Torso (1973)


Directed by: Sergio Martino

Written by:
Sergio Martino & Ernesto Gastaldi


Suzi Kendall .... Jane
Tina Aumont .... Daniela
Luc Merenda .... Roberto
John Richardson .... Franz
Roberto Bisacco .... Stefano Vanzi
Ernesto Colli .... Gianni Tomasso
Angela Covello .... Katia
Carla Brait .... Ursula

Release Dates: Theatrical: January 4, 1973 (Italy); November, 1973 (USA); April, 1975 (Turkey); March 20, 1976 (Japan)

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A bunch of American exchange students are travelling to Perugia for fame and fortune with their nude modelling but a killer wearing mask and a red and black scarf is strangling them as well as slaughtering them one by one and the police can't track this killer down.
The students decides to reside at one of their relatives house while taking a break from their classes to get some peace and to get away from this killer but the killer seems to follow them and are trapped in their house since this killer can show up any time.
All of these clues have something to do with this doll that the killer seems obsessed with which caused a fatal death accident to a child many years beforehand.


This film really packs the mystery and suspense while watching this. We have a good shot on two characters played having a sex scene in a car with a camera panning over them as if they are being watched. There's a good scene with one of them going out of her car and trying to look for her boyfriend by calling him which looked spooky along with a good shot on the killer strangling her next to the front car windshield.
We spot some good shots on partygoers in a room dancing and smoking up along with a supporintg character smoking on a couch and acting cool with two bikers trying to make a move on her and then she gets violent towards them which looked very well done.
Next we spot many good camera takes on her walking in a swampy area as well as her feet walking into the mud and then a good distant shot on the actor playing a masked killer with her screaming as well as him doing her in and throwing her to the ground. This was one of the most effective scene throughout the film.
We spot some good shots on Daniela at a public place showing good shocked looks with a camera panning in on her and the same with Gianni Tomasso with the same moments in which makes you wonder about the murder mysteries when her and the cast as her friends try to find out who killed a couple of their own friends.
We have a good moment with Gianni having a discussion with a prostitute and him smacking her around which looked quite intense.
We spot a shot scene with Roberto in a passenger train and sitting next to Daniela smoking a cigarette and watching her which makes you wonder what will unveil on all this.
There's a good disturbing scene with a car constantly bashing into a person constantly which almost makes it hard to watch if you weren't into these heavy slasher flicks.
We also have another good moment with somebody
peeking through a window and then screaming and running away after spotting the killer. Then there's a good shot on the killers hand holding a blade with this victim cornered looking frightened and then the hand about to slit his throat. A great slasher feel to this one which is what probably inspired the directors from the Friday the 13th flicks to borrow the same direction on their films.
There's a nice shot on Gianni at a doorway falling to the ground with good close up shots on the main characters screaming in terror.
There's great screaming reactions on Jane after finding out her friends have been slaughtered as well as trying to run away and hide while the killer enters the house with her sobbing while watching the killers hands using a saw to cut up the corpses which is another disturbing moment in the story.
We spot a nice camera shot looking up on Jane when she tries to pick a lock and a shot on a key on the other side of the door falling to the ground and the killers hands picking up the key to place it on a newspaper she tried to get to retrieve the key which looked incredibly frightening.
We spot many good shots on Franz and Roberto having a battle with one another running away and catching each other by surprise as well as struggling against one another.
Bottom line is that this is a nicely done Italian slasher flick film as some of you may think that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the very first slasher film but trust me there were others before it and this was one of them. It is very exploited and artsy plus hard to watch in some areas too. A true murder mystery to top it all off that involves a masked killer in which I was convinced this Italian horror flick inspired those other gore flicks like Alice Sweet Alice, Friday the 13th, Pieces, Saw and Hostel. This was the first of it's kind. There were many other slasher films before this one as Psycho I truly found started it all off.
It almost dragged a bit but yet it picked up quickly making it earn it's 3 bats rating and could be qualified as a cult classic. If you love Italian slasher flicks then this one you may want to check out for sure.
It kept me glued to the set watching everything happen and made me wonder who this killer is and what he's gonna do next and shows one of the most painful killings too.

The acting is hard to tell kinda since it's mainly Italian actors with their voices overdubbed by American actors but it looked well done for it's time.
Suzi Kendall
(Jane) really showed alot of good energy in her performance especially when she has to deal with the killer showing good emotional terrifying attitude and great screaming. She does well with her blocking too. I found her a good character actress to be in a slasher film of this type.
Tina Aumont
(Daniela) had the perfect looks and the coll cat attitude to her part showing that she will be tough when she needs to be. She brought alot into her part of the film and drew my attention big time. She acted very outgoing too which looked natural. She does a good job by screaming while being attacked and trying to fight in order to get away.
Luc Merenda
(Roberto) made his part quite interesting and mysterious and is a great drawing card to the plot of the film in which he made sure he played his part the way it was supposed to be played.
John Richardson
(Franz) really knew how to act goofy and playing another mysterious part in the film and showing nice raging aggressions and intense behavior too. There's a great tense moment with him towards the main actress in the house with him losing control when he discussed what has happened in his past life which looked very strongly performed. He was very in your face with his characteristics on his role. One of the best actors in this film.
Ernesto Colli
(Gianni Tomasso) showed nice evil looking expressions to his role as the suspect in the film and knew how to act disturbed with women as he seems to pull off his part well as a creepy type of fellow you don't want to deal with along with him smacking a prostitute which looked intrense on his reactions as well as getting demanding and forceful. He was another one well remembered.

There's tons of nudity such as in the close beginning of the film doing a model shoot lying aound a bedded area
A woman has her blouse open breasts revealed while walking through a swamp
There's a prostitute bare breasted in bed
We have one doing a strip tease taking everything off and then carressing her friend who is also barebreasted
There's women sunbathing fully naked as well as them skinnydipping in a lake
Plenty of other breast shots so watch it for yourself if you're into exploited films.

There's some brutal bloody stabbings and cut open throats
Eyes are prodded in by fingers
A guys face is bashed bloodily by a vehicle
Some bloodied corpses are lying on the floor about to be cut by a saw

Guido and Maurizio De Angeles were both magnificent with their music score for this film having a high pitched flute music for the creepy moments with the killer doing in people as well as some high organ music chilling sounds for some of the silent suspenseful scene's too. Of course we hear the odd piano playing too. I found this to be one of the best composing for an Italian horror flick.

Franz: They were just dolls. Just stupid dolls made out of flesh and blood