The Turning (2020)

Directed by: Floria Sigismondi

Written by: Carey W. Hayes & Chad Hayes
Henry James (Novel)


.... Kate Mandell
.... Miles Fairchild
.... Flora Fairchild
.... Mrs. Grose
.... Sammy Mitchell

Release Date: Quick Theatrical: January 24, 2020




A young governess Kate Mandell (Mackenzie Davis) is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after their parents' deaths.
They reside in a mansion that is haunted and the kids act strange as they're brought up with no morals and can do whatever they please and one of them makes her stay unpleasant as well as being haunted by the evil spirits residing there and making her lose her sanity.


An impressive brief prologue to the story with a woman trying to escape for her life from the mansion as this leaves off to a nice horror start to a story.
Then there's a news broadcast on Kurt Kobain taking his life which is a sign that it took place in 1994 but yet there doesn't seem to be a reason as to why this flick takes place in the past which seemed unnecessary along with Kate Mandell getting ready to leave for her mission as this was well paced.
Nicely shot scene when Kate goes to see her mother doing some paintings and we see her head turned and not paying attention to her daughter sitting near a swimming pool with the water drained which leaves this moment a mysterious and dark feel to everything as well as having a feeling that this woman isn't sane at all.
Then when Kate drives to the mansion it for sure leaves a creepy feel to everything when she is driving towards everything as things look deserted as this gave me a chilld a bit and having a feeling something spooky will unravel.
Kate is introduced by Mrs. Grose whom comes across as truly ghostly and mysterious by what she tells her along with showing her some places around the mansion along with a certain room that no one is allowed to go in which is another great horro pointer making you wonder what lurks behind that door.
Perfect situation when Kate goes to the horses carriage to look for the little girl Flora Fairchild but she isn't seen at all but then there's a near nice jumping moment that occurs which looked nicely done.
Great uplifting discussions with Flora showing Kate her stuff and around the other areas of the mansion especially a creepy looking mannequin which seems to leave a clue to the story wondering if this object will come to life or not.
Then when night falls Kate hears some sounds and goes to the room she wasn't supposed to enter as this looked chilling as well as spotting the strange boy Miles Fairchild with his coldness telling her she's not supposed to be in the room leaving a darkness to this scene as this was brought together perfectly.
Then morning hits with the two kids acting full of life at the breakfast table which looked good and natural as well as them about to leave with Kate telling them they should take their dishes with them but they refuse and Mrs. Grose telling her they are raised with priviledges which leaves another good spooky feel to the story that these children are possibly dangerous.
Kate tells Mrs. Grose about a call from a school teacher that Miles brutally assaulted one of his classmates as this looked good making you wonder about this troubled child and how dangerous he could be while we keep watching the story unravel.
Kate gets stern with Miles' behavior as this left me an impression that this boy will grow to hate her and make her stay there very unwelcoming which was done in a good dark fashion.
Another attention grabber is when Kate is closing a window at night and spots something spooky as it offers nice special effects and a great touch for a haunted house type of ghost story.

The spooky situations start up again when Kate is taking a bath and a nice camera shot on her soaking her head in the water which leaves an impression that something is about to happen.
Miles approaches Kate strongly near her bed nearly carressing her and talking to her as this leaves a real strange vibe on him as well as this kid somewhat acting a little too strange that he could be dangerous later on while watching these moments unravel.
Kate plans to take them somewhere and while she's driving near the gate that's about to let them out little Flora freaks out telling her to stop as well as Miles going into hysterics giving Kate nasty threats which looked perfectly intense and disturbing with all of this happening. This scene was quite memorable.
Miles gets cold towards Kate leaving perfect tension that her job won't be nice especially when she talks to her roomate at a payphone as we all have shared these situations in our discomforting lives.
Kate ends up having a nightmare trying to chase Miles down with her horse in their field of mazes as things are energised within all of this and terrifically suspenseful too. When she wakes up she realises something else strikes her which was done greatly.
Then the three of them play flashlight tag and Kate is it in which this doesn't leave an impression while finding the two children won't be easy along with many terrifying moments that will occur to poor Kate.
Kate starts to point fingers at Miles when he is convincing her that he is innocent as well as Mrs. Grose telling this woman off which isn't a nice feeling and showing that things are dysfunctional and strange with all that is happening in this scene.
The terror unleashes even more with the paranormal characters attacking people like Mrs. Grose as well as Kate trying to get the kids away from the mansion which kept me watching and wondering if they will escape and just when you think they are safe the story gets confusing which involves Kate's mothers' art work that she is still at the mansion and the kids are lashing out at her like she is crazy. Certainly left a nice twist for what we see here but yet is unexplainable.
Bottom line is that I read scathing reviews on this flick so I was prepared for a bad movie but I actually dug it. This was well done with good special effects and a nice ghost story too. The things is when people say how bad the movie is that you'd like to see how bad it really is and are in for a surprise and that's just how it affected me. The story is a bit unexplainable but it was suspenseful with lots of action in which that's what I like in a horror flick. To each their own.

The acting is very well performed in which (Kate Mandell) really did a great job as someone whom is warm and caring as well as acting like someone who likes to take a challenge in life. Her energy was fully there big time. Also does well with her stern behavior offering a good versatality into her role. She also shows off a nice fearful and emotional attitude too making all of her characteristics come to life big time.
(Miles Fairchild) was probably the best out of the whole cast as he drew in well by portraying someone totally strange and untrustworthy. Certainly has a nice dark and cold speaking to his words. Plus shows a great versatality during a scene at the breakfast table acting full of life making his part likeable. Does great with his nasty and threatening attitude screaming out his words in a scene making his part totally evil and insane. Knew on how to act obnoxious and arrogant. He was a believeable bully.
(Flora Fairchild) brought on the perfect spunky little girl charm acting happy go lucky type. She was a ball of energy showing nice giggly happiness to her part. Plus was great by acting imaginative. Also does well screaming and acting scared in many parts of the story bringing her intensity to the extreme. She certainly can go olaces as she brought alot out of her part in the story.
(Mrs. Grose) had a nice ghostly type of presence to her role as well as behaving somewhat emotionless into her part of the film. Does a good job acting mysterious as if something isn't right about her. Also shows off a nice icy presence in certain scene's making her seem somewhat wicked. Had the perfect looks to this part which was a nice plus.
(Sammy Mitchell) does well acting like a basket case even if her role wasn't terribly big but made her supporting role quite nicely performed acting someone whom is messed up and a little nutty. She was good acting crazed and expressionless. Was mildly creepy too in some of the scene's she performed in.

Nathan Barr was truly amazing and brilliant with his composing in which he makes it sound like a one of a kind type of horror feel to the whole story without having it sound like that same old classical type of score. He was very dark with the horror story. In fact he was one of the reasons why the film was well done focusing on each scene like the first spot of the mansion having echoey string playing and other types of sounds along with the odd bonging sounds here and there in the middle of it's run here. Plus there's other echoey types of violin music with other types of music too giving the movie a perfect haunting and ghostly type of feel to it all. Thumbs up for this guy.

Kate: Where were you hiding?
Flora: Like I'd tell.