Son of Darkness: To Die For II (1991)

Directed by: David Price

Written by: Leslie King


Rosalind Allen .... Nina
Steve Bond .... Tom
Scott Jacoby .... Martin
Michael Praed .... Max Schreck / Vlad Tepish
Jay Underwood .... Danny
Amanda Wyss .... Cylia
Remy O'Neill .... Jane

Release Date: WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival: April, 1991



The vampires lead by Tom (Steve Bond) arrive in a new town while Martin (Scott Jacoby) tries to track them down and tries to warn a single mother named Nina (Rosalind Allen) about her doctor named Max Schreck (Michael Praed) whom he convinces her that he is a part of the creatures of the night as she finds this guy crazy.
But then she discovers that her brother Danny (Jay Underwood) has not been himself and is sleeping all day after meeting up with Cylia (Amanda Wyss) plus her adopted baby has been upset in the daytime and hungers for more than just milk.


We spot an interesting beginning with someone bleeding to death in a hospital room as this for sure leaves a clue that this victim was eaten by a vampire for sure. Also a great opening sequence with a camera racing through the deep dark misty woods with the credits appearing which is a great attention grabber for a vampire flick in which this almost looked gothic looking.
We have a good moment with a group of people at a bar and spot a dorky type burly man talking to our memorable character Cylia whom we thought was dead but is very much alive in which we spot her vicious brush off attitude towards him along with a nice pale skin presence by her as she totally shines off as a vampiress. She does well with her temptation towards one of the supporting character's Danny trying to pick him up at the bar as this looked very well done as well as a great shot on the two of them outside near a forest along with her trying to kiss him in which this looked smoothly done and leaving an impression that she's trying to turn him into a vampire. All of this was strongly put in.
There's a good heated moment with another vampire Tom towards Cylia in the woods and going near a home as well as spotting a married couple doing some activities as well as Tom and Cylia creeping up behind them as this couple thinks it's the other one touching them but we have a deep dark feeling that they will do something deadly to both of them and boy is it ever disturbing while we keep watching this. It for sure looked impressively well done here.
We even have a situation with a baby crying and some window shutters flapping which adds a nice feel to the story too and making this look a bit tense as well. Plus we spot the mother Nina coming in to hush her child. Along with a later unexpected visitor from her doctor Max Schreck which adds some mystery as to why he's interested in her baby along with her trying to get help from him as to why her baby is being upset all the time. All of this was nicely written in for sure.
We spot more great night shots in the dark with the two of them riding on a horse through the wooded area trying to escape as this adds a ton of adrenaline and suspense by what is going on here.
There's a nice lustful situation with the two of them and great close up camera shots on both of them getting it on which adds some interesting touches here. Meanwhile a good situation with Cylia making out with Danny as well as a good close up shot on her head down and rising up as we spot some fangs as this looked perfect. This also leaves you an impression that she is going to turn him into a vampire. If you've seen other vampire flicks we all know that this is the case for sure.
Then the scene's after this gets a bit corny and over the top when we spot another reprising character named Martin talking to someone about the vampire's returning and trying to find out where they are so he can hunt them down. This scene was really hard to take seriously even if the writing for it was supposed to be a serious moment here.
Plus we have a moment with Martin trying to warn Nina about Max and how dangerous he is trying to give her a historical book on vampires in which by the sounds of it is cheesy and it just is. However it was fun to watch regardless.
There's a good moment when Martin is at a bar and we have a reprising vampiress Jane talking to him and trying to help him out along with discussing her as being a vampiress herself along with her spotting a good looking guy at a bar and you have a feeling that she will be out for his blood. This scene added a nice style of uplfiting humor here. One of my favourite scene's in the film.
We spot another situation with Nina closing up her job as the setting looked still and BAM we spot Tom catching her by surprise here as this makes you jump a bit. Well done with this piece here. Also things looked clever when she tries to escpae from him and he shows alot of with taunting her and acting sneaky by trying to catch her.
We have a good shot on a full moon as well as Max walking in the woods and then spotting a wolf running and about to attack a female victim as this adds a nice touch to the story but when we spot a close up shot on the wolf biting this woman you could almost tell that it was a mask. Yet this still was enjoyable to spot this.
There's also another moment that catches you by surprise with Jane suddenly approaching Martin when he is outside at night and things are quiet which almost makes you jump here plus we have some powerful moments with Tom getting a hold of her as well as him showing his vicious fangs towards Martin showing a good horror timing here by what we spot. There's a moment when he ties her to a tree and the crack of dawn is breaking and we watch her get tortured to death for a brief moment which looks half cheesy and half disturbing. Yet this looked highly entertaining.
Then there's a situation with Max telling Nina a dark secret on her baby which looked pretty strong to watch as well as spotting battles against him and Tom which was exciting to spot all of this. There's neat moments involving a chainsaw type of battle in one scene here along with dark humoress lines by Tom adding decent timing here. Plus we spot a neat cheesy special effects shot on someone being burned up too which should enterain you horror fans who likes these things in b-films.
Bottom line is that this film has a different type of approach compared to the original but just as good too. It seems a little more serious while watching halfway but it teases you later on with witty moments that we reveal in the story. It was very well done but at times it can seem a little too long. Other than that an entertaining piece for all you who love vampire party flicks.

The acting was great as usual in which lead actress Rosalind Allen (Nina) knew her stuff incredibly well portraying a single mother in which she focused well on how to take care of her baby. Plus she does a great job just being straight forwards with her attitude like getting steamed up towards someone when she doesn't like what he's saying and showing it off perfectly well here. She also knew on how to act romantic and getting into the mode here too. She does well by acting anxious when the terror strikes her and having a great panicking type of behavior and getting adrenalised here.
Steve Bond (Tom) reprises his role in this as he shows off a great macho attitude as usual and showing a perfect coldness to his presence and speaking too. He also knew on how to act very tense with his aggressive speaking and coming acorss as almost intimidating here. He shows off the most in his energy compared to most of the other cast members and really knew on how to portray a vampire like he did in the original here with his vicious expressions along with behaving gruesomely evil along with acting dark and witty too showing perfect timing for this as well. I found him to be one of the best performers here. He was indeed powerful with his blocking which is another perfect plus here.
Scott Jacoby (Martin) seemed a bit over the top in his part as a vampire slayer type of detective especially while talking to someone and being convinced that they are back in which he seemed too hard to be taken seriously especially when he was trying to be like that. However he does well with his anxious type of behavior along with trying to get in your face in which he comes off as convincingly persistent here. He wasn't one of the best actors but not too terrible either.
Michael Praed (Max Schreck / Vlad Tepish) comes across perfectly strong with his seriousness in his role as he was believeably mysterious in his role plus focuses well when he is talking to someone which is another great pointer on his talents here. He also comes across very powerful on stressing a moment as well as knowing on how to holler out loud after he attacks someone and drawing in a perfect excitment here. He also does a nice job with his battling and aggressive moments during a final battle which looked strongly performed here too.
Jay Underwood (Danny) seemed to show off a fun loving type of charming appeal to his role and knew on how to have a bubbly type of behavior too while we continue to watch him perform in a role like this one. He also does a nice job with his nervousness too while getting it on with someone which shows off nicely and knew on how to behave seriously here. Plus shows a good versatality when he acts out of it and behaving a little grumpy. He shows some decent characteristics in his role which shows some good pointers for this fellow.
Amanda Wyss (Cylia) still had the knack to portray this role as she shows a perfect aggression in her first scene by snapping at someone and having a perfect coldness to her speaking. She also does a great job with her evil temptations towards her fellow actor and knew on how to come across as perfectly wicked with her sedative attitude. She also shows great evil expressions throughout her whole performances here. I always enjoyed her acting skills no matter what show she was involved with. A gold star for this actress.
Remy O'Neill (Jane) had a real effective supporting role in which she seems to show some nice spunk and wit into her part as a good vampiress with her flritatious type of personality. She also does well when she eye's someone at a bar and really having a good craving type of behavior too. Plus she does a great job while screaming intensely during the end of her performance but at times she seemed a bit silly by doing this. Still I loved her role in it.

Rosalind Allen exposes her breasts while fornicating in bed.

A body is bloodily sliced and scarred in a hospital room
Many bloody neck bites
A head is slammed against the wall and bloodied
A face is scarred
Head is chopped off by a chainsaw
Wooden stake is stabbed through a person's chest

Mark McKenzie was magnificent with his music in which he has some icy keyboard type sounds along with the low playing too. Plus he shows alot of great low sounding adventureous tormbone and bass violin music especially for the opening credits. Plus there's great high horn playing too here and there. Alot of this sounded smoothly done. Plus we hear good rhythm of the drunbeats which sounds very strong as well. What sounds terrific is some odd chanting sounds especially during the lustful scene's. To add it up we have some mellow clarinet playing too. The ocrhestral compostions was right on track here and this guy deserves a great pat on the back for making everything sound very mainstream.