Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001)


Directed by: Brent Maddock

Written by: John Whelpley

Story by: S.S. Wilson, Nancy Waters & Brent Maddock


Michael Gross .... Burt Gummer
Shawn Christian .... Desert Jack Sawyer
Susan Chuang .... Jodi Chang
Charlotte Stewart .... Nancy Sterngood
Ariana Richards .... Mindy Sterngood
Tony Genaro .... Miguel

Special Appearance:

Bobby Jacoby .... Melvin Plug

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: October 2 , 2001





Burt Grummer (Michael Gross) returns from his small town in Nevada town of Perfection where it became a main tourist attraction after he supposedly has killed all the graboids and it's second breed known as Shriekers to do some unfinished business with scammers conning tourists for money hosted by Desert Jack Sawyer (Shawn Christian) as well as some crooked land developers.
Suddenly there's new graboids attacking the locals and tourists residing there but the government doesn't allow them to snuff them out in which they have to find some way in order to save themselves in another way since they now metamorph into their second Shrieker phase, and whom unexpectedly morph into their third stage in the desert surrounding the town.


This sequel definetely has an impressive start with our hero Burt Gummer doing an instruction using a war machine with neat special effects on what we had previously seen on the graboids walking on the grounds all storming towards him in which this scenery looks very similar to a situation on Jurrasic Park with dinosaurs suddenly running away. It looked dynamic when he fires away with his machine gun on them all as this looked powerful and quite comedic too.
In the story things seem impressive when Burt has a discussion on situations of the graboids towards Jodi Chang having a business discussion in which we also spot comic books on these creatures which seems also impressive here.
In story becomes more kooky in which we have a bunch of tourists lead by a guide named Desert Jack Sawyer instructing towards everyone on a graobid in which we discover some smoke rising in the air as we all have a good feeling that it's a set up to fool them for money and that's just what we spot here. It seemed pretty cheesy but nicely put in for the story here so it works out well. You have a bad feeling with this moment that the real thing will actually happen which is a nice clue here.
There's a good camera shot on the ground rising up of a graboid as well as a great shot looking up on someone throwing a knife down into the dirt. Plus there's great suspenseful situations with this graboid rising up from the ground to attack which looked nicely shot and a bit terrifying too. This moment was nicely done.
We spot a real good close up shot on a graboid aiming towards Burt in which things look tragic and well done while we spot this thing gulping him up along with perfect intensity that we spot surrounding this situation. Things seem good and humoress when we find out that Burt is calling on someone's cell trying to survive this incident which definetely keeps you in suspense on the others trying to track this graboid down. It's also neat spotting Burt crawling out of it after it's dead in which there's interesting cheesy slimy effects and him in shock with all of this as it made this sequel very memorable with what we see here.
Things seem to become even more interesting with the law telling them that they can't snuff out these graboids as it works in well with a horror story on the government being greedy to let some unusual life form live and not care if it kills people surrounding them. Also a neat cheesy special effect shot on a graboid at night rising in the air next to a metal fence with Burt watching carefully at it as this was a neat shot focusing on it without anything quick and terrifying happening at all. Another nice and still moment in the story here.
There's a nice surprising situation when we spot a newly formed one which looked completely different and springing into action trying to track out it's prey as this looks like a giany insect gone wrong. What's more interesting is that we see this object fly in the air with fire burning out of it as well as fun cheesy special effects on it zooming around and trying to attack in which this looked exciting to watch on the survivors struggling to try and get away.
Good action packed sequences as always when we spot two women trying to hide from one of them searching around and using meat for bait in order to trap it as things look impressive and funny when they catch it and tie it up. You gotta love that and if this looks as fun as it sounds it just is.
What's more exciting is that we spot everyone to trick a flying one into having an undergound one and having it eat it's own kind in order to try and save themselves from being killed which looked great to watch too.
Bottom line is that this was a nicely improved sequel with alot of corny one liners but some original stuff too that really makes this film wildly entertaining. I mean a flying graboid with a fire engine charging at it's prey you can't beat that at all and will please all you fans of including myself. It keeps you wanting for more after this one. This one is worth checking out for sure.

The acting is still pretty good in which Michael Gross (Burt Gummer) takes on the lead this time and really steals the film with his performance in this one. He really pulls it off with his witty attitude doing a demonstration in the beginning of this flick firing his gun in which he shows alot of good might and force into all of this. I found that he came across smoothly within this. He also shows a good stubborn attitude showing a perfect bluntness into what he does duirng another scene of the flick which he does quite strongly too. He also does well with is excited attitude as well as really acting out of it while crawling out of a dead graboid really getting into the emotions here. He drives a great power by performing all of this which marks to be one of his best performances in the series.
Shawn Christian (Desert Jack Sawyer) pulls off his part nicely coming across as a con artist and seemed to deliver his perfomance in a good corny fashion when he hosts a tour getting really into all of this and coming off as a scumbag big time while cheating everyone out which seemed pretty slapstick in a good fashion. Also he does well with his persistent behavior in certain areas along with showing a good anxious and aggressive moments while trying to struggle away from the graboids which he showed great characteristics by doing all of this.
Susan Chuang (Jodi Chang) shows a great seriouness into her part as she was pretty convincing by being a businesswoman and draws to the point greatly by everything that she does into all of this. She was very sharp in her speaking which shines off perfectly and was fast acting with her blocking movements as this all looked very life like too. She was another worthy character performer.
Ariana Richards (Mindy Sterngood) seemed to pull off her part nicely as someone who is bored and has a bit of a bitchy type of attitude as she drew this in nicely. She also had the perfect looks which works in well for the film too. She pulls off some good emotions into her part while struggling from the graboids in which she does well with her fearful behavior in screaming bringing it at a fair pace.

A chainsaw is cut through a graboid
A flying graboid is slaughtered

Nice comedic trumpet and drumbeats sounding like an army type of theme which was used for the main character Burt Gummer when he goes into battle against the graboids which seemed necessary. Nice low dark sounding keyboard music in certain spots for when the suggested horror will unveil. We also hear some accoustic guitar plucking as always which still stands out for the scene's involved. There's technical sound effets used in the adventrueous moments which didn't appeal to me. But yet there's alot of good fast paced drum beating used in it too. All of this was composed by Kevin Kiner.