Under the Bed (2012)


Directed by: Steven C. Miller

Written by:
Eric Stolze


Jonny Weston .... Neal Hausman
Gattlin Griffith .... Paulie Hausman
Peter Holden .... Terry Hausman
Musetta Vander .... Angela Hausman
Kelcie Stranahan .... Cara Evans

Release Dates:
Fantasia International Film Festival: July 19, 2002; Film4 FrightFest: August 25, 2012 (UK); ScreamFest Horror Film Festival: October 16, 2012





A troubled teenager named Neal (Jonny Weston) has been released from a psych ward for preventing a fire from his old home as well as coping with the death of his mother for believing in what happened underneath his bed as a creature seems to be lurking underneath it as him and his younger brother Paulie (Gattlin Griffith) try to find some way in surviving the night due to all of this but his hard headed father Terry (Peter Holden) is set against their fears and does anything to prevent them from escaping their room.
Now these two must find a way during the days going by on how to snuff this thing out with any traps that they can think of.


The beginning of the story here seemed to look a bit bland with the parent Terry talking to his son Neal while driving him after being put away in an asylum as this makes you wonder as to when the excitement will pick up during this moment.
Things do look mysterious and creepy when Neal is spotting a door with good camera shots closing in on this along with a nice brief jumping moment on this door opening.

There's a real great intense moment with Terry is going ballistic after finding out that his youngest son Paulie was in the room that caused a problem which looked perfectly dysfunctional as well as drawing in some great mysterious situations on something horrifying that will happen later on in the story.
A nice camera shot on the wife/stepmom Angela doing laundry and a nice background shot on a monstrous hand slamming a dryer door shut as this will leave a chill down your spine.
There's even a perfect situation when Terry forces both his sons to sleep with the light off and locks them in their rooms adding a perfect taste on showing a nasty family man by forcing them to outgrow their fears. This moment looked strongly put in.
Nice scene's between both Neal and Paulie communicating on how to survive the monster under the bed and how to make this beast not notice their presence which seemed cleverly written in. However, there's the moment when we hear the monster growling underneath the bed which sounds corny but then nearly attacks Neal making up for that moment as this definetely makes you jump out of your seat.
We also spot a perfect creepiness with Terry having a scarred looking zombie type of face entering their room and attacking Paulie as you really wonder or not on if this child is having a nightmare.
We also spot a nice moment with Neal and Paulie planning a trap for the monster as well as Neal holding a chainsaw with a perfect camera shot on this.
Also we spot Angela acting disturbed by what they are doing adding more unsolved mysteries into the story wondering if she knows on what is behind the madness in their room as this also adds nice flavor to the story when we continue to watch all of this.
Nice twisted situation with Terry and Angela telling Neal and Paulie on having a sleepover as you wonder why they are doing this since things seem too easy here. It seriously makes you wonder about these parents while watching this scene.
Nice discussions with Neal and Paulie talking to the other siblings at their sleepover named Richard and Robert who are glued to their TV set like they're in a trance offering some decent twisted humor here.
There's also perfect shots surrounding Neal by discussing this monster that's under Paulie's bed which shows a perfect stillness and a dark moment too along with smoke surrounding him and the rest of the character's involved with this scene which was perfectly put in for a horror story. Then we spot perfect terrorising moments with this monster coming in for the kill along with great fast action shots on all of this showing perfect horror violence and great special effects.
A great shot on Terry and then the monster behind him ready to attack as this showed perfect horror timing.
Another great effect is when Paulie is dragged underneath his bed by the monster.
What's the most exciting moment in this film is when we spot Neal ready to rescue Paulie and having Angela helping him out by keeping a grip on a rope that's tied to his waist when he is about to go underneath the bed as we discover on what's underneath offering more neat effects.
Bottom line is there's the odd leaky holes in this flick but it improves in many spots plus a perfect one to watch when you were a child being scared of the dark and what you think can be lurking under your bed. It pictures all your fears here. I am guessing the makers saw Boogeyman and wanted to do the same thing and it worked out even better with this one. I can tell you that this one will be picked up for distribution for sure as it was very clever to watch all that is happening here. This one is worth checking out as the title is just as good as the story.

The acting was in good shape as lead actor Jonny Weston (Neal Hausman) seemed a bit wooden at first in his performance but showed a nice still and silent type of behavior like he truly is disturbed about something that has happened. He shows a nice intimidating type of behavior too whenever he had to be this way especially when he spoke very still and cold like. This was a winner for sure with his personality. He shows a perfect rebellious type of behavior in other spots coming across as a wild type of teenager. Also shows a perfect intensity with his aggressions too. So yes folks he pulled off a character very well here.
Gattlin Griffith
(Paulie Hausman) was another fine cast member in which he shows a good quietness in his presence for the most part of the film acting disturbed about something and shows this off perfectly. Plus he shows a nice charming type of behavior too acting like a typical kid. Plus shows a good frightened behavior when he has to do this as well. All of this drew in perfectly for this young fella.
Peter Holden (Terry Hausman) stole the film with his performance showing a perfect seriousness to his part here along with having a nice firm type of behavior too. Plus does a great job flying off the handle in a certain situation going ballistic which he shows a terrific amount of intense energy here too. He was believeable with his emotional abusive attitude and getting gruff as well as blunt which he really drew this in powerfully as well. Plus does a nice job with his scared attitude when the terror strikes him. All in all he lived to play this type of role and deserves a good pat on the back here.
Musetta Vander (Angela Hausman) was a real attention grabber with her soft speaking, mellow and passive type of attitude. She really knew her stuff into portraying the stepmom into this flick. She also does well with her jumping fears and having this situation right on the dot here. Plus does well showing another side of her by having a perfect intense aggressions whenever she needed to do this. Also shows some nice emotions too which shines off pretty well here. She draws in a ton of energy whenever she had to be this way.
Kelcie Stranahan (Cara Evans) was okay in her part as the nice girl next door in which she added some decent spunk into her part here as this looked pretty decent as well as showing off a nice understanding type of behavior too. She showed off a good characteristics with her outgoing type of appeal here.

A scarred face is revealed in a hallucination sequence
Two siblings faces are torn off and decapitated.
A father's face is sliced and stripped.

There's alot of great powerful classical music with the intense and adventureous violin and trombone playing. Plus we hear alot of perfect screeching, clanging and slamming sounds which will make you jump out of your seat while these moments happen here. Also, there's the perfect hissing noises for the silent and creepy moments adding the perfect timing for a horror monster flick such as this one. All of this was composed by Ryan Dodson.