The Terror of Hallows Eve (2017)


Produced & Directed by: Todd Tucker

Written by: Zack Ward

Story by: Ronald L. Halvas & Todd Tucker


Caleb Thomas .... Tim
Sarah Lancaster .... Linda
Annie Read .... April
JT Neal .... Brian
McAbe Gregg .... Spaz
Niko Papastefanou .... Chuck
Doug Jones .... Scarecrow / Trickster

Special Appearances:

Christian Kane .... Bobby
Eric Roberts .... Ed

Release Dates: Horror Channel Frightfest: August 28, 2017 (UK); Sitges Film Festival: October 14, 2017; Monsterpalooza: April 13, 2018





A teenage outcast Tim (Caleb Thomas) is beaten up by a bunch of older teenagers lead by Brian (JT Neal) and awakens a demonic jester of some sort named Trickster (Doug Jones) who agrees to get even with those kids on Halloween night but what Tim doesn't know is that his vengeful plans turn out to be deadly.


In the story a nice moment with someone spotting a gruesome corpse which was impressive on a start of a horror film but yet it was a prank caused by our main character Tim as it was a bit of a disappointment hoping that something terrifying will happen later on.
When I was watching a scene with Tim cautiously going near the hallway of his home looking at a doorway to the attic this was supposed to have kept everyone watching in suspense but fails in order to do so. Also when he enters something jumps up which was supposed to have been a jumping moment but this also fails in order to do so.
A well drawn in situation when Tim goes to the store with his mother Linda and he has a fantasy that the cashier April speaks to him lustfully as I found this situation to be well focused.
Then when Tim goes out to his car he opens his door accidentally scratching a bullies car which is Brian with his gang of friends as this brought some nice tension on these jerks ready to beat him up by what they were saying to him. What looked good was when Tim's Mom catching them in the act by telling these idiots off which was nicely done.
Nicely heated discussion between the two of them when she tells him she's going to call the school about the bullies and he tries to prevent her to do that as this looked like a natural moment on what could happen causing these kids to hurt him greatly for doing this.
A good flashback moment with Tim as a child after trick or treating and a perfectly intense dysfunctional and abusive moment with their parents quarreling and Tim himself sobbing over this as this leaves a nice mysterious moment wondering what will happen later on in the story.
When I kept watching I really spotted a more effective moment with Tim being pitted against the bullies again and his Mom wasn't there as well as a good cruel moment with Brian dumping milk on his head. During this moment there's a teasing situation when he beats the crap out of this bigger dude butt yet it left me a feeling that he was thinking this and not doing it.
Things looked powerful when this gang of kids start pounding on him and he is helpless with greatly focused camera shots on all of this.
Another well focused moment when Tim frusteratingly carves a jack o lantern as well as him sobbing with a good shot on a tear falling into this object which drew me in having a feeling that something will happen here.
While I was watching I saw some neat effects with the Trickster appearing and talking to Tim about getting even with the bullies as this was wonderfully set out and what these two plan on doing.
Then things really got rolling greatly as my favourite scene was about to come when he gets vengeful going back to the area where these kids were and what he does to Brian's car and then runs away as this looked like action packed and energised.
Then more fun when they run into his home with good shots on jack o lanterns are displayed as well as red writings on the wall making alot of these moments drawing me in and making things look really spooky and mysterious as to the outcome on all of this.
Things looked greatly twissted when one of them known as Chuck enters a room and is in a creepy wooded area which boggled me but this was greatly done with him wandering around. Also later on we see a childs head turned and sobbing when he slowly approaches this emotional child as this made me watch carefully having a deep dark feeling that something terrifying is going to happen here.
Plus he gets tied up by vines of a tree as well as a creepy figure approaching him and about to do some torture which showed nice effects for an indie flick and extremely effective for a horror story.
More deadly vengeful moments with the Trickster doing the others in which I was cheering on while watching all off this unravel and a pleaser to anyone whom was picked on in school.
Then more suspense and terror carriers on when Tim tries to save April from the clutches of this evil one in which we see the Trickster changing his appearance looking more deadly which kinda reminds me of other horror villains such as Freddy Krueger. Then changes into a beast as the effects looked nicely done and the terrors looked greatly entertaining as wel as them trying to get away but are trapped in the home which I got a kick out of watching since these situations often happen in a horror flick.
A nicely new twist later on which I won't give out as it made me wonder if he was imagining the Trickster plus great focused shots on some dead bodies in his living room which is a great touch for a slasher flick.
Then he's sent into a ward as one of the nurses discuss their patient and not to calll him by a certain name which made me wonder if this person is really disturbed along with the other going ons that are happening.
A good ending when one of them gets a call from someone discussing that they need help as they describe on what is happening which was similar to Tim's situation which was a classic.
Bottom line is that this slasher flick had a simple plot and paid tributes to the retro horror such as Leprechaun, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Pumpkinhead and even Puppetmaster. It was fun to watch but some of it was a bit slow. It's passable and a nicely done vengeful slasher flick.

The acting is in fair in which lead actor Caleb Thomas (Tim) carried his weight a great deal as a dimwitted outsider in which he seemed to do well acting down about stuff as well as showing some nice angered reactions. Does well with his sobbing and acting frusterated on a situation which seemed realistic. Brings up the energy to the extreme when he gets vengeful which was his best moment while watching him perform.
Sarah Lancaster (Linda) struts herself well as a protective mother in which she shows a good stern type of behavior as well as speaking her mind well. Shows off a believable caring type of behavior for what she had to do. Also in the end of her role shows off a nice frightened behavior on what she saw. She did a convincing job with her characteristics.
Annie Read (April) showed a perfect sympathetic and caring behavior in which she knew on how to be a good girl. Does well acting lustful during a hallucination sequence and offers a great vesatality later on acting calm and mellow. Also does well by acting frightened when the terrors start to strike her too.
JT Neal (Brian) was great playing the head bully as he does well by getting into someone's face as well as acting vicious towards his prey. Was powerful with his violent attitude and packs a punch a great deal by what he does here. Reacts well to the intensity that's surrounding him as well. Studied his role terrifically.
McAbe Gregg (Spaz) was a total ball of energy playing another bad ass in the flick as he brings his obnoxious behavior to the extreme and knowing on how to make someone else in danger by how he speaks to them. Has a good hard drive into every negative mode throughout his whole performance.
Doug Jones (Trickster / Scarecrow) delivers the charm with his speaking as a jester sort and has a unique speaking in his voice too. He for sure made his performance memorable into everything that he did here. Also offers a nice viciousness later on by going into a rage.

Stomach is sliced
Stoner is brutally stabbed
Throat is widely slit open
Window glass is stabbed in someone's back

The composing done by Jeffrey Alan Jones and Chris Walden sounded great and strong for each scene along with nice hissing and booming types which stands out well along with rusty sounds and scrapings too. There's fine classical music which always works in greatly as well as some nice adventureous music too for a chasing scene having a somewhat retro vibe to it all. Everything was greatly blended together.