Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)


Directed by: Mary Lambert

Written by: Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris


Kate Mara .... Samantha Owens
Robert Vito .... David Owens
Tina Lifford .... Grace Taylor
Ed Marinaro .... Bill Owens
Michael Coe .... Buck Jacoby
Lillith Fields .... Bloody Mary
Nancy Everhard .... Pam Owens

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: July 19, 2005

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During the homecoming dance a teenage girl named Mary (Lilith Fields) is accidentally murdered by a nasty jock and then years later a group of girls who are having a slumber party hear about the legend of bloody Mary and say her name a few times in order to see if it's true and face deadly consequences while doing so.
One of the girls named Samantha Owens (Kate Mara) starts spotting hallucinations and then bodies turn up in which her and her stepbrother David (Robert Vito) tries to go to the aid of a gypsy woman named Grace Taylor (Tina Lifford) to find out Mary's history and her lost body that was never found to put an end to the evil curse but there's a mysterious killer who was responsible for Mary's death as well which causes more problems than they expected.


We spot a beginning with some people at a prom which is a prologue as their discussions looked rather cheesy and unnatural in which at first things seem to look bland here but yet it starts to get interesting when we spot some teenage girls getting drugged and then the guy's are getting wicked and forceful which came across pretty intimidating with the title character Mary trying to run away from her boyfriend and he chases after her which makes you wonder if she will get away or not. Also there's a situation where the boyfriend hits her and accidentally kills her as this looked slightly phony and should've been more convincing since this was the key to the story since it would take place present day.
Then it does take place present day with some friends getting together to hear this story during a slumber party of their own which looked fun to watch even if it looked slightly corny at times but yet entertaining as well. Plus there's the legend about Mary's ghost appearing when they call her name and also discuss it being used in Candyman showing a nice spoof like to the plot here.
Also nice cmaera shots on them saying her name which looked extremely effective as well as a bit later on fast action haunting moments are happening here causing some deadly incidents which seemed to happen a little too fast in a horror plot instead of watching on what slowly becomes of this. It was a bit hard to follow all of this while we continue to watch the film but it gets more exciting while we continue to watch it.
There's a situation with some asshole football jocks in a changeroom in school having a discussion as well as them bullying the main male character David Owens in which this almost looks similar to David DeCoteau's present horror flicks dealing with these kinds of jocks but this was done in a better fashion nevertheless. Things seem pretty powerful with the head bully named Buck Jacoby getting in his face and almost acting violent too.
Also we spot a moment with Buck getting almost violent with his girlfriend Heather Thomas by having a bad day which certainly makes this moment unpleasant and nearly intense too making you think that karma will catch up to him.
Also a nice moment on Heather sleeping and then we spot a nice shot on a doll looking almost like bloody Mary with a spider crawling out of the dolls mouth creepily sliding down to Heather's cheek as this looked spooky. Also we spot a spooky situation when she wakes up to find something growing on her cheek when she looks in the mirror as well as more results which can creep you out big time if you're arachnaphobic. This looked perfectly well done for a horror flick.
We spot some dry humor that falls flat when one of the jocks goes into a tanning salon and we have the ditsy beautiful blonde working there with their discussions which seemed pretty hokey to watch which didn't seem to fit into the story all that greatly. Yet we spot a moment when this dude is in the tanning area and we spot the numbers going high and frying him as this looked pretty suspenseful while we spot this happening imagining if you were in an oven and so fourth.
There's some neat moments with Bloody Mary creeping from a bedside and ready to pounce on Samantha which looked terrorising and nice effects revealing this scene.
Some nice discussions with David and Samantha talking to a stoned out hippie gypsy woman named Grace Taylor discussing on the legend of Mary as there's nice interactions within all of this and showing some nice humoress moments when we spot this too.
A perfect moment with Buck driving his vehicle and then spotting Bloody Mary in the middle of the road and he swerves which is a near jumping moment and very suspenseful to spot this too. Plus a good moment when he takes a wizz outisde near a fence where it says danger on electircity and acts stupid about this and suddenly BAM! As this makes you jump out of your seat and looking increidbly effective by what we spot here.
A perfect moment with David suddenly looking around the hallway of a house and things are silent with a nice jumping moment on the mysterious killer grabbing him and doing something to him which seems to pay a tribute on the famous killing in Black Christmas.
A nice situation when Samantha is about to dig up Mary's grave as well as an approach by a supporting character named Bill Owens in which this comes across that he knows something about all of this as this makes you watch very carefully on what is going to happen next guaranteed to make you cringe as this scene looked very strong to watch.
Bottom line is that this had no relationship to the previous flicks but it was very necessary to make this one regardless since we get to spot this film based on the popular tale we all were told as kids. It really worked well onto the screen. The odd humor didn't work well but the terrors surrounding this did perfectly well. I would advise any horror fan to spot this one as it's a great one to watch. Nice special effects in this one too.

The acting is pretty decent here as lead actress Kate Mara (Samantha Owens) knew her stuff portraying the part on someone who knew how to act anxious or freaked out when the terrors start plus really knew on how to get into a deep conversation too in many scene's. She also does a great job with her energy near the end of the film when she struggles against her other actor really springing into action and not letting an ounce of energy down within all of this. She pulls her weight pretty well in her character.
Robert Vito (David Owens) portrayed perfectly as an outsider as he comes across as someone who is silent at first as well as really springing into action with his temperamental behavior just rolling in with the punches big time showing his violent aggressions and knew on how to act intense by being this way. Plus does well getting serious with his discussions on the legend showing a nice concentration here. Also was perfect acting leary and cautious inside a quiet house. He drew everything in his role and was well focused within all he had to do to make this role convincing.
Tina Lifford (Grace Taylor) was a natural ham in her part of the film as a potheaded gypsy woman in which she adds nice spunk and charisma into what she had to do here. Knew on how to act hip as well as sort of spaced out too. Plus she does well trying to avoid certain conversations and getting into this a great deal. Was fantastic in her blocking when she gets touch near the end of her performance too. She studied this part nicely and proves to be a worthy character actress.
Michael Coe (Buck Jacoby) lived to play an asshole jock in which he really brings out a great rage when he gets angry as well as being realistic when he acts physical abusing someone else. He for sure gets in your face a great deal with this nasty attitude which he comes across as perfectly intimidating when doing so. He for sure brought out a superb negativity surrounding him and studied this role inside out. No problems with this dude's acting skills.
Lillith Fields (Bloody Mary) shows a nice innocent and beautiful presence in the beginning of her performance as well as knowing on how to show her fear by trying to run away during the prologue scene from her onscreen boyfriend as she brought a nice amount of fearful energy. Plus shows a nice terrorising performance with her vicious presence when she's a ghost which she shows a nice versatality here.
Nancy Everhard (Pam Owens) portrayed her role as a mother perfectly having a warm attitude as well as having a nice outoging type of behavior and really getting into this without failing to portray this type of person. She had the right looks for this too which was one of the film's plus. She was a right fit for this type of supporting role.

A girl's face breaks out with spiders causing a trail of blood.
Someone is fried in a tanning salon causing more blood.
A person's crotch is fried off while being electrocuted near a fence.

The music was marvellously put together sounding very strong and effective for each scene which really helps out with the storyline big time. There's alot of windy and hissing effects along with the loud banging moments too as this often works in every flick. Plus there's good light piano playing for today's standards in a horror flicks for the light moments too. Also we hear perfect metal scraping sounds as well as stick and wood banging moments too sounding pretty powerful along with great low keyboard and synthesizer music for the horror moments which sounds good and old fashioned. All of this was superbly put together by Scooter Pietch and Jeff Rona.

We have a perfect songtack in the movie played in many spots for when a deadly incident is supposed to happen and catching the character's attention when it plays called "I Will Always Be There" by Niki Harris which has some nice sad guitar playing and soulful singing. This for sure suits the story in itself. This was also used in the closing credits too.