Tremors (1990)


Directed & Story by: Ron Underwood

Produced & Written by: S.S. Wilson & Brent Maddock


Kevin Bacon .... Valentine McKee
Fred Ward .... Earl Bassett
Finn Carter .... Rhonda LeBeck
Michael Gross .... Burt Gummer
Reba McEntire .... Heather Gummer
Bobby Jacoby .... Melvin Plug
Charlotte Stewart .... Nancy Sterngood
Tony Genaro .... Miguel
Ariana Richards .... Mindy Sterngood
Richard Marcus .... Nestor
Victor Wong .... Walter Chang

Release Date:
Theatrical: January 19, 1990

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A group of people in a desert of a small town realise that they are experiencing strange earthquakes or what seems to be like that. But then some locals discover that there are slaughtered body parts on the ground or dead locals scared to stand on the ground.
Then they are terrorised by some sort of a giant serpent of some sort that's eating them one by one which can only sense what's around them when they hear any noises or footsteps in which they struggle to find some ways on snuffing this monster out only to discover that there's more than one of them.


The film looks pretty impressive showing a deserted and hot area in California in which we spot two hillbilly's named Valentine and Earl working out in an area with barbwire as there's some good witty dialogue involved as well as them speeding away in their vehicle in which this makes the film look enjoyable to watch like joining in.
Also we spot a situation with them and a women named Rhonda checking the status on earthquakes which is a nice touch to the story since it's a start to something creepy that's lurking underneath the grounds.
We also spot more uplifting moments with them going to a local store there owned by a couple named Burt and Heather as there's nice witty discussions that happen there along with some kid named Melvin trying to pull off pranks and acting like a shit disturber as this grabs your attention while spotting all of this.

There's a nice camera shot suddenly rolling in creeping up on Rhonda while walking up to her vehicle as this doesn't give you a good feeling on what is about to happen but yet keeps you in suspense as if she will make it to her car in time before whatever is lurking in the ground will get to her. This looked well done.
There's even a situation when Valentine and Earl spot someone who has climbed up halfway on a power cable tower which indeed looked pretty dangerous by how we spot this as well as one of them trying to climb up to try and talk to this person with nice camera shots on all of this in which we expect a shocking surprise when we get a closer shot on this local. It indeed leaves a nice horror feel to this as well as what was discussed later on in the story.
Also a nice setting with an older couple camping out and we spot a clear starry night as everything seems silent and still which is a nice pointer that something terrifying will happen and it just does in which we spot the wife in her vehicle while it's getting sucked into the dirt along with good shots on some snake objects lunging out too as this looked good and creepy to watch.
In another situation we have a person minding the farm as there's good close up shots on the sheep getting scared which looked good as well as this person getting scared and trying to dodge away from what is attacking him. Plus nice shots on him getting sucked down to the ground.
There's a totally freaky shot on Valentine and Burt going to the farm to spot the animals slaughtered which perfectly looked gruesome as well as them spotting the man's hat in the dirt as there's a great close up shot on one of them slowly placing their hands on the hat and about to remove it which makes you jump by their freaked out reactions and what we spot here. A perfect pointer here within all of this.
There's some cheesy but well done humor with the two of them freaking out towards some people doing road construction on a psychopath killer on the loose and then later on a good shot on a drill in the road suddenly being pulled away from one of the workers as this looked well done.
There's good struggling moments when we spot Valentine and Earl running away from an object with the ground rising racing towards them as well as good shots on the snake objects trying to grab one of them. There's even great shots on them running away and trying to go over a border adding good suspense here too.
There's a great distant shot on Valentine, Earl and Rhonda jumping from rock to rock with a long stick hitting the ground to avoid the termors from attacking them which looked neatly done and quite amusing too.
A perfect jumping moment in the store when one of the tremors crashes through the store area and grabs one of the people in which this looked very fast paced and suepmseful with the reactions as well as trying to struggle away from this. The effects here looked great to watch.
There's even situations with Burt and Heather trying to survive against a tremor along with nice suspenseful moments on Burt being dragged in along with nice gun shooting. Plus good witty one liners while they battle away with this beast.
Many great suspenseful shots on Valentine standing on a ground with the snake objects snooping around to sense his presence along with him trying to act still and stiff doing all of this keeping you in suspense wondering if he will manage to escape.
Great scenery with a bulldozer and an armored object on the people going in for battle as well as a nice jumping moment when this vehicle crashes into a trap which almost makes you jump while watching this.
The story looks fun to watch when everyone tries to be silent not to attract one of the graboids while using dynamite to snuff it out as there's many great suspenseful effects on explosions as well as other parties trying to attract it to charge towards them. There's many terrific moments with this tremor raising up from the ground and screeching which looked good and monstrous.
Bottom line is that the film had a simple plotline and nothing too complicated which flows in perfectly well and quite creative and mysterious on these things from underneath the ground always making you wonder as to where they came from. Almost looks like something prehistoric. Not overly scary but still exciting and alot of fun to watch on what happens in each scene. Inspired a few sequels and a short-lived TV series.

The acting is superbly done in which lead actor Kevin Bacon (Valentine McKee) stole the film with his performance here grabbing attention big time to what he does having a perfect hillbilly southern accent and springing into life a great deal throughout everything here. He was a total ball of energy and came across wonderfully as the partying type and someone who likes to have a good time. He shows good timing whenever he had to act tense with certain situations along with showing a good angered attitude during certain moments too making this all very believeable here. He was great acting hyperactive too which shows off well. I always enjoyed his work no matter what he did.
Fred Ward (Earl Bassett) came across smoothly as his sidekick having a little more of a serious but outgoing type of behavior. He also does well with his gruff actions along with really rolling in with the punches on what he does here. Plus he does well whenever he freaks out during a terrifying moment bringing that level to a good hype here. He just seemed very strong with whatever he did in his performance here.
Finn Carter (Rhonda LeBeck) had the nice girl looks and presence too. She also does a good job exposing a good friendly and businesslike type of behavior which shines off nicely here. She does a nice job springing to life in a certain scene when she discovers something unusual. She also shows great energy while trying to survive the incidents with the graboids attacking in which she really makes her performance in this situation totally life like. All in all she was a nice character actress.
Michael Gross (Burt Gummer) shows great timing with his comedic lines as someone who is eccentric and geeky like too which shows off clearly well too. I found that he showed alot of great energy into what he did into his role as someone who isn't too serious with what he does and a natural ham while behaving like this. He also shows a great performance when he was using different shotguns shooting at the graboids and really getting into what he does here. Plus was good with his comedic lines by acting outrageous here. He also does well by acting stern and aggressive whenever he needed to do this too. He still has the kack for his performance throughout the years.
Bobby Jacoby (Melvin Plug) attracts attention in his supporting role and probably his most mainstream gig that he's performed in since he's a fringe actor. He shows a great hyperactive behavior into his part of the flick by acting like a convincing shit disturber here. He also does well with his freaked out emotions too which comes off nicely. He just rolls in with the punches here for whatever he had to do and shows off some great spunk here.
Ariana Richards (Mindy Sterngood) shows off a perfect little girl charm into her part as she really comes across nicely as a happy kid on her jumping stick showing off great energy which came across as perfectly cute. She also does well with her brief sobbing and crying as well as acting believeable when she is running and falling down showing good adrenaline when she tries to survive the incidents on the graboid attacks. I could see her getting other work.
Victor Wong (Walter Chang) seemed to leave a nice effect into his role as someone who works at the store in which he shows off a good accent as well as coming across as perfectly witty and springing into action in which he shows off a nice charm into whatever he did here. He also shows a great anxious attitude when he's attacked by a graboid with great wide eyed expressions too. All in all he made his supporting role pretty memorable.

Body parts on sheep are revealed
A decapitated head is revealed in the ground
Graboids are slaughtered

The music was superbly done here in which we have some old accoustic guitar twanging and harmonica playing which sounds very southern like for the scene's here in which of course takes place in the desert. It had a great feel to all of this. Also there's good adventureous classical violin music too as this sounds very clear and mainstream too for the moments with the tremors about to attack. There's also perfect trumpet and trombone playing too for the heroic type sounds which sounds marvellous and have heard them in other shows too but it still works in well here. All of this was nicely done by Ernest Troost.

There's a songtrack with different country artists but the one that really stands out is the one playing in the closing credits with the artist Reba McEntire and the song "Why Not Tonight" as she does well getting to the beat with her strong singing and good fast paced country rock guitar playing adding a great touch for the end of this flick.

Valentine McKee: I can't believe we said no to free beer!

Valentine McKee: Hey - check this out! I found the ass end!

[Ground Starts to bulge]
Earl Bassett: Must be a million of them!
[Grabiod breaks through the surface of the ground]
Valentine McKee: Nope, just one!

Earl Bassett: So we're stuck here. That pisses me off.

[Burt Gummer, with his wife Heather at his side, berates the dead monster fought off with their "family arsinal"]
Burt Gummer: Broke into the wrong God damn rec room, didn't ya you bastard!

Valentine McKee: We can't hold still long! These things are damn smart! They're getting smarter by the minute!
Burt Gummer: That's fine!
[Holds up a stick of dynamite]
Burt Gummer: We got some new things to teach 'em!

Valentine McKee: I've got a goddamn plan!