Unborn Sins (2007)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Elliott Eddie


Paul P.J. Penaloza .... Bowlegg
Michele L. Harris .... Theresa
Pierre Walters .... Stone
Hasaan Muhammad .... Damon
Stephen 'A.M.' Rutland .... Purdy
Jim Barbour .... Dr. Livingston

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 9, 2007




The spirit of an aborted child named Bowlegg (Paul P. Penazola) comes to life at first in a shape of a doll that's delivered to a residents home in a package and kills the people responsible for it's death.
A tough detective named Stone (Pierre Walters) tries to gather the missing pieces of these murders along with the help of a pregnant woman named Theresa (Michele L. Harris) before more of these deadly incidents happen again.


The first bit seemed uplifting with a family returning to their home after an outing in which the family man seemed to act full of life as well as having the lights turned out with flashlights to his face as well as his daughters about to tell a story. Although this was filmed with a cheap camera the settings and performances seem to have made up for all of that.
There's some cheesy mysterious situations with someone delivering a parcel knocking on the door and running away which doesn't look suspenseful at all in which I wondered if that was the intention here since it took place in the daytime as night shots usually work better here.
Things look impressive when we spot the main character Theresa spotting what's in the parcel which is a ghostly looking doll as this doesn't look too bad for how thin the budget was made on.
Some decent camera shots focusing on some paramedics checking her out adding a nice touch to the story with this looking all so still.
Also there's a cheesy but creepy moment when we spot this doll figure now a midget whom is the character Bowlegg about to stab her sleeping. Once again due to the lack of the budget on this film isn't as creepy like it was supposed to have been.
Then later on we get into a moment with some dude smoking dope and dancing to his rap music in which was a dumb excuse to fill in the time but there seems to be a near jumping moment when his doorbell rings and we spot the parcel as well as a nice moment when he chucks this doll in the hallway of his home leaving an impression that this was not a good idea.
Also there's a moment with a mistress coming in about to get it on with him which looked totally amateurish to spot all of this. Then we spot Bowlegg appearing near the doorway which was supposed to creep you out but it doesn't yet while we keep watching this it looked fun to watch regardless. Also there's a moment when he comes in for the kill later on which looked amusing to watch this even if it looked fairly cheesy but the makers did the best they could to make it entertaining due to what they had.
There's another moment with another resident named Stacey as it focuses on her doing things in her home which looked boring but yet there's a situation with Stone in her home watching her and she doesn't notice him as this for sure leaves the plot looking very mysterious. To top it off there is a near jumping moment when Bowlegg appears before her eyes as this looked fairly well done but yet when we spot the fighting and struggles this looked a bit amateurishly done.
There's energetic moments with some people playing basketball as they showed good enthusiasm while doing this and getting into it big time.
Yet we spot a discussion between both character's Damon and Purdy which seems to look fairly smooth but however the camera shots looked uneven as we spot at times close up shots on them as they look too wide.
There's a neat cheesy computerised effects when we see flames as well as a narration discussing Bowlegg which looked fun to watch and what we spot all on all of this.
There's a situation with Stone tying the delivery person up and demanding to know what he is sending to people as this looked vengeful but yet a little too much and seems to lose it's touch here.
Some perfect creepy moments when Theresa hears something in her house and good shots focusing on a door as well as her trying to hide and preparing herself with a weapon which leaves a chill down your spine.
A nice creepy moment when Theresa receives the doll and everything goes black in which she tells people to run out of her place as this for sure makes you scared having a feeling that Bowlegg is ready to attack.

A nice moment with Dr. Livingston telling his wife about the character Bowlegg showing it to be a nice fearful scene as it was perfectly written into the story. Also there's a good silent moment when he looks around the corridors of his room which gives you a sinking feeling that something is going to happen in a terrifying way.
We spot a corny situation with Bowlegg peeking through a window of a home where the survivors are hiding from him and agains it's daytime so this doesn't look scary at all. And then there's some ninja type fighting between him and Damon which looked pretty corny to watch but there's interesting effects while we spot this with the slow motions that happen here.
Plus there's nice settings on a chase in a forestry area as this always has a nice touch to a horror story especially at night. Also a good open field shot on a battle between Bowlegg and Stone even if some of it still looked a bit corny but entertaining if you're in the mood for it.
Bottom line is the film was made extremely cheaply like doing a home video and the makers tried to do the story as original as possible and it almost works. Yet it's a little too overly long and sometimes hard to follow during the first bit of the story. Yet it can be a fun one to watch if you're in the mood for a terribly budget horror piece such as this one.

The acting is pretty rusty here. Let's take a look here. Paul P.J. Penaloza (Bowlegg) tried his best to be creepy and menacing while raising a knife or creeping up to someone but yet he is a bit off. Sometimes though seems to show some nice menacing expressions. Some of the downfalls though when he growls his words it seems over the top. Sometimes his fighting scene's are a bit too goofy but he shows some good energy while doing this so a half a gold point here.
Michele L. Harris (Theresa) seemed to show off a good slick no nonsense type of attitude into her role as she also seems to pull off a perfect southern type of behavior as well and seems to get into her role the best way that she can and showing off some good energy especially when she acts anxious or frightened but there are spots that she lacked like showing a concern towards another person in which this doesn't look believeable at all and seems to lack a bit with situations like that.
Pierre Walters (Stone) seemed to do an okay job acting as tough as nails with his work discovering these incidents as he speaks well with his lines and does well with his aggressions too. There's even a scene when he gets demanding questioning someone but however he seems to overdo this and it's a little too much. But yet when he acts violent about it he seems to pull it off in an okay fashion. His blocking was okay in a fighting sequence near the end of his performance with his sturggles but sometimes it was a little over the top as well.
Hasaan Muhammad (Damon) shows off a good gruffness to his role as well as doing his part by speaking slang. He also had the perfect gangster type of looks to his role which was a nice plus as well. Knew how to draw into his discussions pretty well making himself well focused. He seemed to show some good energy while doing a fighting scene too. But like the rest of the cast he is no award winning material.
Jim Barbour
(Dr. Livingston) shows a nice seriousnes in his first scene by talking about a situation making himself good and business like. Sometimes he's a bit over the top in another scene laughing and not believeing a story on the doll incident as he seemed a bit too much here. Yet he brings it back together nicely later on when he's serious again acting disturbed about that story and talking about it which drew in nicely here. He does well reacting to being in pain when he is attacked at the end of his performance just rolling with the punches here.

Some fake looking blood coming from the head and body after the killings which looked all too set up.
Blood splurts out of the Bowlegg character after being shot

The music is quite diverse in this flick in which we have a few low humming sounds especially for the scene when the near terror happens surrounding this doll that people receive which sounds not too badly done. We hear some technical beats for alot of the other scene's which sounds pretty annoying and cheesy to listen to but yet it suits the lack of the budget on this flick. Plus there's some mellow piano playing in a certain part of the story that doesn't sound too badly done here. There's the odd good jumping noises too like an explosive type sound or some scratching noises too as this sounded pretty cleverly done here.