Tormented (2009)

Directed by: John Wright

Written by: Stephen Prentice


Tuppence Middleton .... Justine
Dmitri Leonidas .... Alexis
Olly Alexander .... Jason
Alex Pettyfer .... Bradley
April Pearson .... Tasha
Mary Nighy .... Helena
Tom Hopper .... Marcus
Calvin Dean .... Darren Mullet
Georgia King .... Sophie
James Floyd .... Nasser
Sophie Wu .... Mei Li
Hugh Mitchell .... Tim
Larissa Wilson .... Khalillah
Ruby Bentall .... Emily

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: May 22, 2009 (Ireland/UK); Lund Fantastisk Film Festival: September 18, 2009

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A chubby kid at school named Darren Mullet (Calvin Dean) was brutally tormented leading to his suicide as a former classmate named Justine (Tuppence Middleton) does a speech on him at his funeral but doesn't recall who he was.
She later on date's the popular boy named Alexis (Dmitri Leonidas)
at a party hosted by the head school bully Bradley (Alex Pettifer) in which these two seemed to be responsible for Darren's suicide as they both have a deep dark secret.
There's another dark secret as Darren had a secret crush on Justine and one by one the people who were mean to him end up being slayed in which Darren is possibly risen from the grave to seek revenge to anyone who had humiliated him.


We spot a situation with one of the main character's named Justine being taken away into a police car and then having the scenario happening beforehand in which this moment was supposed to make you wonder as to why this had happened.
Then later on we spot a funeral service with Justine announcing her memories and then a springing up action on a dweeby kid named Jason freaking out towards her which really gets your attention here as to why he would do this along with some corny moments on him being thrown out of a cathedral.
There's certain situations like having parties in which look totally pointless along with some pranks while a teenage couple try to get it on and someone enters wearing a clown mask and a chainsaw in which this teases you as to why this will be happening but only for some dork to get a scare out of them. Meanwhile we spot a camera shot on an outside home as if a killer is watching them but this looks cheesy more than frightening. Also the first murder takes place while someone is taking a piss and the killing looked a little slapstick while watching this.
Later on in the story looked fairly amusing spotting a head bully Bradley pushing others around including some wild rocker Nassu like which seemed like an odd combination as this dude looked a little tougher looking and Bradley was of course a preppie looking asshole.
Then we have a moment inside a studio with Nassu listening to music and then some way with the mysterious killer torturing his ears with something that was put inside of his headphones which doesn't even make sense at all. The comedy tries to come in when one of the teachers spot him thinking that he is enjoying his music when he is really in torture. Ho hum!
Of course there's a bullying scene when Bradley and his friend Marcus brutally pick on poor Jason by dragging him in a gymnasium and doing all sorts of nasty physical things to him. What really grabs your attention is when the gym teacher catches them and Jason gets in trouble instead since we've had the odd bullying teacher too. Right then while spotting this you want the killer to do this moron in.
There's another great bullying moment on the girls side in which we spot them bullying a female outsider Helena in a girls room and getting totally forceful towards her in which this truly looked good and intense here. These chicks seem to be worst than the two bumbling guys.
In another killing we spot a girl being drowned in a swimming pool with the killer who is ghostly appearing in which he doesn't look overly creepy and you can kinda tell he is dressed to look ghostly and scary. In other words quite cheesy but I've seen worst. This scenario was supposed to seem intense and forceful but it fails big time.

There's a nice make out moment with a couple and in a distance the killer watching them as I will give a nice point for this moment here since it grabs your attention.
More conry moments with Marcus in a change room naked with the killer whacking his butt with a towel and he struggles to try and get out. We spot him running in the halls and outside in his underwear in which this looked incredibly silly. It's nice to see a male point of view instead of the female doing this with the slasher flicks always being the case.
There's evena cat fight with the head bitch Tasha attacking Justine in which she never seems to give up on this fight and getting vicious which makes you want her to be the next victim for the killer.
There's many disturbing moments when some people watch what they filmed on their mobile phone as to how bad they picked on this chubby kid and it leading to his death which certainly looked realistic on how far you can push someone for being a major bully to him.
My favourite moment for a killing is when Justine and Bradley are making out in a car and the killer crashes in the fun by doing a vicious deed towards them with great camera shots and it's late at night too which is a perfect touch here.
There's a real creative killing with two pencils being rammed up someone's nostrils which is a total painful way of dying for sure.
Near the ending certainly looked intense but lacked inspiration when Justine has to survive from the clutches from the killer and it doesn't explain itself later on as to what had happened at the end of this story.
Bottom line is the plot sounds alot better than what the film really is since it tries hard to be funny along with the horror but it's very stale. The story is weakly done and not very scary at all. However there's the odd moments like mentioned on real mean highschool kids making you want them to be put away but that's about it. The film is raw and tried so hard to be in the same slasher vein as others like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Terror Train, Slaughter High and so fourth but doesn;t do the trick of course.

The acting seems to be at an okay pace as Tuppence Middleton (Justine) seemed to pull her stuff not too badly as someone who has a good strong minded and calm behavior. She came across well onto the camera and also knew on how to show good upsetting emotions too when it was necessary. She also had the right looks into her role and shows off alot of good energy too. She does a good job by making a speech in which she does it well and clear. Also shows a great shot of intense raging anger towards someone. A perfect screaming intense moment with her begging for mercy in which this was highly energised and very powerful along with crying as well as losing control as this looked impressive with the madness surrounding her.
Dmitri Leonidas
(Alexis) came across nicely as one of those sympathetic types as well as having a good decent boy next door type of attitude too. He for sure got into his character nicely and came across perfectly onto the screen while performing his role. I found that he was a natural at what he did and can continue with an acting career for sure.
Olly Alexander (Jason) showed a perfect intense hyperactive behavior in which he was a total ball of energy here and totally getting into all of this without acting too over the top. I found that he lived to play a dweeby type of outsider in the film along with having a believeable inscure attitude too. He rolls with the punches here big time and was one of the people who stole the show in his performance here. He does a good job getting emotional and upset along with good emotional frightening reactions on him.
Alex Pettyfer (Bradley) was another great actor in the film coming across perfectly as a typical asshole bully with his arrogance and aggressiveness. He certainly knew on how to behave violently too without it seeming to come across phony. A great intense reaction when he is losing his mind and getting aggressive in which this was drawn in perfectly well. He shows an incredible energetic character with this role as well as having the right looks for this part too. He was a perfect key role to the story by doing all of this. Two thumbs up for him.
April Pearson (Tasha) lived to play a mega bitch in which she was a great female bully and having a good believeable stuck up and obnoxious attitude into her part of the film. She was total dynamite whenever she was violent or getting loud and angry especially with her vicious attitude towards others she also does well with her choked up reactions towards certain cast members when a fight happens exposing a great forceful attitude and powerful energy with her blocking movements. Also she does a perfect job screaming intensely as well as crying out her fearful speaking and showing a great high paced adrenaline with what she does. You couldn't have found someone better to portray this role and was a perfect character actress. In fact I found her to be the best actress in this flick.
Mary Nighy (Helena) showed off her stuff perfect as another teenage outcast showing a nice sensitivity to what she does along with having a good tense seriousness too. She shows some good emotions in her part which is nailed right on as well as showing good energy like the rest of the cast members mentioned here.
Tom Hopper (Marcus) does his job nicely as an airheaded tall bully showing what he does quite well as one of those followers to join in and be nasty as well showing goos intensity. I found that he had the right looks for this role too and knew on how to get physical with his actions making it fairly realistic.
Georgia King (Sophie) showed a nice whiny type of stuck up girl as she pulls this off nicely in her supporting role along with having the almost pretty girl appeal into her role as well as having a nice sarcastic reaction in certains parts of the story here. I found that she really tried her best by coming off this way and she is definetely passable too. She seems fairly witty too into all that she does in this film. She does well screaming and freaking out showing nice energy.
James Floyd (Nasser) however seemed quite wooden in his role as a headbanger in the film but sometimes shows some good energy. In one of the scene's there's a good panicking and painful reaction on him in a studio with great anxious expressions on his face but sometimes he is a little over the top. Yet he didn't do anything for me and seems like one of those actors trying out and needs some lessons. Some people just don't have what it takes. He's not terrible just not that good and a little too cheesy with what he does in it.

Tom Hopper briefly has his butt and crotch exposed in a changing room

Sharp object is stabbed through someone's chest
An eyeball is plucked out

Head is chopped off
Someone is impaled on a sharp fence
A cut throat
Bloody stabbings

There's alot of good toned out synthesizer playing and bonging sounds in which makes the moments seem quite dark and gloomy. Nice low booming and thumping sounds along with some nice hissing too. Plus there's the odd touching piano playing too. We also hear the odd female harmonising which is a perfect plus here which was all put together by Paul Hartnoll.

Bradley: Have you been upsetting my guests?
Jez: No bro, I was joking, ya get me? Wah
[Jez gropes Marcus' fake boobs]
Marcus: Don't play with the things.
Bradley: I ain't your fucking bro.
Jez: Listen you lot need to chill out, it's Darren Mullet's leaving do. The fat twat is dead, you gotta drink to that. Ya get me? Gimme some.
[Jez holds his hands up to slap onto Marcus'. Marcus doesn't move and pulls jez hands down]
Bradley: Why the fuck did you just say that shit to me?
Jez: Bradley, mate it's me.
Bradley: Sort him out
[walks away]
Jez: [Jez calls after him] Mate come on. Bradley, it's me, it's Jeremy.
Marcus: Shhhhhhhhhhh...
[Marcus shouts in the style of Leonidas in 300]
[kicks Jez into the pool]

Marcus: Is it true then? Are you actually kicking in her back door?
Bradley: That's my girlfriend you're talking about you fucking moron.
Marcus: I said not to CALL ME THAT!
[They both laugh]
Marcus: Twat.

Jason: You have no idea what it's like to be bullied do you?
Justine: I'm sure it's awful
Jason: Darren couldn't escape even when he was at home. They sent him texts and e-mails and they set up a website.
Justine: Website?
Jason: Can you believe that? What's he supposed to do, you tell a teacher and they tell the bullies off and that gives them an excuse to come after you. You tell your parents and they just say stand up for yourself. Darren couldn't stand up for himself
Justine: Who bullied him?

Helena: What do you want?
Tasha: I want world peace
[in a fake American accent]
Tasha: , I want Prada shoes and I want you to know why you have been sending us texts, you stupid geeky little bitch.
Helena: What are you talking about?
Khalillah: We're talking about you sending us texts
Helena: Why would I?
Tasha: Because you're a twisted dyke slut, how the hell would I know?
Helena: Why don't you grow up?

Sophie: Hello, hi I can see you. Are you perving on me?
[She walks along the swimming pool edge]
Sophie: I'm flattered that you're stalking me... Mullet. What the fuck?
[she screams then falls into the swimming pool]

Justine: What did that poor boy do to you anyway?
Tasha: You want to know why we picked on him? We were bored, he was a spaz. You do the math.
Justine: I'm so glad I'm not like you
Tasha: Suck my cock you prissy bitch. You look down your nose at everyone, but you spread your legs just like the rest of us.

Bradley: He's dead ok, he's fucking dead. I'm gonna prove it.
Alexis: Oh yeah and how are you gonna do that?
Bradley: I'm gonna dig the fucker up.

Tasha: [Standing in Darren's shallow grave] Look i'm sorry. I'm really sorry. We were just joking around. It was the others who didn't like you not me. I always liked you. Actually I kind of fancied you. I wanted to go out with you. That's the truth ok? I was just too scared to ask. I would have gone out with you... and maybe it's not too late?