Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)


Produced & Directed by: John Luessenhop

Written by: Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan & Kirsten Elms

Story by: Stephen Susco, Adam Marcus & Debra Sullivan


Alexandra Daddario .... Heather Miller
Dan Yeager .... Leatherface
Trey Songz .... Ryan
Tania Raymonde .... Nikki
Shaun Sipos .... Darryl
Keram Malicki-Sánchez .... Kenny
James MacDonald .... Officer Marvin
Thom Barry .... Sheriff Hooper
Paul Rae .... Burt Hartman
Richard Riehle .... Farnsworth
Keram Malicki-Sánchez .... Kenny
Scott Eastwood .... Carl
Ritchie Montgomery .... Ollie

Special Appearances:

Bill Moseley .... Drayton Sawyer
Gunnar Hansen .... Boss Sawyer
Marilyn Burns .... Verna

Release Date: Theatrical: January 4, 2013

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After a survivor that escaped from the canniballistic Sawyer family who butchered and barbequed her friends in the summer of 1974 a mob of officers and redneck hunters go to the Sawyer house to shoot the family dead and burn the home down but a newborn baby girl of that family was given up for an adoption.
Suddenly it's present day and the now full grown teenage girl Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddadrio) get an inheritance from her biological grandmother who passed away to own a mansion that was built over the burned down house in which her and her friends travel to Texas to party and have fun only to realise that one family member from the 1974 incident who happens to be Leatherface (Dan Yeager) hides out in the basement of the home and ends up killing these people one by one while Heather discovers as to why she was adopted and is also pitted against the town mayor Burt Hartman (Paul Rae) and his goons who snuffed the Saywer family and plans to not stop until Leatherface is dead himself.


Ahh yes some cool flashback sequences from the first flick which looked amazing in 3D while watching it on the big screen which can get your adrenaline pumped up and thinking that this one is a total direct sequel to the first one and ignoring anything else that followed it and then right in the end of the original when the character Sally Hardesty being driven away in the back up of a truck and then we go to what is being filmed today taking place right after that which is cool to watch on a police vehicle driving rapidly through the dusty road to go to the house where the terror all started as well as spotting that truck that ran over the hitchhiker as the setting for all of this looked perfect like what you'd spot in the original flick. However, the house looked a little polished up and not as run down. Oh well. It gets even more exciting when the police demand the family to come out and to surrender holding weapons as this was almost in the same orderly as what we've seen in The Devil's Rejects. But yet things look very confusing when we spot new family members in the home with weapons that were never seen or mentioned from the first flick as we think to ourselves is this really a true sequel to the first flick? Well yes and no. Good effects on the family getting shot as well as spotting the house blowing up in flames which is nice to see the law getting vengeful to what these cannibals did to those young people travelling on a summer cruise.
Also while these incidents happen there's a moment with a surviving family member holding a baby with one of the rough necks spotting her pleading as you get a feeling that something negative will happen here and boy does it look powerful when we spot this situation.
Then we spot to present day as there's good close up shots in a meats department in a store with meat getting sliced which gives you a grossed out feeling since there was discussions beforehand about cannibalism. This moment was perfectly set.
Also a nice situation with the lead character Heather Miller whom is mentioned is adopted and we spot some dysfunctional moments with her parents when she realises that she inherits a mansion by her biological grandmother and then the parents discuss to her not to get involved which looked strongly put in knowing on what had happened to those maniacs decades beforehand which leaves a perfect effect to the story when we spot on what goes on here.
We also spto a surprising jumping moment after Heather and her friends are about to leave after getting gas and accidnetally lightly hitting someone with him falling to the ground which gives you that anxious feeling while watching all of this.
Also we spot many different surroundings in the film that was used in the original as well as the sequel which can offer some chuckles which totally pays a tribute to Tobe Hooper's work on these two big time.
A nice situation with an attorney named Farnsworth talking to Heather about the mansion and making an excuse not to go in after she opens the gates as this leaves a perfect spooky impression that he knows on what goes on there even if it's supposedly deserted.
A perfect still and dark situation when one of the character's named Darryl looks around in the basement where we spot a metal door which of course was the door Leatherface hid behind with him trying to open it which gives you the chills and making you think that this isn't a good idea at all. Also there's other areas where he's looking around as to how this was shot makes you feel scared and then BAM! Definetely a perfect jumping moment here.
A perfect situation with someone else named Nikki making out something freaky is going on in a barn to her boyfriend Ryan with what she claims is residing underneath a basket with him about to lift it up which keeps you in terror and suspense as to what could be under there which looked well done too.
Perfect intense moments when Heather tries to struggle away against Leatherface plus many great takes on her running away as well as her trying to hide from him in a graveyard and him looking around as the setting looked perfectly dark here with his chainsaw rumbling away. A cool scene to watch for any horror fan indeed. Also a great shot on him trying to saw open a coffin with her hiding inside of it which makes you watch very clocely wondering if she will survive this or not.
Also we get more packed suspense when everyone tries to get away in their vehicle and Leatherface is chasing after them as of course the vehicle sometimes stalls which is of course a typical moment in a horror flick but it still works making you afraid wondering if they will get away in time. Plus a great shot on the back of the vehicle spotting Leatherface with smoke coming out of his chainsaw charging towards them as this looked perfect.
There's a moment when Heather is running away from Leatherface in a carnival which looked pretty corny by what we spot happening there including a character near a funhouse using a fake chainsaw and then running away when he spots Leatherface. I have to say this situation really didn't fit in too well.
A perfect moment with Sheriff Hooper looking around the mansion trying to be cautious on not being attacked when he tries to hunt for Leatherface and using a cam cell phone while talking to the mayor on what he's spotting which leaves you on the edge of your seat. Everything was well focused and very still which you expect any noise will make you jump and give you the chills too. Plus a hilarious moment when he shows Leatherface's room with lipstick and the sarcastic comment on the mayor as it adds nice flavor to the horror story making you laugh.
A nice shot on Heather in a police station looking at some paper clips of what happened in 1974 and discovering who her biological family is which grabs your attention a great deal here.
Lots of nice suspenseful situations when she tries to struggle away from the mayor Burt Hartman and the people working for him which looked strongly done here.
Plus a great dark shot on Leatherface walking on some railroad tracks heading towards a closed down slaughterhouse as well as a nice confrontation with Heather towards him while she's tied up.
Plus great moments with Burt and his sidekick Ollie chaining Leatherface up and beating the tar out of him as this was exciting to watch all of this as well as a good shot on a grinder running. Plus later on a good moment with Burt being pinned against Leatherface and the ginder as this showed alot of good action and terror too with a shocking result to top it all off.
Nice twisted situations on Heather and her relationship with Leatherface during these scenarios too. Almost making Leatherface a sort of hero in a demented way.
A nice ending to the film with a note from Heather's grandmother and what she has to say about living in the mansion and about Leatherface as well adiing a perfect touch here.
Bottom line is that this was a great film and alot better than the previous TCM mvoes than what we spotted so far. Adding alot of great dark touches with some humor added to it as well. It's a bit confusing still wondering if this was a true sequel to the first one. It ignores part 2 alltogether. Nice to watch these types again too and great to watch in 3d as well. For any fans of this genre I advise you to check it out.

The acting was greatly done as lead actress Alexandra Daddario (Heather Miller) seemed to pull her stuff off nicely as one of those strong minded types showing a good aggressive and tough attitude too. Does well when she acts shocked or freaked out while being terrorised. Shows a good sarcastic behavior while being in the police office about what she inherited. Also shows perfect energy on her blocking when she struggles against someone knowing a thing or two on her kicking and punching. Plus shows a nice wicked speaking on who she is which she brought to life a great deal here. Had the nice looks as well not looking too pretty or too tough.
Dan Yeager (Leatherface) seemed to portray his role as the chainsaw wielder pretty well and stands out very creepy and mysterious like. He does well with his blocking when he throws down a weapon against his victims at mighty force which is a great pointer for him. Also shows alot of energy while running around with his chainsaw as well as showing his silent attitude. Yes he showed alot of solid blocking here and there.
Tanya Reynolds (Nikki) showed a ton of great spunk and enthusiasm in her role and was a true talent by acting someone whom is outgoing and full of life. Does well when trying to fool others with her fearful attitude which shows off pretty convincing. She also does a great job while acting vengeful while shooting a gun and rolling in with the punches big time. Also was terrific in a scene while bouncing out of a refridgerator freaking out in which she brought her intensity to a high pace here.
Shaun Sipos
(Darryl) seemed to know his stuff as a dimwitted teen with a charming personality as well as doing a good job by acting like a red neck. Was convincing with his con like behavior and focusing well on acting like a jack ass too. Plus had the right looks for all of this which works in for his favor too.
James MacDonald
(Officer Marvin) had the perfect supporting role and sharp looks too to portray this part showing a perfect focus with his search on the killer in which he really brought everything to life here while being cautious looking around the mansion and trying not to get distracted. He for sure studied this part incredibly well for the scene's that he had to do. Showed a ton of adrenaline and energy within all of this.
Thom Barry
(Sheriff Hooper) was another nice character actor portraying someone whom is serious and aggressive with a no nonsense type of attitude. He was great at calling out to the killer in the beginning of his performance just really getting into this big time. Also does a nice job getting into what he does in the police headquarters on an unsolved case or getting demanding in other scene's letting it all out. Also was great near the end of his performance by acting strong and powerful with his speaking too. He was one of the best cast members I found.
Paul Rae (Burt Hartman) was really effective as a greedy mayor of the town in which he had the perfect looks for this and was a natural ham with his words and actions and then knew on how to get seriously aggressive and obnoxious as well showing a perfect versatality. Does a perfect job whenever he is temperamental as well as great blocking when he acts violent and vengeful as well. He showed a perfect craft for doing a horror flick such as this one.
Richard Riehle (Farnsworth) shows a perfect seriousness along with acting timid and frightened with what he has to say in the beginning of his appearance as a lawyer in which he really leaves a good impression when appearing in certain scene's of the story. Also had the right burly looks for all of this. Definetely comes off well onto the camera.
Ritchie Montgomery
(Ollie) pulls his weight nicely as the mayor's sidekick acting perfectly unpleasant and very obnoxious and menacing too. He for sure comes across as a believeable wild redneck in the story and was right on with his violent blocking too never letting an ounce of energy down at all. Also had the perfect scruffy and burly looks to his part which he even looked mean giving his role a perfect plus here.
Bill Moseley
(Drayton Sawyer) was only seen on where the story is starting filling in for the late Jim Siedow and can seem to do the trick and almost had the right looks for this too. He definetely did what he could do to portray someone as crazy and is high strung whenever he was speaking which was perfect since this character was like that in the first flick. He always does a great job with a character not letting his performance down at all.

Alexandra Daddario is hung by chains with her shirt unbuttoned and her breasts briefly revealed

Some bloody gunshots
Leatherface bashes someone in the face
Arms and legs are cut off
A body is sliced in half with a chainsaw
Legs are cut off
Finger chopped off
Someone is stabbed by some hooks
Chainsaw stabbings here and there
A person's face is sliced off
A mayor is pushed into a meat grinder
Violent trails and bloodsheds

The music sounded terrific and sometimes had that old fashioned horror type sound to it all. We do hear some piano and orchestral sounds for the deep moments that's used in the flick. Also we hear great violin screeching sounds as well as the odd moaning and groaning types of effects. Plus there's good low keyboard pounding making alot of the scenario's sound gloomy deep and dark too. Tons of other low music is played in the film really working it in all put together by John Frizzell.