Tales of Halloween (2015)


Directed by: Dave Parker, Darren Lynn Bousman, Adam Gierasch, Paul Solet, Axelle Carolyn, Lucky McKee, Ryan Schifrin, John Skipp, Andrew Kasch, Mike Mendez & Neil Marshall

Written by: Dave Parker, Clint Sears, Axelle Carolyn, Lucky McKee, John Skipp, Andrew Kasch, Mike Mendez, Ryan Schifrin & Neil Marshall


Daniel DiMaggio .... Mikey
... Lt. Karly Brant Mathis
.... Alex Mathis
.... Marcus Eckert
Marcus Eckert .... Billy
John F. Beach .... James
Tiffany Shepis .... Maria
Casey Elizabeth Ruggieri .... Catlyn
Trent Haaga .... Nelson
Mia Page .... Girl / Witch
Keir Gilchrist .... The Stranger
Grace Phipps .... Alice
Boo Boo Stewart .... Isaac
Noah Segan .... Bart
Jack Dylan Grazer .... Young Stranger
Alex Essoe .... Lynn
Lin Shaye .... Lynn's Mother
Marc Senter .... Jack
Pollyanna McIntosh .... Bobbie
Lilly Von Woodenshoe .... Gretal
Dana Gould .... Boris
James Duval .... Dante
Amanda Moyer .... Dorothy
Jennifer Wenger .... Possessed Dorothy
Nick Principe .... Killer
Ben Woolf .... Rusty Rex
Jose Pablo Cantillo .... Dutch
Sam Witwer .... Hank
John Landis .... Jebediah Rex
Kristina Klebe .... McNally
Pat Healy .... Forensic Bob
Greg McLean .... Ray Bishop
Cerina Vincent .... Ellen Bishop

Special Appearances:

Adrienne Barbeau .... The Radio DJ
Caroline WIlliams .... Mrs. Blake
Robert Russler .... Mr. Ward
Barbara Crampton .... The Witch
Lisa Marie .... The Victorian Widow
Mick Garris .... The Phantom
Stuart Gordon .... Sherlock Holmes
John Savage .... Captain Zimmerman
Felissa Rose .... Parent

Release Dates: Fantasia International Film Festival: July 24, 2015; Berlin Fantasy Filmfest: August 14, 2015; Film4 FrightFest: August 31, 2015 (UK); MOTELx Film Festival: September 9, 2015 (Portugal); Popcorn Frights Film Festival: October 1, 2015; Charlotte Film Festival: October 2, 2015; Mile High Horror Film Festival: October 3, 2015; Toronto After Dark Film Festival: October 15, 2015; Lund International Fantastic Film Festival: October 31, 2015 (Sweden)






It's Halloween in different parts of town and deadly events are happening!!!!

In Sweet Tooth a little boy named Mikey (Daniel DiMaggio) is enjoying his Halloween candy too much and his mind is poisoned by his brother in law Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg) on a boy liking candy too much that he kills other people's insides for more of it. Yet this tale might turn out to be true

Another neck of town The Night Billy Raised Hell is of course a troubled little boy who is manipulated to pulling a prank on a neighbors home known as Marcus Eckert (Barry Bostwick) who happens to be the devil and goes on a rage for stealing candy as well as killing others for it.

Trick is on some weed smoking party goers who has a visit by some deadly trick or treaters that is out for revenge for what happened to one of their friends that a certain guest did to this poor child.

A bunch of streetwise kids on The Weak and the Wicked cause problems for others by beating up on them for trespassing on their turf but has an unexpected visit.

A parent (Lin Shaye) tells a ghost story in Grimm Grinning Ghost as her daughter Lynn (Alex Essoe) has her vehicle broken down and has to walk home but a ghostly figure is following her.

Ding Dong tells the tale of two dysfunctional siblings delivering candy to trick or treaters but one of them has a deadly and demonic secret.

Two neighbors have a dispute in This Means War as one of them is too noisy for their party and the other is complaining so they battle it out destroying each others Halloween props in which a deadly accident ius about to unravel due to this.

A killer (Nick Principe) in Friday the 31st in the deep dark woods kills an innocent woman and is spotted by a little alien trick or treating as this little creature possessed this corpse to seek revenge after this maniac stepped on him.

Two thugs in The Ransom of Rusty Rex kidnap a wealthy man's son in order to get money from him but realise that they kidnapped a not so human thing who is a blood thirsty killer.

A creator carves the perfect pumpkin in Bad Seed but it comes to life and goes on a killing spree by chomping off people's heads in their small town full of trick or treaters.


A perfect beginning with this flick as we have a DJ speaking about the nights on Halloween which pays a tribute to The Fog as wel as animated stuff being revealed introducing the titles of the anthology and so fourth looking like some sort of a bookworld showing areas of a map with thunderstorms and then it shows like a pop up book of a picture like the one's that we read as children showing a scene of a chapter on an anthology as well as showing the titles of them as well as who's directing it which shows true class for an opening on a horror anthology.

In the first one titled Sweet Tooth it offers good timing when there's a TV screen on Night of the Living Dead with zombies eating people and then it shows young Mikey stuffing his face with Halloween candy at the same time as it draws you in.
Cleverly done on his big sisters boyfriend Kyle telling him a creepy story on a boy killing cause he wants too much candy as there's a good moment with two parents eating candy and making out as well as this child slaughtering them which was done in a great gross out horror fashion.
Neat effective moments when we suddenly spot a ghoulish killer actually coming in to kill the boyfriend and his sister which looked perfectly intense and quick as it shows that a tale can really happen which looked cleverly done.

The second chapter The Night Billy Raised Hell things were impressive with a punk towards a little trick or treater Billy on planning to do a prank on a neighbors house in which there's a perfect moment on Billy being taken into the home of this resident whom happens to be Marcusa Eckart as he ties him up as this looked nicely done as well as revealing that he's the devil revealing his horns even if this looked mildly fake but worked into the low budget story regardless.
Perfect moments with Marcusa robbing people stealing their candy and doing other crimes with what looks like Billy in his cstume as this was fast action paced and then it's clever to find out on how we're fooled with the costume here. Quite well done and twisted too.

The third chapter Trick was not too badly done with a group of young adults smoking up and then spotting a trick or treater dressed as a witch and it looked impressive that she doesn't say anything and then the resident wonders why she doesn't and a nice surprising moment with her stabbing him.
Great intense moments with this child witch and her cult of friends going on a killing spree as things don't look pretty by how they kill others which fans of horror violence may enjoy seeing.
Plus a nice creepy moment on them ganging up on the last vicitm as well as showing on what happened to their friend explaning on one of these supposed innocent party goers having a deadly secret. Spotting the flashbacks and spotting the deadly weapons looked like it paid a tribute to the Hostile and Saw flicks.

The fourth chapter The Weak and the Wicked is a good look on a street gang teaming up against a dweeby kid eating Halloween candy which looked cringing to watch. Then we spot a dark figure in an alleyway which looks like a demonic beast and having the shots fool you on ll of this which looked well done.
Also perfect action packed moment on the gang racing their bikes around a stranger to gang up on him and corner him as this looked perfectly well shot with plenty of action used in it as well as good intensity on the gang beating him up. Plus a nice ending revealing a demonic beast as this had nice effects.

The fifth chapter Grimm Grinning Ghost was perfectly set with someone telling a ghostly tale which looked wicked to watch and wondering if this person is cold blooded and to fool you that it was all for fun with the guests around dressed in costumes and enjoying themselves as well as a good setting on a jack o lantern set in the home too.
A great moment with the lead character Lynn driving home and her car breaks down as well as showing her opening the front of the car to see it with good dark shots on this as well as revealing the mist at night as this draws your attention that someone or something will come to get her that it gives to the story that impression.
Perfect misty shots on her running home and a dark figure stalking her as well as good moments on her tripping or trying to get to her keys to let herself in which keeps you in suspense watching and wondering if she will get into her home in time to be safe from the creepy following her.
Also a good surprising moment when she thinks she's safe and is about to watch TV in her living room which was a perfect creepy moment used in the film and catching you by surprise.

The sixth chapter Ding Dong shows a nice focus with a woman Bobbie acting like a basket case and spotting the dysfunctional moments surrounding her as well as her sibling Jack trying to cheer her up and suddenly she attacks him in which this looked truly powerful to watch along with her revealing a demonic force from her as this really makes you watch these moments big time.
Then we have the moments with kids trick or treating and we have the two of them being entertaining as the Witch and Hansel along with them entertaining the kids in a gross out way on her showing the remains of what she ate before giving them candy as this looked sharply done.
Nicely still moment when both of them spot a child without their parent and try to care for the kid in a creepily way which looked strongly done.
There's perfectly creepy dysfunctional discussions between Jack and Bobbie later on in their home as well as exposing a burning oven which makes you wonder if she will use it to bake a kid or someone else by how we spot all of this.
Great special effects with the demonic force happening within her and things get nasty which was a perfect ending to this chapter.

The seventh chapter This Means War is mildly funny but not one of the better tales in this one but it's impressive with two neighbors griping on Halloween night with one of them complaining about the partygoers and destroying each others velueables in which this makes you cringe on the expensive looking Halloween displays as well as them brawling along with a deadly accident occuring which has a good horrifying effects in the end.

The eighth chapter Friday the 31st is the best one in my books in which we have a perfect moment with a deformed looking killer chasing after an innocent victim Dorothy in the wooded area as well as good close up shots on him holding the remains of his last victim and the mist which gives it a good horror impression as well as her trying to struggle from him in a shack as all of this gives it a perfect retro slasher type of feel to it all.
The good shot on a light shining down on the killer with a UFO and then a cute and hilarious moment on a tiny alien saying trick or treat over and over and the killer not understanding and being frusterated in which this changed the horror to a hilarious comedy in which I laughed my ass off.
Then things get rolling more so blending the comedy with the horror after this alien seeks revenge when this killer steps on it by possessing the Dorothy as a nice effects on her floating towards him and attacking him in the shack and a perfect gruseome battling with a chainsaw and other objects on a slaughtering fight as this makes you laugh big time along with good horrific gruseome results too. This really paid a homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Wrong Turn and most of all Evil Dead.

The ninth chapter The Ransom of Rusty Rex is once again not one of the best chapters but it serves the anthology as there's good settings on two criminals Dutch and Hank having a discussion in their car on kidnapping a trick or treater which seems to flow in well on a criminal plan.
Nice setting in a creepy looking warehouse with the two of them having a discussion while tying up little Rusty Rex with good camera shots on this child wearing a mask. Plus some good quick shots on this child quickly attacking them in the warehouse and notcining that he's a demon which looked good too.
More good intensity involving them and trying to find a way to snuff this little devil as well as a good ending on one of them eating a sandwich as well as Rusty showing him in a backseat of the car on what he's eating which looked cringing and shocking too.

The tenth and final chapter Bad Seed is the second best chapter and final one which is a perfect ending to the anthology in which we have a moment with someone showing another his pumpkin carvings and his most unique one in which it looked phony as you could tell it was a fake looking jack o lantenr but yet htings looked good and intense when it comes to life and attacks these two.
Plus there's a ton of hilarious shots on this killer jack o lantern running through the streets and attacking others as I never laughed so hard seeing this happen.
Good strong discussions with the police unit discussing on what to do which offers alot of good action within this which involves their headquarters or one of them cautiously in an area of jack o lanterns and trying to shoot anything that comes and attacks which added some nice suspense to the story.
The ending is hilarious when they thought they killed this maniac jack o lantenr and see a large shot on a bunch of other pumpkins at a pumpkin patch showing a huge breed like you see at the end of a horror film with critters and leaving a door open for a sequel which you have to laugh seeing this offering both comedy and horror mixed into one.

Bottom line is that this tried to borrow heavily from Trick R Treat and would categorised as a rip off but this one is by far alot better and found this to be the best horror anthology ever made. The comedy and horror worked in perfectly together. It's genuinely funny to watch and a total piece of entertainment. Definetely one of the best films taking place on Hallows Eve and a great party flick too. Well done and can please any horror fan who loves a good laugh. It very much pays a tribute to those old school horror flicks that we all loved.

The acting is in great shape as Adrienne Barbeau (The Radio DJ) does her job in the beginning of the story for the opening credits and still has the knack like she did in her role as the same character in The Fog and was a treat to see her do the same here having that perfect sounding voice and getting into it greatly as well as doing this for the end of the story as well. Perfect timing indeed.

In Sweet Tooth Daniel DiMaggio (Mikey) seemed to have the knack for his role as a kid who loves candy and really getting into his stuff while gorging out on his Halloween candy. Also has a good worrysome behavior after a story is told to him. Seemed to study his part in a decent fashion.
Lt. Karly Brant Mathis) was failry sharp in her performance as the older sister and was good and clear in her speaking whenever she said her lines. Plus does well acting somewhat cocky towards her onscreen brother as well as showing reassurance about that story told to him as she was natural while reacting to this.
(Alex Mathis) stood out the most in this chapter as one of those cocky and teasing types plus comes across as a perfect idiot for telling the tale. He really gets into telling the tale with true characteristics. Had alot of great energy into what he did here as one of those morons you don't care for with his manipulative attitudes.

In The Night Billy Raised Hell Marcus Eckert) offered a natural talent as he shows a perfect wicked type of charm as well as speaking truly dark and creepy by what he does here. Was convincing as a devil disguised as a person. Gets into it greatly when robbing others or killing them. SHows perfect adrenaline and energy into all of this.
Marcus Eckert (Billy) does well as an innocent little trick or treater being forced into something in which he does a good job reacting to stuff nervously. Also does a good job acting scared and trying to explain stuff to his onscreen neighbor and showing a good hype with his anxious attitude.

In Trick scream queen Tiffany Shepis (Maria) seemed very slick and regonisable in her part as a partygoer in which she shows off a good cocky type of behavior as well as doing well acting freaked out when the terror strikes her. Had the perfect looks for this role as well. She's a good character actress to everything that I saw her in.
Casey Elizabeth Ruggieri (Catlyn) has an effective supporting role as she shows it off terrifically by being cornoered and showing perfect fearful reactions to being terrorised as well as having great lung power too. She brings all of this to a perfect hype when she is about to be attacked.
Mia Page (Girl / Witch) did a splendid job as a disturbed trick or treater in which she stood out nicely in the beginning of her performance by being silent and expressionless as she gives off a great vibe that she's not someone whom is innocent as well as doing good fast action blocking when stabbing someone or preparing to do other deadly deeds as she shines off greatly as the head of the trick or treaters for killing others.

In The Weak and the Wicked Keir Gilchrist (The Stranger) shows off great enthusiasm into his part by being calm about stuff talking to the onscreen punks and offering great energy into stressing his words. Plus does a great job trying to tun away from them and other suspenseful moments like this as he brings it out greatly.
Grace Phipps (Alice) was perfect as a rough and tough chick revealing a real nastiness as a punk and showing no mercy which looked perfectly done onto the screen. Was great by getting demanding and acting ruthless. Plus does a great job with her blocking when taking a swing at someone and being believeably violent. Yes she was convincingly vicious.

In Grimm Grinning Ghost Alex Essoe (Lynn) really got into her role with her frusterations after her car breaks down or getting nervous on stuff. Plus was great when she gets freaked out by running home and going into a panic craze as this looked very convincing by what we see here.
Lin Shaye (Lynn's Mother) was terrific in her role in the beginning of her performance as she sounded perfectly cold while telling a tale and really focusing on being this way and then changing to act happy and enjoying to tease others with her tale as she comes across as perfectly likeable in her role. She was always a great character actress.

Ding Dong has a couple of great actors getting into their role as Marc Senter (Jack) really came across as someone whom is disturbed and trying to act cute which looks like that he is a bit nuts as this shines off nicely. Also does a good job reacting to being attacked with his screaming. Does a nice job acting stiff and emotionless with his speaking and coming across as perfectly timid. Also does a nice job entertaining the onscreen trick or treaters by being witty being this way. Yes he did it all in a good fashion.
Pollyanna McIntosh
(Bobbie) really brought it out acting like a depressed basket case and just acting perfectly wild within this and her crazed emotional behavior. She showed great raging aggressions with her expressions. Plus was great acting like a witch for the trick or treaters jumping into this wonderfully acting full of life. This offers a perfect versatality as she knew on how to make her characteristics different. Plus was great acting wild near the end of her performance.

Another dynamic performance in This Means War as Dana Gould (Boris) seemed to do a nice job as one of those guy next door type of neighbor in which he does a nice job by showing an aggressive behavior with his complaining to his other onscreen neightbor and showing off some good energy within this.
James Duval
(Dante) was great at playing the opposite as a wild dope headed party animal as he was convincing as a typical goofball as well as really going wild with the battling and other stuff like that. He was a good choice especially for his looks too.

In Friday the 31st there's a great energetic performance by Amanda Moyer (Dorothy) in which she does well running away and screaming as well as acting perfectly terrorised. Would portray a perfect scream queen in a slasher flick for this type of role as she brings it on greatly as well as having the attractive looks too.
Nick Principe (Killer) does his job as a maniac in which he was perfect with his menacing moments and attacks. Also was hilarious acting stupid when an alien asks for treats and he gets frusterated as he really gets into this. Plus was dynamic using his weapons for a slaughtering moment.

In The Ransom of Rusty Rex Sam Witwer (Hank) seemed to have a solid performance as a mafia type of person offering a good serious and meaning business type of attitude. Does well getting obnoxious towards a trick or treater and comes across well with his intimidations. Also does a great job freaking out or getting frusterated when the terrors hgappen. He rolled within the punches nicely.
John Landis (Jebediah Rex) totally stood out in the picture even if it was just a supporting role but he does well by acting vengeful and nasty while talking to someone on the phone just getting into his characteristics big time. He is only noted as a director but he proved that he could act quite well as he had the most effective performance in this chapter.

Only one cast member in Bad Seed which happens to be Kristina Klebe (McNally) as a tough as nails police officer. In fact I thought she was the best out of the whole cast in this entitre film as she had the perfect looks for this role and really knew on how to have a no nonsense attitude and getting into her duty a great deal offering perfect energy into the action sequences. Offers a great seriousness as well as really doing well by being cautious around some pumpkins with her gun. She was marvellous throughout everything that she did here.

People's insides are torn out.
Bloody gunshots and stabbings.
Eyes are torn out as well as other body parts.
Neigbor is bloodily impaled on a fence post.
Bodies are bering sliced and diced suring a war with one another.
Decapitations are revealed.
A killer pumpkin is eating people and biting their heads off.
Tons of blood as usual in a bloody horror film.

The music sounded incredibly effective in which we hear alot of screeching sounds and low noises as well as good synthesizer music with some twinklings. Plus alot of great low music working in the story going with all that we hear.Plus there's some nice suspenseful classical composing in other parts of the story too. Many different styles put in at different times in which all of this had a good feel to everything. Marvellous echoey corchestral music especially for the opening credits along with hear some high pitched singing in it too.