Vamp (1986)


Written & Directed by: Richard Wenk

Produced & Story by: Donald P. Borchers


Chris Makepeace .... Keith
Sandy Baron .... Vic
Robert Rusler .... AJ
Dedee Pfeiffer .... Amaretto
Gedee Watanabe .... Duncan
Grace Jones .... Katrina
Billy Drago .... Snow
Brad Logan .... Vlad

Release Date: Theatrical: July 18, 1986; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1987




Two fraternity pledges named Keith (Chris Makepeace) and AJ (Robert Rusler) plan to drive in the city for some excitement but another wannabe pledge named Duncan (Gedee Watanabe) insists on bringing him along as well so they can try to find some strippers to entertain their college friends.
They nearly end up in a car accident as well as ending up in the wrong end of the city where they run into a violent gang of thugs. While they manage to escape from them they find a strip club but it is overrun by vampires that are out for blood.
Keith runs into one of the employees there named Amaretto (Dedee Pfeiffer) who claims to know him in which the two of them try to escape the madness of these immortal beings.


We spot a cheesy beginning with the two character's Keith and AJ in some sort of ceremony looking like it's taking place in the past and ready to be hung as things look a little too serious and then we hear some gothic music screwing up and then discover that it's some sort of a hell week with these character's trying to join a fraternity pledge waring nothing but underwear as this seems to show okay timing and showing a total 80's cheesy comedic scene here.
Also we spot an annoying type named Duncan pleading the two of them to join a cruise out which adds to the story as someone who wants to be a part of an in group. Plus we spot a near car accident when they are on the road in the city in which things looked suspenseful when we spot the car swerving in circles as this truly makes you feel dizzy while spotting this moment happening and expecting a complete crash but we don't. Also a good shot on the car in a quiet town as you wonder if they were zapped in another dimension or not.
There's a good situation with them in a grungy cafe as well as spotting some thugs entering in which you wonder if they are the vampire's in the story with how they were dressed in a Lost Boys type of style here. Plus some good close up shots on one of them taking out
a switchblade and ponting it at Keith as this was supposed to look intimidating and it almost does. However it's slightly a wee bit cheesy while we spot this happening. There's some good fast action moments when they find a way to escape from them which looked impressive to watch.
There's good settings on a strip bar as we spot some good shots on the character Katrina doing a funky dance which looked impressive to watch and having a feeling that she's not your everyday local while spotting her doing all of this.

There's also a good moment with her bringing AJ to her room and she's so silent while he tries to talk to her which looks pretty mysterious to watch this. Plus there's shots on her head turned which also makes you wonder if she will turn. Plus good close up shots on her caressing him as well as a great shot looking up on her revealing her fangs as well as neat effects on her face looking monstrous as well as good energetic moments on him trying to restrain from her. This was a nice drawing card to a start on a vampire flick.
Plus we have alot more interesting action sequences when we spot Keith trying to get away from the gang they ran into at the cafe lead by the vicious dude named Snow in which there's a good shot on him climbing down a ladder in a storm sewage system with one of the thugs grinning and closing the lid leading to the street in which this makes it look mysterious wondering why he's not chasing after him. Also great shots and neat neon lights on him running through the areas as well as running into a freaky homeless man holding a rat which is a near jumping moment while spotting this situation. Also we spot him looking near a peep hole of the sweaers involving Snow with a little girl biting and clinging onto his arm as this moment certainly looked well done bringing out great tension out on the street.
Great suspenseful moments with Keith trying to escape in the streets from the madness as well as dodging from a garbage truck going at full speed towards him which doesn't seem like a normal every day happening here. This for sure looked dark and mysterious.
Nice shots on him in a garbage can and spotting his dead friend and another corpse as this looked pretty spooky spotting this but nowadays the effects don't look as good as they did back in the days.
We spot a perfect struggling moment with Keith trying to prevent a vampiress from biting him as this looked perfectly well focused and quite powerful to spot all of this.
There's a perfect touching dramatic moment with Keith struggling against AJ when he throws him around which looked effective showing a mighty strength now that he's a vampire which looked fun to watch as well as showing some good emotions towards the two of them as well as AJ telling him what he is and is always hungry by exposing his vampire eyes and fangs which still stands out nicely to this day spotting this. Also telling him to plunge a sharp object through his chest and hesitating to do this which looked pretty good and in your face. It's a good peer pressuring moment here and well written in too with their discussions. It draws across the great seriousness happening here proving that it's for sure a horror flick apart from the comedy used into the story. Great camera shots with the going on's in this scene too.
Lots of great camera takes in the strip club when we spot the employees and strippers suddenly revealing their vampire side as this looked pretty sharp along with suspenseful situations surrounding all of this. There's also some good special effects when we spot Keith planning a trap and great shots on some of the vampires being caught on fire.
The suspense and action picks up big time when Keith and Amaretto flee on the streets as well as being pitted against Snow and his gang as this looked entertaining to watch along with the gang suddenly being swarmed by vampires which also looked impressive. Plus we spot a hilarious moment when we spot the little girl suddenly leaping up on Snow to attack. This can offer some good chuckles.
There's a good moment with Keith pointing a bow and arrow towards Amaretto demanding to ask her who she is which makes you cringe wondering if she's a vampire herself as this looked pretty strong to watch as well.
There's good situations when Keith and Amaretto hide in the sewage system and we spot the vampires going in there to go to sleep as the shots looked good and dark. Plus a real attention grabber when they try to sneak out without making a sound as this makes you cringe big time wondering if they will manage to get away.
There's a perfect moment with Katrina grabbing onto Amaretto and he is about to hit her with an arrow but is nervous about it hoping that he doesn't accidently hit Amaeretto which also keeps you in suspense as to what to do on this situation as well as good close up shots on his hand bleeding with holding back the string of the arrow. Yet when he finds out a solution this looked very clever.
Plus there's a good moment when the two of them try to climb up to the street and someone drags Amaretto down which almost makes you jum big time just when you thought it was safe and that the vampire's were all killed.
Bottom line is that the film seemed a bit above average looking a little tiresome but the action really gets going later on in the flick in which this is a definete 80's horror flick for anyone who enjoyed the genre. This seemed to be what inspired From Dusk Till Dawn and the Tales from the Crypt flick Bordello of Blood. Worth checking out for sure.

The acting is quite good in which we spot Chris Makepeace (Keith) as he's older now since we've seen him in Meatballs and My Bodyguard but now playing a Frat student. He seems to show a good charm to his role in the film as well he shows great nervous expressions when something bad is happening. He also does a great job by acting anxious with stuff as well as really letting it out with his frusterations and speaking fast in a certain situation which shows good humoress timing and alot of good adrenaline too. Plus he shows a good stern attitude while pointing a bow and arrow at someone in which this looked impressive. He really showed some great nervousness and emotions while struggling with his battles too which was impressive as well.
Sandy Baron (Vic) seemed to breeze through nicely as one of the bar hoppers in which he shows a good hyped up type of behavior as to someone that is the least threatening of the crowd. He was a natural ham by what he does here and shows some good spunk into his performance here. He knew on how to act kookie and wild with the tension that surrounds him.
Robert Rusler (AJ) shows it off perfectly into his presence of the film as he has in A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge. He has the similar type of personality in this one coming across as someone who is sarcastic and ready for anything. He was great with his blocking while trying to dodge away from a gang in a cafe. He also shows a nice excitement while talking to a stripper which is impressive too. He also does well acting excited as well as freaking out when he is being attacked which seemed to show off in a decent fashion here. He also shows a nice aggressive as well as an upsetting emotional type of behavior when he discusses his hunger which really draws in well with his serious behavior here. He also does a perfect job with his heroic speaking near the end of the film which shines off nicely.
Dedee Pfeiffer (Amaretto) shows off a perfect bubbly type of personality and really gets hyped especially when she spots someone that she knows at a bar in which she acts really full of life while doing this and coming across as very believeable while doing all of this. She also does a good job by acting anxious and scared by what happens too. Plus she shows a good peeved type of behavior here and there in the story which showed off nicely to her part in the film. Basically she had a nice believeable outgoing type of behavior and proved to be a worthy character actress.
Gedee Watanabe (Duncan) certainly came across sharply in his performance by acting overly eager and annoying. He was a true type of fellow who comes across as a pussy and an uncool one. He does well by getting in your face with what he does and someone who isn't meant to be taken seriously which looked impressive here. Also knew on how to act overly annoying and hyperactive while being drunk at the strip club which shows off perfectly here. He was another ham of the cast. He also acted very mysterious in a scene when he announces that he's hungry which shows a bit of a difference into his character.
Grace Jones (Katrina) had a real effective supporting role as the head vampiress in the flick. She shows a great quiet type of personality making her role believeably mysterious in what she does here. She also shows off a nice dance on a club really strutting her stuff here. Plus does a great job springing into action while looking vicious ready to feed her hunger which looked highly energetic.
Billy Drago (Snow) really had a perfect presence in his role as the head thug in the flick. He shows off a great coldness to his role as well as his speaking plus does a convincing job by acting vicious and intimidating with whatever he does here. He was sharp with his blocking and attitude as well. He for sure was convincing making you wonder if he is a vampire too especially by how he approaches others.

A stripper dances topless breasts fully exposed
Plus a body builder woman with breasts exposed and some metal objects on her nipples

A neck is bitten
A heart is torn out
A sharp object is stabbed through someone's chest
An arrow is shot through someone's chest

The composing sounded slightly cheesy with the synthesizer type classical playing but at times it works in pretty well when we keep watching the storyline as it flows in well eventually. There's alot of good drum and congo type of beats for the adventureous moments which the timing was perfect for all of this. Of course we have some low piano playing with the struggling and running away from vampires as this was nicely done too. The composer for all of this is done by Jonathan Elias.