They Came from Within (1975)


Written & Directed by: David Cronenberg


Paul Hampton .... Roger St Luc
Joe Silver .... Rollo Linsky
Lynn Lowry .... Nurse Forsythe
Allan Kolman .... Nicholas Tudor
Susan Petrie .... Janine Tudor
Barbara Steele .... Betts
Ronald Mlodzik .... Merrick
Barry Baldero .... Det. Heller

Release Dates: Theatrical: October 10, 1975 (Canada); July 6, 1976 (USA)





A scientist living in a complex apartment named Emil Hobbes (Fred Doederlein) strangles his patient named Annabelle (Kathy Graham) to death and then uses acid to destroy her internal organs, and then kills himself.
A doctor named Roger DeLuc (Paul Hampton) discovers the murders and does some investigating with his assistant named Rollo Linsky (Joe Silver) and discovers that some of their residents at their apartment has been behaving lustfully strange including one of their people named Nicholas Tudor (Allan Kolman) as he is not communicating with his wife Janine (Susan Petrie) as she is a basket case about his obnoxious behavior.
Both Roger and Rollo discovers that Hobbes was doing experiments on the use of genetically engineered parasites as organ transplants.
Soon Roger's girlfriend Nurse Forsythe (Lynn Lowry) was attacked by a resident trying to rape her and the two of them tries to help out the other surviving residents as they are being infected by these parasites that some through waterpipes, doorslots and the laundryroom in their complex.


The film starts off nicely as it looks very intense spotting some guy being rough with a girl in which this looked totally twisted wondering why this is happening and it for sure makes you cringe watching all of this while other scenario's are happening too.
There's alot of good mysterious moments with a resident at an apartment named Nicholas Tudor acting hlike he's having a seisure and then acting sick along with a moment calling to something in his stomach and spotting a lump which makes this moment look more mysterious than ever like something is growing inside of him. Plus it looks a bit humoress when he spits out something from his balcony and someone is below with an umbrella and later on we spot this squishy looking things slithering on the ground which was impressive to spot here.
Nice camera shots in a laundry room of the building spotting a slimy trail into a dryer which also looked nicely done and then we spot a resident about to open one up which gives you a cringing feeling that something scary is going to happen and yet it does which is a perfect jumping moment too especially when things are silent too.
Of course we spot a moment in a hospital with the main character Roger St Luc working with his employee which is Nurse Forsythe in which she acts flirtatious towards him and tries to get his attention in which this was nicely written in since alot of these moments are used in horror films before the terror starts up.
Also there's a moment with Nicholas acting lifeless and his basket case wife Janine trying to be sympathetic towards him and then he gets blunt with her which truly looks disturbing changing things for her. It definentely gives you a sad feeling on how cruel that he's being towards her.
Also there's a moment with little kids making pranks door to door calling under mail slots which was well put in since we all remember being at that age and doing things that we shouldn't do and then spotting a squishy object in a mail slot and getting scared by it which was well done too.
There's a real creepy moment when Nurse Forsythe spots a resident getting strange and then attacking her which also looked pretty shocking and scary to watch and giving you an imagination on what strangers can do to you.
There's also another creepy moment when one of those objects starts to crawl on an elderly woman which looked suspenseful to watch all of this since we get a better glimpse of what this thing is.
Things looked nice and twisted with the writing here when Nicholas lusts for his wife Janine and getting too forceful which was in a good horror fashion. Plus a nice shot on him expressionless with one of those things crawling out of his mouth.
There's even a moment when people come out of an elevator and one of them wrestles a security guard to the ground and then a little girls spits the object into his mouth in which this was done in slow motion as this was a total classic moment in the film.
Also we spot a crowd of people lusting like maniacs trying to chase after Forsythe and Tudor in the hallways as this looked well shot almost looking like a zombie flick.
Nice stunt shots on a car smashing into Forsythe and Tudor's car which looked incredibly suspenseful and well done in which you wonder if they are okay making these moments look incredibly struggling to watch and seeing what they will do about it once they gain conciousness.
Another good twisted moment is when someone who is bringing a tray with food out to a resident one of them enters him acting lusftul in a good creepy fashion which was also creepy to watch all of this.
Another moment that grabs your attention is when Forsythe speaks softly towards Tudor about a sexual fantasy that she had making out she means no harm which gives you the impression that she might've turned as well which is a perfect teaser here.
Also a good silent moment occurs here when the two of them are walking near a storage room and bang!!!! People smash through and try to grab at them as this was another nice jumping moment that should please fans who like to stay in suspense here. During other moments on them in the hallway we spot two kids crawling on leashes, homosexuality and even parents molesting their kids which looked pretty twisted and nicely put in for shock value here.
There's a nice near ending scene with people in the pool and that the two of them are trapped which is the most remembered scene of them all as well as opening a door for a sequel but sadly never did since Canadian films rarely had horror sequels due to a lack of a following.
Bottom line is that this is a well made and twisted flick as it is very much like those other strange horror flicks like Invasion of the Body Snatcher's. This wasn't at all a T&A flick with the people acting lusty covering for a bad plot as the plot is very strong as it makes people's sex habits very deadly and possessive too.
It was for sure a Canadian flick by David Cronenberg and also titled Shivers as the US title.
However sometimes the story is a little too much and you wonder where it's going. Not for everyone's tastes but remained a cult classic.

The acting is good for it's time. Paul Hampton (Roger St Luc) seemed to pull his weight well as the lead docotr in the film making him a target for the parasite invasion. He shows off a great serious and no nonsense type of personality in his performance in which he nails his role very well by showing this off to the camera. He shows alot of great energy when the suspense piles up here.
Joe Silver
(Rollo Linsky) offers nice wit into his role of the film coming off as someone who is very bubbly within his behavior and acting like a happy go lucky type of guy too. He shows great energy and spunk into what he does here proving himself to be a worthy character actor and really making his role well remembered here.
Cult icon Lynn Lowry (Nurse Forsythe) came across perfectly as a flirtatious one and really knew how to speak softly and act adventurous to the terrors around her. She shows off a great innocence within what she does and studied her role nicely as well as showing terrific intense energy with her screaming and other things too. She reacts well by screaming when she is attacked and nearly raped in her car. There's another moment when she acts soothing and lustful towards her co-star in which you know something bad has happened to her.
Supporting actor Allan Kolman (Nicholas Tudor) was the most intimidating one as the first victim to the parasites and knew how to seem very possessive. He shows a believeable obnoxious type of attitude making all of this look incredibly realistic as well as knowing how to become dysfunctional and disturbed too bringing up the energy at a high pace. Plus looked good acting like he was having a seizure and then later on throwing up as well as wobbling around almost like a zombie really acting intense with all of this. He also acts very intimidating towards his co-star when he forces her to make love to him as it looks like something really has taken over his body. He shows great wide eyed and paranoid expressions too.
Susan Petrie
(Janine Tudor) was fairly okay by acting emotionally scared and disturbed as his wife and not knowing what to do. She seemed to do a fairly good job with her sobbing emotions in which you feel sorry for this poor woman. She studied this part not too badly making you wonder if she really is troubled.
Barbara Steele
(Betts) had the perfect looks for this film and really came across as mysterious in the film once being taken over by a parasite.
She was very slick into what she did in this film and coming across as a nice character actress.
Of course she was an icon for horror films like this one and became a cult legend.

Kathy Graham's top is torn open lying on a table with her breasts revealed.
Lynn Lowry
takes off her top while changing showing her breasts.
Some people are topless in hallways of an apartment

Theres blood smeared on peoples bodies.

The music had many versatile moments in the film as we have some cold and creepy piano playing and other dark sounds too. There's great wavy screechy violin playing for many of the terrifying moments. Also good thump beats for the dark and mysterious moments too. Plus we had some pleasant flute playing too for the peaceful moments in the film.

Laundry Woman: I'm huuungry.... I'm hungry for love... I'm hungry for love!!!!