Unlucky Charms (2013)


Produced, Original Story & Directed by: Charles Band

Written by: Domonic Muir & Kent Roudebush


.... Audrey
.... Darla
.... Mika
.... DeeDee
.... Baxter Randolph
.... Pirl
.... Farr Darrig
Nikki Leigh .... Sheila
.... Erin

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: July 22, 2013




Five hopefull models are trying out to see who wins at Deedee DeVille's fashion line but DeeDee (Jeryl Prescott Sales) looks into her own mirror seeing herself age and uses some potion to still look young in which she summons four mythical beings led by Farr Darrig (Nathan Phillips) to take away the souls of these girls.


The film starts off with a nice colourised effect on children playing at a playground and so fourth as well as the leprechaun Farr Darrig sitting on a bench next to the little girl discussing on what's going on which has that nice fantasy feel to it all and having an almost 3D type of effect which looks unique while we watch this happening.
Then the opening credits start to roll which took way too long as I wondered if this was an excuse for a time filler.
Then a lame beginning with wannabe models coming down dressed in sexy lingerae's and so fourth to be checked out by the agents and talking to them which didn't do anything for me personally so I wondered if this will be a boring type of film offering skin and so fourth.
However it looked a bit entertaining when Farr with his people in their dimension looking at a reflection on the ground spotting these hopeful models and talking about these moments which looked very colourised like it did before the opening credits. Impressive moments when they hide out at the mansion of the try outs with Farr telling them the fun will begin which left an impression that some horrifying events will unravel soon.
Many impressive and wicked moments with DeeDee going into her room and seeing an old look of her in the mirror and her breaking down depressed and using those charm objects to give her some magic to make her still look young which involves in a situation of some of these hopeful models being killed by Farr and his people so their souls can be in her as well as her hand bleeding and stuff like that which looked mildly intense and can be a little bit entertaining for the horror moments used in this story.
Another great horror situation is when Farr encounters Sheila introducing himself to her and slowly circling her with his wicked speaking and then uses his magic to do something deadly to her which the effects were fairly decent to watch this moment unravel.
Of course in the story there's two people lusting together but this looked very uninspired but then something twisted happens which was an attention grabber. Yet this has been done before in horror flicks and you'll see what I mean if I dare you to watch this flick.
What caught my attention the most is some of the stuck up one's putting each other down especially Darla who goes out of her way to insult others making her better than anyone else. At times it looked a little too much but at the same time you'd feel like smacking her as well as a confrontation towards Audrey when she tries to be patient with her and Darla herself explains a situation as to why she's doing this which was nicely put into the story.
More mysterious and entertaining moments when one of Farr's people which happens to be some sort of monstrous looking troll and a witch approaches another hopeful model ready to do something deadly towards her with their magic but at the same time nothing too terrifying either which needed to have been spiced up a bit more.
Real lame moment with a one eyed creature getting his jollies by casting a spell on Mika with her acting lustful by feeling herself which was another terrible time waster and a pointless situation that should've been scrapped on the cutting room floor.
Yet a perfect tension and psychological moment when DeeDee makes some final decisions on who may make it as a model as well as Audrey asking her honest opinion if she will make it and DeeDee herself slowly approaching her and is reluctant to tell her the truth which leaves a deep feeling that it might be bad news as well as her acting creepy towards her making moments look truly twisted by how it was all drawn out.
Then the final showdown happens with DeeDee wanting more souls to make her looking young and going crazy about it all putting the survivors as well as Farr and his people in danger as this was fairly entergetic to watch on what goes on but at the same time nothing too terrifying. A good close up shot on one of the trolls opening their mouth to make a strange noise as this looked impressive to watch.
Bottom line is there's the odd fun touches to this film but otherwise it's quite a bore to watch. No too terrible but lacked inspiration. Nice low budget special effects and can be campy fun to watch too with colourised moments too which is amusing to put into the film. Yet the story doesn't really go anywhere and nothing too scary for this fantasy horror.

The acting is a bit mediocre at times and sometimes a bit over the top in which (Audrey) plays the good girl role as well as the intelligent type in which she shows that off in fair taste trying her best to get into characteristics. She seems to pull it off okay as well as showing some okay energy and enthusiasm. Does well getting into a conversation and acting believeably reasonable too. Her looks didn't fit for a wannabe model though but had the right personality.
(Darla) certainly brought alot of attention on set in which she plays a total mega bitch in which she knew on how to make someone's stay unwelcoming. At times she gets carried away but other times she's on the ball by acting unpleasant and full of herself. She stood out the most in the cast. Had the right looks and appeal for this role in which was a nice bonus to her characteristics.
(DeeDee) was one of the best performers in this flick in which she brought on a great slick wickedness into her presence. Also knew on how to freak out as well as being obsessed or acting like she's suffering. Plus was a total ball of energy when she acted psychotic on stuff bringing it all out. She showed a nice horror type of characteristics whenever she had to behave this way.
(Baxter Randolph) had a good masculine presence as one of the model judges as well as showing a somewhat laid back type of person. Seemed to do an okay job with speaking his lines and got into his role in a fair fashion. Had the right looks and appeal to his role too.
(Pirl) I found to be the best out of the cast in which he seemed to perform rather gay but I think this was the intention as he brought some good wit and spunk into all of this as well as behaving convincingly outgoing too. Seemed to bring alot of charm into his role as well as having a somewhat prissy behavior too. I could tell that he studied this part inside out and knew what he was doing.
(Farr Darrig) seemed to offer a somewhat wicked charm to his part as the leprechaun in the film and did a nice focus on situations as well as doing a fair job speaking somewhat coldly before casting a deadly spell on someone. Also does well speaking in a fun type of horror fashion to the one's who played his people. He was fair with his characteristics.
Nikki Leigh (Sheila) seemed to have the beautiful looks and really brought on a dazzling presence in which she seemed to do well playing one of those stuck up types in which this all came off naturally into everything that she did as well as doing a good job suffocating to death which she showed some good energy within this too.

A woman is topless while fornicating
Another one takes off her top lingerae full breasts and feeling herself

Someones skin gets puffed up and looks bloated by a magic spell

Richard Band is marvellous with his music making it stand out strong and perfectly clear with alot of classical composing with violin music as well as other types like this. Plus there's flute playing which suits the story having an Irish feel to it all. Plus there's an odd clear chanting sound for a moment when someone unleashes some magic to stay young looking which was catchy. Also there's drum rollings and other sounds like this which adds to the fantasy and suspense in the story as well as some string pluckings which also left the scene's very effective as well as some unique clear chiming sounds. Yes the composing sounded perfectly versatile and smoothly done too.