Uninhabited (2010)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Bill Bennett


Geraldine Hakewill .... Beth
Henry James .... Harry

Release Dates:
Cannes Film Market: May 14, 2010; Melbourne International Film Festival: July 14, 2010; Oldenburg International Film Festival: September 17, 2010




A couple named Beth (Geraldine Hakewell) and Harry (Henry James) want something new for a holiday so they bring someone to drop them off on a small deserted island and will call him when they want to return in order to have privacy for themselves.
Yet strange things starts to happen around them as they spot new footprints in the sand as well as things missing from them in which they spot an old deserted cabin with a tombstone next to it realising the ghostly history behind that island discovering that an evil force is on that island.


The film starts off nicely with two younge lovers Beth and Harry having a good time running around the island as it seems uplifting to watch all of this as if the film will be far from a horror flick.
It is cool with them making out in the sandy beach and Harry hears something from the forest like someone is watching him in which this nicely gives a creepy feeling to the story. Also after they wake up from a sleep spotting footprints in the sand as this was perfectly put into the story making this even more scary that we don't know who this person is as the story made out that the island is deserted. I definetely was starting to enjoy this alot.
They use a camcorder to film their enjoyment as this looked quite fake showing the filming side as you can tell it's a prefessional looking camera making out to be one though as this was one of the only downfalls in the story.
It was neat when they spot a cabin in the woods which almost looked like Jason's shack from Friday the 13th Part 2 on how this was designed and quite impressive. Also spotting some of the sketchwork in the cabin looked creepy on what they were as well as spotting a tombstone too.
What's even more spooky is that they take a look on what they filmed and spotted that something was filmed on them while sleeping in their tent which trips you out that someone is watching them and they don't know it at all.
What I found was bone chilling is when Harry goes to that cabin to look for something as if someone is calling towards him and it shows more stuff on that tombstone too. This can give you nightmares if you are just adjusting to these types of mysterious and spooky horror flicks without a doubt.
There's even more stressful situations with these two while Beth wants to leave that island which really makes you tense up watching this understanding her fear big time but yet their phone is missing to call the fellow who dropped them off there as this seems to be a common thing for a film like this to happen making things incredibly and psychologically scary.
While they spot two foreign fishermen on the island we see Harry getting aggressive with them while they can't speak english and getting demanding while Beth tries to prevent him to act like this as this was well put in and making you think that it isn't them causing all this but is in for big time trouble with these roughnecks for sure almost putting you in the spot that it looked powerfully done and realising that he's making a real mistake doing all of this to complete strangers.
There's even a moment when they go frisking through their stuff when they aren't around in which this keeps you in suspense and having a bad feeling that they will return. There's also a moment when Harry swims up to their boat to look for their phone as this is another bad idea I was thinking to myself. Yet alot of this looked great to watch making you cringe.
Later on we spot these goons either terrorised or killed by something that we can't see yet which doesn't spoil it at all and still making it an unsolved mystery as to what is out there.
A perfect scene is when we spot Harry slowly turning his head and we spot a figure from a distance watching him but then nothing is there when his head is fully turned. This was perfectly scary to watch without a doubt.
Another great pointer to the story is when Harry trails off in the forest after he hears in the distance that their cell is ringing and drawing closer to it in which leaves an impression that this is a deadly trap. Also when he spots the phone and turns it on which is in the cabin he sticks around and disturbed to what he hears as this is a common unintelligent choice for a horror flick than to get his cell and run.
Also when Beth searches for him there's a nice shocking moment when she spots something near the tombstone in which worked in well for the story too.
What perfectly works in well is when she spots an object from a distance in the ocean and she tries to chase after it but then something painful happens to her which isn't pleasant to watch at all.
Bottom line is that this film seems to pay a homage to many other horror flicks like Blair Witch Project or even One Missed Call. I just got a thrill watching it and it's about time that there's a good horror film to watch since many of them these days are crap which is the reason for all those bloody remakes. This film opens a door for a sequel and I hope that one will arise for sure.

The acting is greatly performed by Geraldine Hackwell (Beth) in which she shows alot of great spunk into what she did in her performance acting very lively and flirtatious. Plus she knew on how to act emotionally scared with her panicking attitude along with showing a ton of perfect intensity too for all that she did into her performance. Does a great job freaking out and losing control. Shows a ton of emotional and anxious behavior while crying out and running into the ocean in which this looked nicely put together especially having a great painful reaction to what she has stepped on and groaning in which this was also nicely put together.
Henry James
(Harry) brings on a decent charm into his role with his likeable behavior as well as someone who likes to have a good time making this look fairly believeable in what he did. He also shows alot of great energy with his aggressions as well as great emotions and frightening behavior too especially during a moment after hearing something which looked natural and having a good disturbed expression. A nice reaction towards him looking around near the cabin as well as showing good tense features. Does a good job getting blunt and aggressive with his words as well as having a good sarcastic attitude towards some fellow actors as fishermen nearby. Good blocking on him in a certain scene by slowly turning his head to spot something which looked effective with all that he was doing. Does a good job reacting anxious while trying to search for something in the forest. Plus there's great intense crying on him while he listens to his cell phone as this looked incredibly natural with this too. He brings this all in nicely into what he does and comes across well onto the camera.

A corpse is hung upside down bloodied.

The music was excellently composed by Peter Miller in which as there's many jungle beat types of poundings we listen to as well as a woman singing type of chant as that sounds smoothly done. To top it off alot of great dark sounding music for when the real creepy moments starts to occur mainly in the dark. Plus some nice whispering effects too as this sounded scary and very original too.