when she gets argumentive or aggressive as she was supposed to come across as somewhat dysfunctional in a scene by slapping someone but her motives looked totally unconvincing. I never found her to be much of a character actress to begin with.
Rene Pena (Danny) was average in his role as someone whom is arrogant as he tries to get the point across as well as having the right looks and appeal to his role but I've seen better to come across as someone who isn't very likeable. He needed to pick up the pace in certain aspects by what he was doing.
John Karyus (Mikey Williams) adds an okay hype as someone dimwitted in which he brings it on okay aacting freaked out and anxious after someone is supposedly killed but at times gets a little carried away and acts too over the top. Yet seemed to stand out in a decent fashion throughout his performance.
Jerry Angelo (Jesse) seemed to offer a nice calmness and clear voice when he is talking especially at a restaurant plus had the nice guy next door looks to his role which helps his character greatly. Offers nice characteristics and can be one of the best performers in this flick.
Lauren Boehm
(Lisa) had the perfect appeal as a teenager at a bible camp as well as acting cautious or concerned over situations. Sometimes when she reacts to a dead corpse she could've been a little more convincing as she lacked a bit with her reactions but reacts a bit better when she is slayed to death.
Felipe Winslett (Vinnie) seemed to breeze through okay when telling a campfire tale and acting cocky as well as sarcastic which shows off nicely. He was somewhat average when he is in pain after getting slayed but could've picked up the pace a bit better, He wasn't terrible though and better than most of the cast members in this anthology.
Cleve A. Hall (Father Daniel) was sharp in his role and shows off some nice spunk as a preacher in which he made his part convincingly likeable. I was quite impressed to see him perform this role as he shows alot of good energy and enthusiasm into what he did here. Was good with his lines too. Seemed to have studied this role pretty good.

Nude bodies of women are hung on hooks.
A fully naked man is lying on a bed.
Another nude guy is about to being slayed with his butt shown.
Fully naked guy lying on the ground.

We have it all here that you can imagine in a slasher flick but was done cheaply by computerised effects so I will try to sum it all up.
Face is slashed up and jaw torn open
Head is bloodily bashed
Sharp objects are stabbed through heads
Binoculars are stabbed though someone's eyes
Heads are blown
Bodies are cut open
Faces are torn off
Lots off slaughtered corpses are revealed
People are burned to death
Numerous other types of slashings as it's hard to keep up on what was going on

The composing for the chapters by Andy Garfield is half good and half terrible. Many electronic music especially for the first chapter as well as in certain others which really got on my nerves a great deal as I was in agony hearing it which didn't seem appropriate by any means. However in other areas there's nice effective pounding and booming as well as some okay classical scoring which sounded mediocre and less annoying.