Vampire in Vegas (2009)


Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Written by:
Nicholas Davidoff


Tony Todd .... Sylvian
Edward Spivak .... Jason
Sonya Joy Sims .... Rachel
Delia Sheppard .... Dr. VanHelm
Frankie Cullen .... Dino
Brandin Rackley .... Nikki
Jonathan Conrad .... Eddie
Ted Monte .... Detective Stanton
GiGi Erneta .... Detective O'Hara
Joey Napoli .... Gilbert

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: March 1, 2009 (Netherlands)







An immortal three hundred year old vampire named Sylvian (Tony Todd) tries to find some way over the centuries to cure himself to survive from sunlight in which during the present day he hires a wicked Dr. VanHelm (Delia Sheppard) to do some tests by using a serium and using vampiress' as guinnea pigs to test on if it works or not out in a desert only to be spotted by two campers who witness this and calls the police about it.
Detectives Stanton (Ted Monte) and O'Hara (GiGi Erneta) are sent on a mission to solve this case as Sylvian travels to Las Vegas where an engaged couple named Jason (Edward Spivak) and Rachel (Sonya Joy Simms) and goes there to celebrate with their friend on a bachelor party only to be the target of vampiress' whom they hired as strippers and are the prime target for Sylvian to feed his pack of vampiress'.


There's an impressive beginning on a prologue with a narration that we spot a hooded warlock figure doing deeds as well as spotting people waking up and tied as vampire's in which this looked impressive to watch and a good start for a vampire flick too. Also there's the opening credits with nice shots on the city of Las Vegas which looked nice and clear.
There's cheesy special effects when some vampires are tied up and then explode with the sunlight reflecting on them but then the story gets into a slump when we spot two of the character's named
Dr. VanHelm and Sylvian doing business in a limo as this looked very unnatural by what we spot here. However it shows Sylvian petting a cat during this situation in which this looked kinda cute to watch but that's about it.
Also we have two teenage campers trying to tell the police on what happened to the vampires that were burned alive in the sunlight and the police not taking them seriously in which this looked too corny to watch all of this as well as having this piece badly written too. I was thinking to myself if it gets as bad as this I'm in trouble by watching the rest here.

Then there's many pointless takes and scene's on a group of young men having a bachelor party as this looked annoying as well with their interactions towards one another like they're forced to party. However we spot a woman stripper dancing in front of them which looked a bit wild but that's nothing to brag about either.
We have an interesting situation when Sylvian goes to a hospital and puts a nurse into his trance to find a bag of blood as well as neat cheesy effects surrounding him when he shows off his fangs and ready to plunge in adding a nice touch here.
There's a good sharp moment with some detectives named Stanton and O'Hara questioning Dr. VanHelm on situations that are happening with nice sharp camera shots on these people while they interact with one another.
Things seem to look a bit better when we spot female strippers at a bar showing their true identities as vampiress' and attacking their customers in which this looked wild and adventureous with all that's happening in which it almost pays a homage to those other types like From Dusk Till Dawn.
Then we have another moment with Stanton and O'Hara talking to a guy selling toys about the vampire situation with this dude discussing a squirt shotgun as a weapon to kill a vampire which seemed very lame to watch with a ton of more bad writing and lame slapstick too. Yet things seem to grow intense here later on which makes up for that thankfully.
There's some nice tense moments when Sylvian
calls up Jason with some unfinished business as well as threatening on what to do with his girlfriend Rachel who's tied up as this looked like a cheesy but fun mafia type of situation here. Another scene that saves the film from bombing as this looked fairly impressive on what's going on here.
Great moments when Jason does something in order to do a battle with Sylvian while going with O'Hara and Stanton to try and snuff him out spotting him as a half vampire while doing all of this which looked fast paced and fun to watch too.
Things look impressive with some neat one liners coming from Jason trying to save the day against Sylvian but their battling towards one another looked a bit off. Still it can be enertaining to watch this regardless.
Bottom line is that it's a typical film by Wynorski as about 98 percent of his flicks are trash. This one almost bombed but then the interesting spots came into place here. Not the least bit scary to watch either due to it's corniness and cheesy performances too.

The acting was fairly cheesy but the odd good performances here so let's take a look here. Lead actor Tony Todd (Sylvian) is always top shelf with everything that I've spotted him in as of course he plays someone cold and evil like he often does so since I spotted him in Candyman. Shows a good cold speaking with his deepness of his voice and sometimes has a sarcasm towards with what he does too as this shines off perfectly too like when you see him threatening someone on a phone having a girlish type of speaking as he offers some good humor here. Shows some good blocking when he acts violent which looked fairly strong too. He was the best out of the cast I must say.
Edward Spivak (Jason) really pulled off a ton of energy into his role as an anxious one in the flick showing alot of excitement and a believeable upsetting attitude too when the moments for him to cause this is happening. He also shows a great raging aggression as well as going at full thrust when he changes himself into a sort of vampire showing perfect insane expressions along with his speaking too. Plus was great with his lines when he comes to save the day which shines off terrifically here. He was a good character actor without a doubt.
Sonya Joy Sims (Rachel) pulled off her part not too shabby as one of those innocent type of victims as she shows this off nicely. Plus does a good job with her emotional attitude too along with her acting believeably frusterated when she is a reborn vampiress showing off a nice tense type of reaction to all of this. Plus does a good job while being held hostage cryin out which also shows some good enthusiasm.
Delia Sheppard (Dr. VanHelm) I never found to be a good actress but yet was pretty convincing with what she did here showing off a great sharpness to her appeal here. Does a nice job getting serious when it comes to business showing a decent focus within all of this. Plus shows a good sterness whenever she needed to do this or having a good upsetting reactions in other spots which she shows off well to this too.
Frankie Cullen (Dino) lived to play a masculine one in the vampire clan in which there's always the odd one as the servenat or protector as the brawny type since we've seen these types. His looks were perfect and he shows off a good aggressive behavior with his blocking whenever he performs a fight which almost is right on target here. He had the most effective supporting role in this flick even if he didn't have alot of lines in the film itself.
Brandin Rackley (Nikki) seemed to have a nice slick type of attitude in her part along with her smooth talking behavior too. She also shows a perfect fearful attitude when the terror strikes her. Plus does well with her wicked speaking when she is a full fledged vampiress. She seemed to know her ways in and out with her roles as you can tell that she studied this a good deal.
Ted Monte
(Detective Stanton) seemed to be one of the best character actors in this flick as he knew on how to draw attention to the viewers with his stern behavior as someone doing a serious mission. Was real perfect by getting in someone's face and not taking any crap type of attitude in which he came across wonderfully that way too. He had alot of dynamic energy within all of what he did to his role.
GiGi Erneta (Detective O'Hara) knew her craft as well as his sidekick in which she draws across a perfect business like attitude and getting to the point with stuff. She showed alot of good serious reactions to what is happening as well as doing this too within her correspondence as this shines off nicely here. She also had the right looks for all of this too which is a bonus here.

The odd bloody neck bite but most of the gore is quite tame here.

Perfect metal clanging noises as well as the odd booming sounds for the real adventureous moments especially with the struggling sequences which works every time in a film. Also good high pitched trombone playing too which sounds good and clear. Nice powerful drum beats booming away especially during some fighting sequences which blends in nicely.

Sylvian: So you decided to join us
Jason: No. I decided to send you straight to hell!