Summer's Blood (2009)

Directed by: Lee Demarbre

Written by:
Sean Hogan & Christine Conradt

Story by: Travis Stevens


Ashley Greene .... Summer Matthews
Peter Mooney .... Tom Hoxey
Barbara Niven .... Gaia Hoxey
Stephen McHattie .... Gant Hoxey
Peter Michael Dillon .... Darwin
Cinthia Burke .... Jessie
Paul Whitney .... Sheriff

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: November 10, 2009

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A rebellious young runaway Summer Matthews (Ashley Greene) leaves her mother's trailer home in order to search for her estranged father that she never met in which she carries a gun for protection while hitchhiking as well as trying to shoplift food in order to survive.
She meets up with a clean cut looking guy Tom Hoxey (Peter Mooney) in which he seems to have eyes for her and she agrees to stay at his house while she goes on her search only to find that him and his family are a bunch of serial killers and have been stalking her as they chain her up in a cellar where there were other victims who died there but Tom seems to let her free only if she promises to be his girl and stay in the house in which she is left no choice in order to survive.


At first when I heard of the title I was thinking that this might be a vampire flick taking place in the summer so it interested me into checking this indie flick out but I was watching as it shows this rebellious girl named Summer hitching a ride and the driver was trying to come on strong with her and she gets tough with a gun which seemed to be impressive for a start of a horror movie and then she shoplifts and almost gets caught by the local sheriff but a good looking guy next door type named Tom helps her out by getting away and I thought with them trying to get to know one another was a total drag as none of it looked convincing at all to me that they were striking a friendship.
There's good shots on Summer in a corner store and shoplifting as well as a sheriff approaching her and then she tries to make a run for it which seemed cheesy but in a decent energetic fashion.
There's cheesy discussions between Summer and Tom Hoxey at a bar which didn't seem natural and too planned out.
There's also takes on a lustful scene between the two of them which didn't seem to look impressive either and you could tell the two of them weren't into it either.
Yet there's a good moment with her discovering something twisted and then getting energetic by pointing a gun towards Tom and then a good approach by Gaia Hoxey knocking her out. Then a good energetic argumentive discussion between her and Tom about the situation of what she did.
However, with her discovering something wrong at his house was spooky and him handcuffing her to a basement was quite impressive on what can happen if you hitch a ride or go home with a stranger showing that something like this could happen which shows some cheesy psychological horror elements in the stroy as well as the surroundings with skeleton heads and another girl slowly dying in this cellar which will make any viewer cringe. What's crazier is he has a mother who supports this as well as a sleazy father who is hardly ever home and picking up hookers. I was thinking to myself that all of this was twisted and insane which is not necessarily a bad thing for a horror film at all.
A good shot on Summer trying to talk to supporting character Amber with a nice shot on her screaming and crying as well as good struggling moments on her trying to reach for a tool and then collapsing with good graphic shots on this.
There's some creepy moments with Summer being unchained only to be Tom's love for life and staying in the house in which there's many moments thinking that she's given in and brainwashed to be with him forever and being one of the demented members but you see moments on her trying to escape but just when you think she managed to get away her plan backfires which is definetely guaranteed to keep your eyes peeled to the set.
Good shots on Tom having a dysfunctional moment with Gaia and getting physical towards her by twisting her arm and then the two of them nearly seducing one another in which this looked very twisted.
There's good shots on Summer and Tom at a table eating with Gaia trying to act peaceful telling Summer about her living with them which looked too peaceful that it's horror like on how she tries to act pleasant but there's something wrong with the picture. There's a good moment on a flashback sequence with Summer having an attitude towards her mother acting drunk and obnoxious in which this moment looked very dysfunctional with the two of them together.
There's a calm moment with her talking to Tom telling her she loves him and then it breaks with him acting physical to her and chaining her up which looked pretty intense.
A good moment with Gant Hoxey eyeing Summer chained and acting sleazy like towards her which looked quite powerfully done and shot.
Then alot of intense moment involving the family on pressuring one to dare kill the other which would psych any horror fan out which was well put in and saves the film from being just average.
There's a great moment with him down in the cellar and getting creepy towards Jessie speaking coldly towards her with a knife close to her in which this moment really leaves a chill down your spine as well as good shots on him cutting off the straps of her shirt which looked brutal.
A good moment with Jessie in his vehicle pulling over with Summer sitting next to him and a good shot with his hand on her leg telling her what he plans to do as well as her acting quiet like answering.
Nice effects shot looking up on Summer plunging down with a knife looking vicious which was very impressive.
Bottom line is this film was twisted and in lots of good ways but some of it is a bit trite with some boring moments in which you think to yourself when is the good horror going to start with this film as all this maniac family is ever doing is keeping this young lady in their house and chaining her up when she doesn't obey the rules. Most of the story is that way but there's some good intensity. You think to yourself that there won't be a good ending but you're in for a shocking surprise.

The acting is not too bad in which the lead actress Ashley Greene (Summer Matthews) really knew on how to act like a rebellious type of runaway in the film with her blunt behavior as well as acting tough when she needed to be. She also knew on how to act frightened and confused about things too showing a diversity with what she does in the film too. A great moment with her picking up a kitchen knife towards her onscreen mother as this looked quite intense. A great moment with her running towards her fellow actor and screaming intensely telling him to take her with him which looked intense and full of adrenalline as well as packing a good punch.
Peter Mooney
(Tom Hoxey) seemed like just a line reader at first but he certainly gets into character quite well by being forceful and intimidating with his cold speaking and silent attitude when he speaks that it comes across as someone unpleasant the way he does this. He knew how to act violent and menacing too in certain parts of his character when he needed to. Great intensity with her running in and screaming intensely after spotting something terrifying.
Barbara Niven
(Gaia Hoxey) does well as the disturbed mother in the flick in which she came across nicely as someone who looks deceivingly normal but is really crazy and shows a good basket case type of behavior too. She also does well trying to act normal but almost snapping to show what she's really like if you cross her.
Stephen McHattie
(Gant Hoxey) who played the Dad stole the film with his performance in which he does well by acting evilly sleazy with everything he does towards other women plus really briught out a great coldness to his spekaing along with an outrageous anger when he was about to do a killing or something just as terrible. Good moment taking out a bunch of knives and seeing which one to use which looked insane on how he performed by doing all of this.
Cinthia Burke
(Jessie) was another terrific actress in her supporting role as a toughie tomboy chick in this flick. She was great by acting crude, demanding and forceful with everything that she does and doesn't seem like the type of person that you's want to piss off else you're up the creek with a paddle. A good moment with her getting tough and trying to get away as well as her getting vicious towards her fellow actress and demanding her to get her out of the house which looked highly energised. She does well getting aggressive and tough with someone during an intense moment. A terrific raging moment challenging someone to shoot her in which she shows terrific intense rage pressuring him with all of this. She studied this part inside out as you can tell.
Paul Whitney
(Sheriff) was the only actor I didn't care for but really knew on how to act like a dorky sheriff who's sarcastic and not taking his job seriously at all. I will give him credit for that but he seems a little too comedic for my liking with all that he does in the film.

A head is cracked open with blood flowing hitting a cement ground
There's blood splattered in Summer's face after a guy sitting next to her in a car is shot in the head.
There's some bloody stabbings at the end of the film.

There's lots of dark sounding screeching noises as well as many bumping and thumping sound effects too in the film with low music, wind and hissing sounds playing throughout the story all composed by Steve Gurevitch