The Bride (1985)


Directed by: Franc Roddam 

Written by: Lloyd Fonvielle 


.... Frankenstein 
.... Eva 
Anthony Higgins .... Clerval 
Clancy Brown .... Viktor 
David Rappaport .... Rinaldo 
 .... Mrs. Baumann 
.... Bela 
Timothy Spall .... Paulus 

Special Appearances:

 .... Josef
Guy Rolfe .... Count 
 .... Tavern Keeper 

Release Date: Theatrical: August 16, 1985 

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Frankenstein (Sting) creates the perfect woman of his dreams after years of research named Eva (Jennifer Beals) after his first creation didn't work out well as people considered his first one a monster as he goes out in the woods and befriends with a dwarf named Rinaldo (David Rappaport) who teaches him life but this first creation feels the pain and upsetness of Eva which draws him to Frankenstein's castle as he falls in love with Eva and Frankenstein will stop at nothing to keep her..


An impressive beginning that involved Frankenstein trying to revive his bride in which we spot good camera shots on this corpse wrapped up as well as neat lighting effects on this body trying to bring her to life as this all looked overly entertaining as well as the going ons with his henchman helping and other situations like that.
Plus good moments when his bride is resurrected and him trying to communicate with her as well as his first creation meeting eye to eye with her in which you get the feeling on how she will react to if we saw the original film yet it looked calmly paced by all that happens and nicely dramatic too.
There's carefully focused moments with Frankenstein trying to train his bride Eva on how to remember stuff as well as get her to act human again as this was well done. Plus we spot the odd effective dark moments on her near a morgue and discovering stuff as this looked perfectly dark as well as the discussions that went on between her and Frankenstein
We also have good and effective moments with the Monster discovering his new friend which happens to be a midget named Rinaldo as their discussions seemed to work in well along with Rinaldo himself trying to train the Monster on how to be gentle and not rough as this really brought the scene to life a great deal as well as this Monster getting a name which is Viktor as well as seeing him learn how to talk more since we know this creation being close to dumb and barely speaking any kind of language at all. But when we continue to see their moments together the story starts to get awful trite and bland.
We do spot some witty moments when both Rinaldo and Viktor enter a bar and start drinking as well as the result on Viktor himself getting drunk and passing out but yet this scene seemed to almost try too hard at being funny.
Nice shots on the two of them later on going to a carnival with nice scenery and discussing with Paulus on getting a job there which we do spot effective wicked moments from this employer as well as some nasty plans involving this person and his sidekicks but the story seems to drag while we watch all of this happening. However, there's some effective moments on Viktor being briefly taunted by the people there which looked well done and good camera shots on all of this.
Then we are kept in suspense when we spot something tragic happening to Rinaldo in which we spot something very touching later on between him and Viktor with their discussions together which draws in nicely.
Perfect vengeful action on Viktor being vengeful to the nasty people running the carnival with great stunt work on all of this as well as spotting his powerful force on what he does. 
A real effective situation with Viktor discovering Eva once again and their pleasant conversations as this looked good and natural as well as the things they say bringing everything together.
But then when we watch more of the situations they become a real drag once more and not enough action in them. 
Perfect intense moments between both Frankenstein and Eva with their aggressive moments together as well as when he discusses his secret about her and that he created her which looked good and strong with lots of concentrated moments surrounding all of this. All of the moments we spot here looked good and sharp as well as powerful.
Some interesting shots on Viktor being chained away in a dungeon as the moments looked good and dark as well as spotting the situations on both him and Eva feeling each oithers pain and how each are upset as well as great powerful moment on him breaking free from being chained up. 
A real classic moment with a struggling moment on Viktor against Frankenstein when he uses a torch towards him which has that old fashioned horror tradition which works in well and one of the best scene'sof the film.
Bottom line to this remake of Bride of Frankenstein was that it was well made with nice performances but the story becomes very tiring and it drags as well as the scene's being way too long. The flick was unforgettable which I could see why and this was done before remakes were becoming too overrated like they are today. 

The acting was powerfully done as we spot rocker Sting (Frankenstein) taking on the title character and does it with lots of charisma and lived to play this role with his sharp attitude and energetic personality especially the beginning of his performance with his concentrated attitude as well as having an interesting charm to his role too along with his convincing wise behavior. Also shows off a perfect wicked and sneering attitude too along with his vicious battle near the end of his performance offering a perfect versatality to his role. 
Jennifer Beals
(Eva) was perfect as his bride in which she shows a perfect shocked and zombielike features during the beginning of her performace along with her learning to become human and acting like an animal in which she does this perfectly. Plus she shows some good emotions later on in the story as well as showing a pleasant behavior too when having a discussion. She also does well with her upsetting emotions and aggressions too. All of this was drawn in perfectly. 
Anthony Higgins (Clerval) really knew on how to get into a cocky and wicked mode along with showing perfect aggressions which shines off quite nicely here. Hey was for sure good at having a good arrogant and nearly obnoxious attitude. He comes across very notable in his supporting role. He had the right looks as well. 
Clancy Brown(Viktor) lived to play the creation and certainly studied this role cleverly as he knew all the motives for what he had to do. He definetely showed some good wit as someone learning life as well as slwoly learning how to speak which shines off greatly. Plus does well with his aggressions while being forceful or violent as well as reacting terrifically while being in fear too. 
David Rappaport
 (Rinaldo) was the most effective part in the story in which he offers a perfect charm and appeal to whatever he does offering a perfect wise and outgoing behavior along with showing alot of terrific energy and spunk into whatever he does here. He certainly studied his part well while trying to train the onscreen Monster in which he made his personality very believeable as well as at the end of his performance catching his last breath of words which looked good and dramatic too. Two thumbs up for this guy. 
Geraldine Page
 (Mrs. Baumann) does a nice job in her supporting her as someone whom is cold and prickly in which she was strong in her blocking and motives as well as her nasty speaking. Certainly looked good when she acts a bit abusive and has a ni e strong personality within all of this. 
(Bela) really drew across his role terrifically as a bully creep employee at the carnival and had the perfect looks for this too. Got into his nasty deeds superbly and showed great timing within whatever he portrays here. He was another one of the top effective supporting characters that we see in this flick. 
Timothy Spall (Paulus) brought it all out as a nasty owner at the carnival with his perfect gruff speaking and burly looks and appeal. Definetely had a perfect nastiness as well as a believeable type of negativity to him. Shows perfect angered and evil expressions as well. Brings things to a hype when he acts obnoxious and really studied this role perfectly.

A man at a carnival is impaled by a sharp object through the chest.

The music was strongly composed by Maurice Jarr in which we hear alot of smooth and sharp woodwinds along with powerful string playing too along with great classical music and clear violin music. Plus we hear the odd good dark sounds involving the silent and dark moments in the story which shines off well. Plus we hear the old traditional music from the orgiinal Bride of Frankenstein during a battling moment with Frankenstein and his original creation.

Baron Charles Frankenstein: You must trust me, and you must obey me! 
Eva: I will not obey you! I will not! 
Baron Charles Frankenstein: Don't provoke me, Eva! 
Eva: I will provoke you!

Eva: You taught me out of books, but I have a life of my own. 
Eva: You didn't create me! You didn't create ME! 
Baron Charles Frankenstein: As a matter of fact... I did.

Baron Charles Frankenstein: I created your body, just as I created your mind. And I can uncreate it too.

Rinaldo the Midget: [Seeing Viktor's scars] Oh my... here's a man's been mistreated in his life.