Unrated: The Movie (2009)


Written, Make Up Effects & Directed by: Timo Rose & Andreas Schnaas


Eleanor James .... Samantha
Eileen Daly .... Cassandra
Magdalèna Kalley .... Sarah
Timo Rose .... Frank
Annika Strauss .... Pamela
Marc Rohnstock .... Slice Face / Death Trooper / Zombie
Mario Zimmerschitt .... Fat Zombie / Ragnator
Andreas Schnaas .... Karl the Butcher
Vivian Schmitt .... Succubus
Rod Usher .... Hellhound

Release Date: Splatterday Night Fever: October 10, 2009 (Germany)





A filmmaker named Frank (Timo Rose) brings a few women to make a movie up in his cabin in the woods as they stumble upon a book that belongs to the book keeper. This book unleashes demons to earth in which one of them is a blood thirsty killer named Karl the Butcher (Andreas Schnaas) along with a bunch of zombies too slaying all of them away and one of the survivors named Samantha (Eleanor James) is the only ones to put a stop to this.


We have a nice little opening revealing a book with flames around it which is cheesy looking computer animation but yet seems to suit well for the budget this was made on which was a Z-grade type.
We spot conry and slapstick discussions with the crew people getting ready to go to the mansion in the woods as this looked extremely rough and hokey making you wonder if we are actually going to be watching a comedy or a horror flick. There's those looney tune type sound effects with alot of this happening too which seemed to be pretty lame here.
Also we have a scene where the character Frank is looking at his iphone and masturbating while spotting a pic which is a total time waster and then there's results which is for sure disgusting but thankfully not sick enough like you're watching a porn flick. These scene's are always unnecessary. I keep thinking to myself where is the horror coming into any of this????
Things do get exciting later on in the story as we spot a neat effective moment with a scene in hell and the character Deaht Trooper talking and neat dark effects revealing this which makes it exciting to watch as well as a funny situation on what he does. It starts serious and ends off a bit comedic as you still wonder to yourself if this is mainly a black comedy.
There's also situations with disputes between the character Cassandra and the other women which looked amusing to watch as well plus we spot some interesting suggested lesbian scene's too involving her which seemed to grab your attention big time here.
There's also a moment with a Succubus walking a Hellhound who happens to be a person towards Frank in which he is watching TV and this looked pretty stupid to watch this making no sense at all. Then we see the succubus appearing on the TV screen making out she's doing a porn performance for a while which starts to become pretty hokey and pointless too. With all the slapstick actions going on here I nearly skipped reviewing this thinking it was a film poking fun at horror big time as the situations seemed like watching a goofy cartoon show. What really looked zany was that we spot the character from the awful Violent Shit trilogy Karl the Butcher coming into action with the succubus and doing a musical number and we see credits rolling on what he's singing which looked fun to watch and entertaining. After this we spot him killing Frank in a perverted way with the help from the succubus which can make this very disturbing and painful to watch.
Then the horror starts to happen and things get more serious as we spot neat effects with the book raising steam out as well as spotting zombie's appearing in the mansion making this look creepy to watch along with them going in for the kill on some of these people in which there's a ton of shocking horror violence happening here. Now I'm convinced that it's a slapstick comedy-horror while all of this was happening.
There's terrific moments with a couple of survivors trying to struggle away from this madness as the energy is at a great pace here.
A perfect dream sequence here involving Samantha when she is talking to her parents through telepathy as the setting here looked perfect for asomething like this as well as her parents wearing ghostly masks making the moment look truly mysterious as well as a nice touch for a horror setting too.
A neat camera shot on steam coming out of a window and a zombie's hand grabbing at the main character Samantha which adds a perfect taste here along with her doing battles against these zombie's as well as Karl the Butcher which was nicely choreographed here especially on her getting vengeful and blowing other zombie's away. A total classic moment while watching all of this. It makes you want to jump into the film and join in. In fact alot of this looked similar to Andreas Schnaas' flick Nikos the Impaler with this stuff happening. Perfect angle and close up shots on all of this too.
We spot a neat ending in this film involving Karl the Butcher which looked cool while we spot this which adds a nice comedy and horror feel to everything.
Bottom line is that this seemed like a spoof or ripoff to Evil Dead adding different types of character's as well. The makers sure can tease you making you think this is a zany spoof on a horror flick adding mainly black comedy but then turning serious a quarter way through the film with zombie's and slayings as well as nightmare sequences too. Pretty clever indeed and it just gets away being credited as a comedy-horror instead of a comedy in general. Some bland moments in the film combined with fun and entertaining pieces too.

The acting has alot of strong German accents as they do their best to pull this all off. For lead actress Eleanor James (Samantha) she seemed to do the trick as coming across as one of the brainy and innocent types speaking well with what she has to stay and remaining strong in what she has to do. Plus she shows a good aggressive attitude as well to what she had to pull off. She showed a perfect vengeful attitude shouting out when she is about to do battle and has perfect blocking while she performs all of this letting it all out. I found her to be the best one out of the cast and a perfect choice too. She can certainly gain a scream queen status with this one.
Eileen Daly (Cassandra) shows it off nicely as someone whom is arrogant but sometimes tries too hard in certain spots of the film. Does a good job getting forceful and aggressive being in your face with her arrogant behavior making out that she will become violent. Also does well with her peaceful behavior and acting totally lustful which looked convincing while behaving like this and then snapping and acting perfectly unpredictable too.
Magdalèna Kalley (Sarah) was another sharp one in which she does well with her uplifting type of attitude as well as coming across as believeably comforting when things turn sour making this realistic when we see her in the works here. Also does a good job with her aggressive and tough behavior too showing a nice versatality here. So she does the works here and pretty impressive making her a convincing character actress.
Timo Rose (Frank) however should've just remained as a writer and director for this piece and not taken on a role at all as he was extremely lacking in what he does as if he was on drugs or something like that. He was lazy just reading his lines and not showing any enthusiasm at all especially for the terror situations that's going on. No gold star for this fellow.
Andreas Schnaas (Karl the Butcher) was a bit of a ham in his performance as the killer in the flick and certainly had a knack for his musical number really getting into his moves while doing this scene. Also was perfect with his blocking while performing a deadly battle or doing a killing which he showed great energy while doing all of this.

We spot many breast shots by Eileen Daly taking off her blouse and showing her stuff especially during some lesbian segments
Brief breast shots on Magdalèna Kalley while taking a shower or looking in a mirror
Vivian Schmitt unbuttons her top big breasts revealed when she is on a TV feeling herself or during a moment when a sacrifice is happening when she gets lustful towards someone else.
Eleanor James is bare breasted doing a vengeful battle.

A person's nuts is chopped off.
Woman's arms and other body parts are chooped off with plenty of blood spweing out.
Another woman's face is bloodied and mangled.
Heads are blown.
Faces chopped off.
Arms chopped off.

The music sounded very strong for the most point having some violin music sounding medium up to a high screech which works well in a horror flick for the terrorising moments. Also there's adventureous sounds too along with good drum booming and wooden drum beats too. There's also perfect echoey metal clanging sounds and booming noises like you'd hear in a Terminator flick. There's the odd times some cheesy piano keyboard type playing which sounds quite Z-grade but fits the low budget of this movie too. All of this was nicely put together by Timo Rose and Marc Trinhaus.

A neat songtrack performed by mainly Andreas Schnaas as he has a nice comedic vocalising on a number titled "Karl the Butcher" which sounded well for a scene before he is about to kill his first victim. His vocalising sounds perfectly goofy and deep.
Another number during a vengeful battling moment is "Unicorn" which he has good insane vocalising as well as perfect heavy guitar riffs which suits the horror stuff that's involved here and the music really stands out big time.
There's even a peaceful song during a silent moment during a dream sequence which is called "Die Lorelei" performed by Britta Miller-Hermannsen in which there's perfect operetta vocalising on this and mellow moments in this song.