Surviving Evil (2009)

Co-Produced, Written & Directed by: Terrence Daw


Billy Zane .... Sebastian Beazley
Christina Cole .... Phoebe Drake
Natalie Jackson Mendoza .... Cecilia 'Chill' Reyes
Joel Torre .... Joey Valencia
Colin Moss .... Dexter 'Dex' Simms
Louise Barnes .... Rachel Rice

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: July 10, 2009 (South Africa); October 2, 2009 (UK)

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A group of TV crew members plan to film a documentary show on a deserted island where natives were killed while one of them was having a baby.
One of the crew members is pregnant which awakens these creatures as they are terrorised by them and find very little ways by protecting themselves with no escape.


There's a beginning of this movie with natives on an island and one of them starts to go into labour with suddenly these creatures attacking in which seemed cheesy but okay for a start of a low budget horror flick.
Then after time passes we have the people researching the island a documentary crew comes along and most of it was dialogues as well as small insects sometimes dropping and them tripping out when this happens or having discussions at the beach about the history of what has happened there.
There's good shots on the people noticing an insect and admiring it after it drops on Phoebe Drake.
A nice peaceful discussion between Dexter 'Dex' Simms and Rachel Rise by an ocean side with good camera shots focusing on each of them when they're talking which looked quite natural.
There's some good blocking moment and close up camera shots with Cecilia 'Chill' Reyes about to do her thing and then a nice shot looking up on something falling below her.
Good shots on Joey Valencia exploring a hut with good gruesome shots on some slaughtered looking people.
There's a good camera shot swinging aside with the people having a bonfire and Rachel singing.
A good firm conversation with Phoebe towards Rachel at a beach suntanning and them discussing about the islands history and what had happened as well as her discussing that she's pregnant and something bad might happen which was very effective.
A nice camera shot behind some vines and looking up with the people walking through the jungle.
There's a good moment with both Joey and Rachel exploring a bloody looking hut and getting scared about it with a good camera shot looking into the area.
There's also a good powerful discussion between Joey explaining to Rachel as to why he's doing his mission which looked good and serious.
A good shot on Phoebe lying in the sand and then showing a branch with blood on it as well as a good shot on her using a stick to poke what's up there along with a nice shocking shot on a bloodied baby corpse falling onto her which is one of the best moments in the film.
There's a terrific shot on Sebastian Beazley climbing a tree to take a picture with a nice quick action on a beast attacking his arm which almost makes you jump and him falling to the ground.
A good camera shot on Rachel kneeling down and sobbing with creatures surrounding her as well as a good shot on Joey climbing up from a hole in the ground and shots on the creatures attacking him.
Great fast paces shots on her running through the jungle.
There's lots of great fast and suspenseful shots on everyone battling these creatures as well them trying to escape through the jungle with great terrifying shots on these creatures growling and leaping out to them.
I mean this was a bore and not a heck of a big plot making you wonder when the excitment is going to happen in this movie like it did in the very beginning but it does get better but not a whole lot.
There's discoveries of dead corpses and a dead baby which offers some neat shocks as well as areas on bloody caves in which leads to the creatures about to attack in which offers the odd close to jumping moment with alot of suspense too in which saves the film from bombing but that's all it was saved from in which the last bit was very adventureous and I was thinking to myself that it was about time the horror came in as I was almost convinced that this wasn't a horror flick.
Bottom line is this film was slow and it stunk. There's better flicks to watch since alot of this mainly focused on people at a deserted jungle of an island with the terror happening a quarter way through. Ho hum!

The acting is not too bad in which lead actor Billy Zane (Sebastian Beazley) seemed to have portrayed a good leader with his aggressive attitude and serious tough guy actions to what he had to do with everything. He was certainly a good character actor.
Christina Cole
(Phoebe Drake) really brought alot of spunk to her part in the film and yet knew on how to act very serious when she needed to. She brought alot of energy into alot of the horror scene's too with her screaming and freaking out.
She shows a good expression on her face noticing something during a certain part of the story.
Joel Torre
(Joey Valencia) had a great strong accent and showed alot of great seriousness to his role as well as being powerful with his actions on what he's doing. He was one of the most remembered characters in the film even if watching this flick it's forgettable.
Colin Moss (Dexter 'Dex' Simms) certainly had a good macho appeal to his looks but yet he seems to portray a nice gentleness to his role with how he assiociated with people and really knowing his craft as the gentle giant of the bunch. I really liked his work in the film.
Louise Barnes
(Rachel Rice) was another one with a good accent and really knew on how to act outgoing and energetic too. She also showed great frightening and crying emotions too when the terror starts to happen in the film. Nice blocking with her walking up near a hut and a skeletal corpse falling near her in which she does well with her intense screaming and running away. She does well with her upsetting emotions in another part of the story.
The acting in this film isn't too well remembered sadly as alot has been happening way too fast to make judgements and complete details but it seemed pretty good.

A creatures bites another person's arm

There's some good jungle beats during the beginning of this film in which was used in some other spots of the film too. Lots of adventureous violin playing as well as low trombome music in which sounded incredibly powerful along with the loud heavy drum beats too. There's some old fashioned horn playing too which seemed to be useful and enjoyable as well.