Vampires Vs. Zombies (2004)


Written & Directed by: Vince D'Amato

Story by:
Sheridan LeFanu


Bonny Giroux .... Jenna Fontaine
C.S. Munro .... Travis Fontaine
Maratama Carlson .... Carmilla
Brinke Stevens .... Julia
Peter Ruginis .... The General

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD April 13, 2004






A father named Travis (C.S. Munro) and his daughter Jenna (Bonny Giroux) are on the run from invading zombies. They are stopped by a woman named Julia (Brinke Stevens) as she tells them she has a sick daughter named Carmilla (Maratama Carlson) who is gagged and needs them to drive her somewhere. The two don't realise is that they are both vampires as they put them in a trance. Carmilla seduces Jenna and makes her a vampire herself while they battle the zombies.


We spot an odd beginning with a scene on a lustful vampiress about to come up towards Jenna Fontaine while she's sleeping and then she screams and awakens from a nightmare which works in well for a horror story especially as this one when she awakens in a vehicle with her Dad but yet the moments looked trashy later on when we discover a zombie as the make up effects look slightly cheesy as well as them running this being over which doesn't look too impressive at all.
The story goes awfully slow when they make a pit stop to a gas station attendant and buying some stuff in the store in which we have someone at a counter having an attitude which doesn't look convincing to watch at all as well as some sort of a mysterious woman named Bob coming on strong towards Jenna which is a suggested lesbian scene as well as the moments not explaining itself too much here as to why they encounter one another when she is handed an amulet as this moment needed a better explanation big time.
A;sp we have a moment where Julia tries to get the Dad whom is of course Travis to take Carmilla with them as she's a bit gagged in which this moment was supposed to look mysterious leading to the story that the two of them could be a couple of vampiress' but the story doesn't look strong enough to make this entertaining.
There's a scene where we have the owner at the station discovering that there's a bloody mess in which doesn't come off as grissly like it was supposed to have been at all. Another disappointment here folks.
We have a moment with The General at the store having a heated discussion with Julia in which the scene's almost look strong but not quite as well as a moment on the store owner drooling in which this was supposed to give you an impression that he's now a zombie in which this looked slightly phony as well as him attacking as this looked fairly amateurishly done.
We spot a moment when Travis spots someone stopping their vehicle and tries to talk to the person as this was supposed to hint that he's changing into a vampire which looked sloppily done and then kills this person in which we spot pointless close up shots on this things lying on the ground as this seemed to be a time killer for a little bit and nothing too special here.
Plus we have one of the same actress' playing a different role as a state trooper which can confuse you wondering if she was in disguise but nope a different character as my guess they couldn't afford to hire an actress to do a bit part which is a cheap shot here.
In the story we spot a lesbian love scene between Carmilla and Jenna in which there's careful camera shots on them getting it on in their vehicle which looked way too planned out and taking a while once again to fill in some time as I was thinking "Oh god! This is a lackluster big time!"
We spot a sloppy vampiress attack scene that involves the character Tessa Briggs towards The General in which looked trrashy and lame when she tries to jump on his back and pursue's to bite his neck as well as a memorable scene in the film where he breaks one of her fangs and corny discussions between the two of them. Yet his killing on her looked fairly brutal enough which is one of the only positive things I can say about this film.
The story is saved from bombing later on as we spot some flashback sequences that involves Jenna in some sort of an asylum with a needle poking into her as well as creepy moments on zombies surrounding her too which was well focused and done in a good grindhouse type of fashion too.
Also there's a perfect camera shot on Jenna looking out at a window and spot Julia in a ghostly uniform whispering her name to her as this looked perfectly creepy and entertaining for horror fans big time. This was the best scene in the film I must say.
Great locations and shots between Jenna and Carmilla when they enter a crypt as well as them revealing as vampiress' and battling against vampires and zombies which looked amusing to watch and done in a nice fashion. Also the very end when they check into a motel there's great focused shots on zombies standing around them and closing in which can please the fans of zombie flicks and the gruesome results later on in the story.
Bottom line is that this is a bad film based on a short film titled Carmilla as Vince seems to rip off George A Romero's zombie flicks and putting vampires in as well. Avoid it if possible unless you want to watch on what happens in the near end which is the only moments worthwhile.

The acting is very mediocre to bad performances.... Bonny Giroux (Jenna Fontaine) seemed to add some nice spunk into her role though as she offered some decent energy and knew on how to get into a conversation pretty well. However when she screams or freaks out she seems unnatural while doing all of this. Does pretty good though getting into her lesbian lustful scene's as she focuses this pretty good. She is okay with her characteristics and can be the best in the cast nevertheless. However, that's not saying anything at all.
C.S. Munro
(Travis Fontaine) was hilariously miscast as the father in the film in which he looked way too young to pull this role off. Seems okay as a serious type and reacts pretty well to struggling moments. However he is at times low on energy in certain other parts of his performance and seems uninspirational by doing all of this. He didn't seem to do anything for me and didn't even have the right looks for this part at all.
Maratama Carlson
(Carmilla) draws in okay as a mysterious type of vampiress in which she acts outgoing which shows off nicely. However, when she attacks someone or freaks out she is way off and lacked inspiration big time. But does a good job speaking to other actors as her interaction seems to be right on target here.
Brinke Stevens (Julia) was the only familiar face in this film due to her career as a scream queen in many bad movies. This marks to be another example of a bad movie. She as usual was average in her performance but seems to come across quite sleek and perfectly mysterious in her performance. Also seemed to do only half good when she acts powerful and intense towards someone else. Came across nicely when she acts ghostly whispering out to someone in a flashback sequence. However not even she was worth checking this film out. Again I was never really a fan of her work.
Peter Ruginis (The General) had the most effective part in the film as a redneck hunter in which he seemed to show some fair witty timing with his obnoxious performance when about to battle a vampiress. However his blocking was a bit off when he strikes someone as it looked way too corny and unnatural. Does okay while speaking aggressive though and had the perfect big guy type of looks for this part too. Does well with his final battle as he comes off strong in this showing some good energy too.

We have topless nude performances by Bonny and Maratama while they seduce one another.

The gore is the film's drawing card.
We have decapitated heads.
Brutal slayings and
Guts ripped out.

Alot of various composing sounds all done by Mikael Jacobson in which we hear some annoying techno music here and there especially for the opening segments. There's some comedic type of music which at times is a bit off but other times works in with some string plucking too. We also hear some odd bell sounds for the deep moments in the story as well as smooth chanting type of music with the odd drum rolls too. Nice wavy spooky sounds for an odd flashback segment as this worked in well giving it a low budget feel to everything. Also some effective dark sounds for certain areas to the near end of the story which involves zombies crowding their victims blending in nicely.

Tessa Briggs: I'm NOT Carmillia!
The General: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
[elbows her in the face]

Tessa Briggs : You broke my fucking tooth!
The General: That makes us even; you broke my fucking cigar!

[Jenna screams as The General impales her father with a stake through the heart]
The General: SHUT THE FUCK UP!