The Unborn (2009)

Written & Directed by: David S. Goyer


Odette Annable .... Casey Beldon
Cam Gigandet .... Mark
Meagan Good .... Romy
Jane Alexander .... Sofi Kozma
Gary Oldman .... Rabbi Sandak
Idris Elba .... Arthur Wyndham

Release Date: Theatrical: January 9, 2009

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A young woman named Casey Beldom (Odette Annable) keeps seeing hallucinations of a little boy who seems to possess her in which later on found out that she had an unborn twin who will kill her loved one's.
She goes to the aid of an elderly woman named Sofi Kozma (Jane Alexander) as what to do within her safety and even tries to get an exorcism from a priest named Rabbi Sandak (Gary Oldman) in which things become more terrifying for her.


We spot an impressive beginning with the lead character Casey Beldon running and then spotting a child standing in front of her and then spotting some sort of a dog wearing a freaky mask which is a good start to the story making you wonder as to what is behind all of this.
We also have a perfectly creepy situation with her checking up on her baby and spot a little boy with his head turned and ready to strike out in which this looked incredibly intense and brutal while spotting all of this. Another perfect touch to the horror story here.
Nice flowing discussions between Casey and her boyfriend Mark on trying to help her out on situations in which this looked good and energised as well as uplifting by spotting their reactions while watching this scene. It seemed to fit in pretty well here.
Later in the story it looks good and setting when Casey goes to the aid of an elderly woman named Sofi Kozma on a situation which looked strong tand then it seemed perfectly intimidating when she spots a picture and then snaps and acts vicious. This moment looked clever and catching you by surprise as well as reminding you of someone acting unpredictable like that which is not a pleasant feeling.
A nice special effects shot when Casey opens something up and we spot a ghoulish child appearing and attacking as this had a perfect ghostly horror touch to the story.
Also spot more mysterious and shocking moments when Casey gets sick and is puking in a washroom and then spotting these strange insects that often appear out of nowhere at times in the story with other things happening including the walls breaking open which showed neat effects as well as making you wonder if she's hallucinating or even having a nightmare while we watch this. It looked perfectly done and out of the oridinary.
We spot a perfect still moment with the character Romy driving in her vehicle and then suddenly a child out of nowhere stands in front of the car which makes you jump and looking perfedctly suspenseful too.
Perfect emotional moments when Romy tries to talk to Casey and she tries to tell her she will die if she sticks around in which this brings attention to you big time and making you cringe knowing that she is right about this and what is going to happen to her too.
A perfect moment with Sofi calling to someone in a hallway as well as a good shot on a staircase spotting someone in a strange posture looking possessed which seems to pay a tribute to a deleted scene in the Exorcist as this effect looked awesome to watch.
Perfect moment with Sofi telling Casey on what to do in order to keep herself safe as well as a good voice over while we spot what she does in her home which looked crazy on while she obeys these instructions which works in well.
Alot of great intense moments when Casey calls up Mark to try and reach towards Romy's house before it's too late on what will happen to her in which there's a great dark setting with her about to go to a door that's ringing in which keeps you in suspense on what will happen here. Yet at the same time it could've been a bit more improved to make it look scarier than what it was already.
Good camera shots and discussions with Casey talking to
Rabbi Sandak and Arthur Wyndham about performing an exocism which looked crisply done and serious too. The interactions on this plan seemed very realistic here.
While the exorcism is about to begin it's interesting while we watching their plan to tie Casey to a stretcher as well as what they will do to her along with some surprised reactions on others which was impressive to see along with good shots on all of this.
Alot of perfect terrors happening as well as fast paced moments when the exorcism is being performed which looked terrific to spot all of this as well as spotting other people being posessed along with the character Arthur Windham coming after Casey and Mark in which this was done at a great intense pace and looking freaky too which is perfect for a film such as this one.
A nice close up shot on Mark acting in pain as this for sure looked disturbing as we know that he is possibly the next victim to become possessed in which this was brought to life a great deal here.
There's a perfect touching discussion between Casey and Mark in which this was a perfect sad scene between the two of them as this was also strongly put together while we watch on what's going on here.
Bottom line is that this was a well done flick. Sometimes things seem too fast and not as scary as it was supposed to have been but yet brought together nicely regardless. Seems to pay a tribute to flicks like the Exorcist and so fourth as well as a remake to a foreign film too. Worth checking out if you're sick of remakes we already have seen or unoriginal lame horror flicks since you'll probably won't be disappointed with this one.

The acting was really brought together nicely here. Lead actress Odette Annable (Casey Beldon) seemed to pull her weight out nicely showing alot of great energy and enthusiasm into what she does here. Does a good job having discussions with the other actor playing her boyfriend and having an uplifting attitude here which shines off nicely. Plus she does well freaking out which she drew a decent intensity while doing this in various parts of the story here. Plus does a great job crying on set which she really knew on how to lose control as well as getting fearful with her speaking too. She was a suitable character actress I must say.
Cam Gigandet (Mark) seems to put on a nice charm to his role as someone who shows a good sympathetic type of behavior especially when he shows great confidence while he's talking to someone showing good enthusiasm within all of this. He also does a nice job acting anxious at times with certain moments and rolling in with the punches with the suspenseful moments used here. Plus does a nice job in one scene acting stiff with his intense expressions as well as acting like he's in pain showing a perfect intense type of personality here. Seemed to do okay in the end of his performance speaking weakly which shows off nicely.
Meagan Good
(Romy) seemed to show some good spunk and pizzaz into her role as she does a nice job by acting full of life and outgoing. Plus shows a good attitude trying to act understanding with her words as well as acting concerned in which she made this all look very believeable within all of this. Plus does a great job with her reacting in pain after being stabbed and getting anxious which looked pretty convincing.
Jane Alexander
(Sofi Kozma) drew attention greatly as an elderly one in the film. She shows a perfect calmness to her part acting believeably mellow into what she does. Plus does a great job snapping and getting insanely aggressive in which she was believeably intimidating. She also does a nice job by getting good and serious intructing someone on what to do which her performance was strongly done here.
Gary Oldman (Rabbi Sandak) seems to have the perfect clean cut looks for this role and does a good job with his nervous speaking as well as getting into his conversation a great deal taking every step carefully with his words. Plus shows some good enthusiasm into what he does as well as acting very strong while performing an exorcism speaking strongly with his words. He had a real effective supporting role and is one of the best cast members in this flick.

We hear some real effective sound effects like high pitched screeching sound along with the hissing noises too. Plus there's good gloomy music for when the spots in the film was necessary to have it. Also we hear alot of echoey rust and metal sounds which is strongly done too. Plus there's of course violin playing as well as some echoey piano playing for some of the sad moments used in the film which works in well. All of this was nicely put together by Ramin Djawadi

Casey Beldon: It's not safe to be around me. 

Matty Newton: Jumby wants to be born now.