Vampire Knights (1988)


Written & Directed by: Dan Peterson


Ken Abraham .... Kenny
Billy Frank .... Bobby
Robin Stille .... Tasar
Thomas Kingsley .... Tom
Ann Michaels .... Zane
Mary Logan .... Ellissa
Lee Martin .... Suade

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 1, 1988 (Australia)





A couple of party goers named Bobby (Billy Frank) and Tom (Thomas Kingsley) go out for the night for a fun time and try to get their friend Kenny (Ken Abraham) to come along with them but he insists on watching his Vampire club TV show and stay at home as well as go hunting for vampire's if necessary.
While the two of them are driving to a party they pick up a female hitchhiker who happens to be a werewolf but then she accidentally falls out of the vehicle before she attacks them. Then they arrive at the party and are introduced by a three lustful women lead by Tasar (Robin Stille) in which they invite them to their home for a good time.
Then when they think they're in for sex and fun these women are vampiress' out for blood and Kenny now has to use his skills from what he saw on TV to try and put a stop to them before he's next. He does get some help from a virgin vampiress' out of the three of them named Ellissa (Mary Logan) whom he has a romance with.


We have a lame beginning with the character Kenny being a couch potato watching his favourite horror host on the Vampire Knights club as well as spotting a black and white horror flick which uses up some of the time here with him using his imaginary toys talking to one another which seemed silly to watch but some of the one liners seemed interesting.
The fun seems to start up briefly when two friends named Bobby and Tom go driving in their van with their interactions towards one another making this look like a party type of low budget filming environment as well as them picking up a female hitchhiker with her staring at them mysteriously along with some of the liners here exposing a full moon in which this leaves you an impression that she is about to change while we spot everything here making this moment look fairly amusing but then we spot her as a werewolf which you could tell was a cheap costume and unconvincing big time.
Things looked terribly trashy and cheesy during a partying scene as everything looked totally unnatural when we spot on what's going on there along with a filmmaker having an argument on doing a horror flick as this was way too set out.
There's also a moment when the full moon arises with three bats flying towards a bathroom which looked corny to watch but yet can be fun if you're in the mood for it and out of the bathroom comes out three lustful vamiress' as this looked cheesily entertaining.
Things do seem interesting to watch when these vampiress' get aquainted with both Bobby and Tom which looked fairly slick on them inviting these babes to their home for some fun which is of course a good drawing card to never invite a vampire into someone's home at all.
You may get a kick out of a perverted party goer slapping a vampiress' but and catches on fire which adds comedy and horror to the story in an okay fashion here.
Meanwhile we spot alot of hokey situations with Kenny in his underwear going vampire hunting around his neighborhood along with him climbing up a small building and putting his hand in a window where a woman is about to take a shower. Alot of this seemed quite pointless to watch. Just more lame excuses to add some goofy comedy to fill in the time for this cheaply made feature.
A nice entrance by the vampiress' entering the home leaving a nice cheesy horror impression along with the goofy comedy used here. But there's trash discussions in which the leader Tasar tries to find an excuse to lead her bimbo friend Ellissa out of the room so
the skanky Zane can nearly seduce and bite the neck of Tom in which I was thinking to myself ho hum!
We do spot a situation with those two making out as she tries to pursue to bite his neck but yet there's some distractions and I was thinking to myself "Get on with it already!!!!"
Also we have a trashy discussion with Zane giving advice on what to do to be a vampiress when she tells her she's inexperienced as this moment seemed lame especially asking dumb questions as to how blood tastes like and so fourth. This ruined the film with most of the other discussions here.
More corny discussions involving Kenny and Ellissa drinking beer and watching the show in his room which they were supposed to have a goofy romance but as usual doesn't shine off here.
Some lame shots and attacks with the vampiress' attacking in the hallway against Bobby as this deifentely didn't look terrorising like it was supposed to have been due to a lack of a low budget.
Also ridiculous liners when Kenny discovers that Tom was bitten and what to do before he awakens driving a stake through his heart. Another dull situation that lacked inspiration here.
There's a nice red light shot on Zane with her fangs nearly about to attack Kenny in which it gives the film a nice horror touch to this but not much more.
There's the odd struggling situations between Kenny and Tasar which looked a bit sloppy to watch here with the slapping and hitting. This moment doesn't look intense like we'd expect it all.
There's an impressive moment when a TV host dares a vampire to come and get him which we spot Tasar hissing at the TV leaving another good horror feel to the picture but at the same time you have a feeling that something conry is going to happen to the host as it just does.
Some nice camera shots looking up on the vampires' and resurrected people reaching down towards Kenny as this adds anothe rnice horror touch to all of this.
Some interesting camera shots between both Kenny and Ellissa in which we may think there's a happy ending and making some decisions on what to do which was drawn in not too badly due to the lack of the budget.
Then we have a comedic ending to the story which seemed a bit annoying but at the same time worked in well which we have seen in other future horror comedies like Shaun of the Dead. Still this is nothing to brag about.
Bottom line is that this was a bad ripoff parody to Fright Night. The story is boring with the odd interesting moments and unfunny too when it tries so hard to be and not the least bit scary either. A very bad grindhouse flick to top it off that was too low budget to go to theatre's during the time period when most of these bad films did so. This flick works as cleverly as David DeCoteau's early horror parodies like Nightmare Sisters and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama except those two were done in better style. I could see why this one was almost unheard of.

The acting is pretty bad and stiff here in which the best actor is probably Ken Abraham (Kenny) as an obsessed wannabe vampire slayer who loves his TV show. He seems rather okay by having a goofy attitude and using different voices with his imaginary toys. He springs to life as much as he can while stalking his neighborhood showing a bit of energy here and there but at times he's a bit over the top which isn't surprising for what other shows I've seen him in. He seemed to do okay acting anxious and being prepared for the vampiress attacks showing some interesting spunk. He's sometime off the wall when he becomes briefly romantic to a bimbo vampiress though. Oh well he never was the greatest character actor in my books.
Billy Frank (Bobby) seemed to do his best to show some pizzaz as an outgoing and partying type of friend showing his effort with his friendly type of attitude. However he's way too over the top after he spots a vampiress attack and is too melodramatic when he chokes up on his speaking acting frightened and anxious. He slumps a great deal while performing like this. No gold star for this dude.
Robin Stille (Tasar) seemed to be another best out of the cast as she tries her best to pull her weight as the head vampiress. She shows a nice dark charming behavior to when she speaks to someone acting flirtatious coming off not too shabbily. Plus does a nice job with her hissing and vicious behavior when she shows off her terror. At times it's a little too much. Plus is good with her comedic timing when she acts tough and sarcastic too.
Thomas Kingsley (Tom) shows off an interesting sarcastic type of personality and seemed convincing with his partying behavior too. Shows off an average type of charm to his role as well. Yet like the other cast members is a bit wooden. He tried his best to freak out whenever he needed to do so here.
Ann Michaels (Zane) offered some spunk into her part in which she came across perfectly showing a sleazy type of attitude and coming across as convincingly cocky too. Plus she shows a nice anxious attitude too when needed as well as having a believeable frustration which she brings to life as well. Also shows nice vicious expressions and reactions when she is attacking or about to attack.
Mary Logan (Ellissa) seemed a bit wooden in her role as an experiences bimbo vampiress coming across well by her ditzy speaking but she needed to pick up her energy a bit here and there with her squealing attitude. It just needed to seem more like she was into her role. She tried her best to do this so it wasn't all that bad. Does a good job acting hesitant close to the end of her performance as she draws this in nicely here.
Lee Martin (Suade) seemed also wooden and quite annoying in his part as one of the party goers in which he seemed to come off as perfectly dorky here. He doesn't seem to know on how to portray much of a character but you can tell that he tries his best here. He is very off after he freaks out in his last scene and not coming across natural.

There's a couple in a bathroom with a guy's pants down butt revealed and a woman's shirt opened revealing her breasts

A vampiress' rips out a man's heart.
Some mild bloody neck bites.

We have a toned out cheesy synthesizer playing in which it's supposed to sound eerie with the vampires' about to do their nasty deeds which sounds very off. Plus we hear the odd cheesy windy sounds too which can be entertaining but not taking this seriously at all. The music does seem to pick up a bit for when the showdown between Kenny hunting down the vampire's starts to happen with low sounds and fast beats as well as hearing some conga's playing and such. Some of it sounds like it was cheesily ripped off from the A Nightmare On Elm Street flicks though. Still it had some fair good use while we keep watching on what's going on which was better than the story itself all put together by Peter Rodgers Melnick.

We also have a soundtrack on 80's cheesy sounding artists but the one that of course stands out is the theme song performed by Lenny Peterson as there's good drumbeats and guitar playing used in both the opening and closing credits. The vocalising doesn't sound all that terrific but not too terrible either.

Kenny: Cross my heart

Tasar: I'm gonna kick the shit out of him!!!