Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)


Directed by: David Blue Garcia

Written by:
Chris Thomas Devlin

Produced & Story by: Fede Alvarez & Rodo Sayagues


Sarah Yarkin .... Melody
Elsie Fisher .... Lila
Mark Burnham .... Leatherface
Jacob Latimore .... Dante
Moe Dunford .... Richter
Olwen Fouéré .... Sally Hardesty

Release Date: Netflix: February 18, 2022



A group of teens party out at a ghost town inherited by one of their family members but are encountered by the demented Leatherface (Mark Burnham) in which he slices and dices them one by one.


We have some teenager travelling on their way to a ghost town they inherited but stops by a gas station and goes into the grocery store with a redneck clerk and shows a paper article of Sally Hardesty on surviving the chainsaw massacre which seemed appropriate to have in the story and it made me wonder if this was the gas station from the first flick.
When they arrive the area they go to a home which was once an orphanage which I never clearly understood this at all and it shows some creepy surroundings like what you's spot in the home Leatherface resided with his family which leaves some clues that this isn't the place to wander around.
Then they spot an eccentric old sick woman claiming she owns the place leaving a creepy chill down your spine by how she approaches these kids as well as spotting a creepy figure on the top stairs of this home.
Then things get ugly when this old woman with the creepy figure as mentioned get hauled away in a police vehicle as the horrifying events start to occur which looked perfectly intense. Could this figure possibly be Leatherface?
The story is slow for a little while with the teens preparing the party at the ghost town but later on we have Sally Hardesty being contacted on an incident and we see her gutting a pig which was a strange incident to spot this happening as I thought it was cool to discover as to what she was up to these days.
Suddenly Leatherface is doing his deadly deeds at the orphange home with our main person Melody hiding and hoping he won't discover her as well as some great intensity as to what this canniballistic maniac does to a couple of the teens with one being slaughtered and manages to crawl out of the home walking without revealing his face until he turns around and boy this doesn't look good at all. This moment was well done for fans who enjoy horror violence.
Sally takes her vehicle into a field where the sheriff's vehicle is resided there in which she looks around for some clues and the shooting for this looked great as it was dark and spooky like. My favourite part of the story too.
Meanwhile Melody is getting away under the home with Leatherface sawing down on the floor trying to stab her with his chainsaw as this will keep you in terror wondering as to whether or not she will manage to escape.
Leatherface enters the part goers bus with these teens finding no way on escaping which creates a slaughterfest in which this was well shot but it looks quite pointless to watch all of this come through.
Sally comes to the rescue with the two survivors as she tracks down Leatherface with her shotgun but it seems strange when she enters his room talking coldly towards him as this gives him a chance to escape and that is just what happens here. I was thinking WTF!!!!
But however she manages to shoot him a couple times as this looked fun to watch asince Sally wants to seek revenge against him for killing her brother and her friends back in 1973 as these brief moments really brought it all out. However fans may be disappointed as to what happens later on.
The suspense piles up with the two survivors trying to snuff this maniac out as there's lots of energised action packed moments that occur here but one of them has a shotgun and realises that it's not loaded which is typical in a slasher film showing how stupid people can be.
At the very ending leaves an impression that the nightmare is over but just not quite as this is often the case in a horror flick since things seem to be way too easy for that.
Bottom line is that this film offered alot of horror violence and nice locations but the story is often slow and not much going on for it. Tried hard to be a direct sequel to the original cult classic and it was nice to see the last survivor return in this one which should please the fans even if it's a different actress alltogether since the original one died quite a while ago which was sad. This film had alot of leaky holes in it as well the makers didn't concentrate too well on their homework with the first flick. Better off watching the 2018 of Halloween instead since that was done in better style.

The acting is pretty good in which Sarah Yarkin (Melody) seemed to do well with her frightened emotions as well as really offering some nice energy and enthusiasm into her part. Offers a good innocence to her behavior as she offers decent timing within all of this while watching her performance from beginning to end.
Elsie Fisher (Lila) was well alert within all that she did here as well. Shows great anxious expressions for when the terror around her starts to pile up. She was a force of nature indeed as well as showing great aggressions when trying to survive while being attacked.
Mark Burnham (Leatherface) shows off a great creepy presence to his role and seemed to be necessary for his turn with the chainsaw. Shows a great powerful force when being violent or deadly and springs into action marvellously.
Moe Dunford (Richter) had a nice brawny teenage presence in which he has a good cocky attitude as well as really bringing his strength trying to struggle against the Leatherface character near the end of his role. Had the right looks and appeal to all of this.
Olwen Fouéré (Sally Hardesty) seemed to do quite well in her role with a quiet type of presence to what she does as well as speaking softly. Was terrific while speaking coldly at times or cackling when firing her weapon which she was a bolt of great energy within all of this. Sad that the original actress for this role was long gone.

Officers wrist is snapped in half.
Bloody gunshots.
Face is cut off.
Face is sliced by a meatcleaver.
A few decapitiations.
Bodies sliced in half with insides being dumped out.
Chainsaw cut through people.

Colin Stetson does nicely with his composing as there's lots of metal sounds and screeching making this piece sounds terrifically dark as well as deep sounds with his music. Seemed to study each scene carefully and went with whatever was needed.