Vampires: Los Muertos (2002)


Written & Directed by: Tommy Lee Jones


Jon Bon Jovi .... Derek Bliss
Diego Luna .... Sancho
Cristián de la Fuente .... Father Rodrigo
Natasha Gregson Wagner .... Zoey
Arly Jover .... Una
Honorato Magaloni .... Old Man
Darius McCrary .... Ray Collins

Release Dates:
Direct-to-Video: September 22, 2002






Another vampire slayer named Derek Bliss (Jon Bon Jovi) is hired by a shady priest named Father Rodrigo (Cristián de la Fuente) to snuff out a nest of vampire suckers lead by the head vampiress princess Una (Arly Jover) in which she seeks the black crucifix that was failed to get by the other vampire's previously so they can perform a ritual which will enable vampires to walk in sunlight and be invulnerable.
Along the way Derek runs into an eager Mexican kid Sancho (Diego Luna) who wants to join his group of hunters as well as a half vampiress Zoey (Natasha Gregson Wagner) whom has the ability to stay in sunlight and not turn with certain medications giving him guidance after seeing hallucinations as to where Una and her gang will appear next.


We spot a cheesy beginning with a thug trying to pursue mugging or raping a borad near an alleyway in Mexico as this looked a little too set out as well as a different twist when we spot the lead character Derek Bliss making out that he's saving her life while we spot him firing a wooden stake gun towards her as there's fast action with this making it look slightly corny to watch here but yet interesting vampire effects while this is beginning to happen.
Alot of the scene's for the first bit seem terribly rushed and I had a hard time understanding by what is happening but it wasn't too awful yet I was waiting to find out what became of the last ending on the first flick which was a disappointment since it was never discussed.
During the story we spot a local spotting some vampire's standing still staring at him in the misty night which looked perfectly done with the shooting and the surroundings and then one of them attacks him as the effects looked mildly cheesy but not too terrible. However the situation looked fairly intense as well as spotting an artsy gruesome moment on the vampire's having a feast on this victims which should please any of you horror fans out there.
A good situation with a young teenage boy named Sancho so eager to help out as a vampire slayer which adds some nice uplifting touches in the story along with a good moment on Derek pulling a sleeping vampiress from a Spanish church to the sunlight and the struggling situations that happens here which looked like a fair energetic scene while we watch this happening.
A perfect feel when Derek goes into a diner and we spot Zoey flirting with him as this looked strongly set while we watch this moment and it looked perfectly mysterious as you get the feeling here that this will lead into something later on in the story. Nicely written in. Also neat and crafty when he uses some magnifying glasses to see if any vampire's are customers at the diner along with good close up shots on a vampiress who happens to be Una about to taste a bite on someone's neck as well as great excitement happening here as it looked impressive watching all of this happening.
A great strong heated discussion between Derek and Zoey in the middle of the road and him demanding as to why she hasn't been burning in the sunlight while standing there plus the arguments between the two of them looked very lifelike with their sarcasm towards one another. Also nicely put in with her discussing the meds she takes to prevent her from burning up or trying to attack someone as this seemed to look clever on what she's talking about. A nice original idea for a vampire flick indeed.
Yet we have a moment when Sancho is pestering him and giving him a note from his parents on his experience on helping out as a vampire slayer in which this moment looked terribly corny and doesn't seem to fit in at all.
A good moment at night near a city with a teenager appearing towards Derek and his gang with a great close up camera shot on him speaking coldly towards them all as this leaves an impression that he's a part of the creatures of the night as well as a good suspenseful moment when he's ready to attack as well as this teen getting shot down and the crowds freaking out which adds a great taste to everything that we spot here.
A nice dark setting with Ray Collins spotting a sobbing girl and him talking to her as there's a good situation with her slowly coming onto him and acting lustful with good close up shots on her as this draws your attention that she's a vampiress about to draw blood on him since this was carefully done and making this moment a perfect mysterious drawing card while we keep watching here. Doesn't look pleasant when we find that she might give head to him as that's a painful way to bite someone.
A great terror moment with Una and her gang of vampire's break into a bar and slaughtering the bartneder as well as what they do to drink their blood which is another great pleaser to anyone who enjoys horror violence and lots of stomping intense action when we spot at what they all do here in this scene.
A nicely focused discussion with an old man discussing on what's happening towards Derek which looked carefully done and seems to draw you in by what he's saying here.
A perfect moment with Zoey almost losing control and spotting some blood marks on Dereks arm in which you wonder if she will lose control and bite him as this keeps you watching to find out on what happens next here.
There's also a good moment with Una sucking in the chemicals from some pills which looked highly adrenalised spotting her reactions and her leaping out to attack Derek as this looked strongly done with the struggling and powerful moments that took place here.
A perfect jumping moment on Ray being impaled by an arrow as this takes you by surprise on all of this when someone is about to reveal a dark secret on him. Plus a good situation with Derek about to do a deadly situation on him which adds a sad touching moment on their discussions when he's forced to do this to him. This was good and dramatic to watch.
Perfect and clever moments with Derek and his gang spotting vampire's underneath the sand and stabbing them in the ground which looked neat to watch as well as a good moment with Una later on rising up from the sand and grinning wickedly adding more good flavor for the horror story here.
A nice and powerful moment with Una trying to leap in to attack as well as spotting Father Rodrigo reasoning on both parties with this situation on taking him for a sacrifice as this was nicely put together.
Perfect moments with thhe final showdown on battling against Una with great chasing around moments on Derek and his gang by trying to snuff her out with exciting discussions as well as a moment when Zoey jumps out of a window and is struggling to try and save herself from the fall or when the gang tries to use a metal wire on Una but it stalls as this leaves a creepy impression that she will escape for sure. All of this looked greatly entertaining and full of action by what we all spot here.
Bottom line is that it was difficult to tell whether or no I would've liked the flick as there were at times some leaky holes but it really gets started later on and adding nice action packed moments. It was disappointing by not seeing the surviving characters of John Carpenter's original flick show up here and taken in a totally different direction too. Oh well not a big deal but I did want to see on what became of the character Anthony Montoya nonetheless.

The acting still stands out well in which we have rocker Jon Bon Jovi (Derek Bliss) playing the head vampire slayer in which he adds a great punch to his performance here just really going in for the kill with his weapons and showing some nice blocking to all of this. Also shows a perfect seriousness and a no nonsense attitude too making this all seem quite believeable when we spot him doing all of this. Shows a good stern aggression when he gets into an argument with someone as well as having a perfect bluntness to what he says and meaning business throughout everything as well. He was a true chracter actor and proves he can do this than just rock out hard rock tunes.
Natasha Gregson Wagner (Zoey) was another great performer here as she shows off a great energetic attitude as well as coming off powerful with her sarcastic and aggressive behavior. Plus does a nice job stressing situations and having a no nonsense attitude too. Drew in a great seriousness when she had to be like this. Also shows off a believeable anxious attitude when she spots her meds lost which was another great plus here. Also does well acting weak or soft spoken too in other spots. Yes I liked her role the best out of the whole cast here.
Diego Luna (Sancho) really brought out some great spunk as a mischieveous kid who has a believeable eager type of attitude and knew on how to come across annoying when he anxiously talks about being a vampire hunter. Plus knew on how to add full thrust when going into action too as well as coming across convincingly when he's serious on something. He definetely was a nice choice for this role.
Cristián de la Fuente
(Father Rodrigo) seemed a little too plain in his part as a preacher just seeming to have the looks than the talent here. He wasn't terrible but needed a bit of inspiration with his energy and how he interacted with others too. However he does show a bit of enthusiasm when he tries to reason with his enemy to save the others which seemed to grab my attention here adding a bit of decent energy here.
Arly Jover
(Una) was another fine performer playing the evil coldblooded vampiress showing a good expressionless type of attitude along with having a nice wicked speaking whenever she spoke as well as having great powerful blocking whenever she lunges out against someone and coming across as convincingly powerful with this attitude. Also has a nice arousing reaction to certain things like sucking up meds as she really knew on how to get into this a great deal.
Honorato Magaloni
(Old Man) was impressive as someone who spoke wisely as well as sounding good whenever he spoke. He really showed a perfect concentration when he talks deeply on a situation adding perfect characteristic's throughout everything that he did here just coming across nicely onto the camera whenever he did all of this. Was a perfect key role to the story here and made sure that he studied this part a great deal.
Darius McCrary
(Ray Collins) wasn't in it for a long period of time but yet he showed off a great masculine type of presence as well as his attitude too along with showing a nice softness whenever he had to do this. Definetely was the kind of person who came across as a courageous and caring type. Also reacts well to when he gets aroused and then attacked. Plus shows a nice reaction to when he's not feeling normal as well as having a good painful attitude talking to his fellow actor during his last performance in this film which also shined off perfectly here.

Stakes are driven through vampire's chest and other objects of their bodies here and there.
Heads are torn off.
People are slaughtered in a bar as well as a head being ripped off and blood being pured into a drink.
Scarred and bloodied necks are revealed.
Bloody neck bites as well as a victims body being torn open and eaten.
Vampires explode after heat of the sun is shining on them.
An arrow is imaled through someone's chest.

The music was sounded pretty good for the most part but at times when we hear some Spanish guitar composing there's the odd times that it sounds like a techno type of remix. Otherwise some good echoey type of guitar twanging and desert guitar composing which stands out nicely just like in the original flick. Also we hear alot of heavy drum beats for the suspenseful situations as always as well as perfect strong violin and trombone playing too making the scene's look great while combining these instrumental elements. Plus we hear the odd chanting sounds too which shines off perfectly and sounding different for a film of this type and the change is very good too. All of this was put together by Brian Tyler.