Vampitheatre (2012)

Written, Composed, Edited & Directed by: Christopher Forbes


Dana Cheshire .... Ariahna
Christopher Forbes .... Dr. Redman / The Darkter
Dave Mercer .... Isiah
Joel Hodges .... Lazarus
Janice Olive .... Jezebel
Pamela Harris .... Lilith
Shelby Blackstone .... Agent Black
Stephen Gilliam .... Robert Stephenson

Special Appearance:

Linnea Quigley .... The Queen

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: September 29, 2009






A band of rock n roll vampire's lead by Ariahna (Dana Cheshire) and the Darkter (Christopher Forbes) tour the city but are hungry for blood as they suck the life out of their fans and groupies while an FBI named Agent Black (Shelby Blackstone) tries to follow these grizzly murders that these band members are responsible for doing so and not realising on what she's getting herself into.


Things look pretty impressive when we spot a man and a woman entering and then there's a figure creeping up towards thew guy and things seem pretty calm along with some good artsy moments when these two take it off and get it on with one another and then this figure lashes out which is a nice jumping moment when we spot all of this.
We also spot some good shots on a group of musicians discussing their lives as well as confessing that they're vampires in which seemed pretty cheesy to have a situation like that one written in.
A nice dark and still setting with a vampire coming across a nice type of girl next door asking her if she's a virgin but at the same time it seemed slightly cheesy and a little corny while watching this situation. Good shots on the two of them while this situation occurs.
Also we spot many nice shots on the band performing a gig with some credits saying what the song is as well as neat effects whenever they're playing making this moment look incredibly mysterious.
Good discussions with the main character's Ariahna and the Darkter having a serious moment in the back of their limo on what their next plan is which seemed fairly solid and well focused too. Good camera shots on the two of them talking on other subjects in other scene's standing outside and so fourth. This looked well concentrated and not sloppy at all like you'd expect in an indie flick.
There's many good camera takes on what we see as music videos from the band but at times it starts to be a real drag spotting this since we expect to see a horror film and not a music video flick. However this does tie into the story after what we reveal on what the plan is for these rock n roll vampires. A nice creepy romantic flick too involving Ariahna. Then there's pointless interviews by the character's in between the horror plots which look like a total bore.
There's well focused shots on on Agent Black discussing the unsolved murders that's happening in the areas where the bands are playing but however there was something not right about these scenerio's as it needed a bit more inspiration and becomes to be quite a bore while we continue to watch these moments.
A nice dark situation with a lustful situation involving Isiah and a groupie getting into this along with a suggested bisexual moment when the Queen approaches her and things seem smooth as well as her lashing out which you don't expect this and a perfect jump out of your seat moment here looking incredibly effective while we spot this.
There's more cheesy one linters involving Ariahna asking one of the audiences after a show if he has veins on his neck as this makes you guess that he is gonna be her next victim to take blood from and kill him while doing so. Plus we do spot some nice moments with these vampiress' drinking blood as well as a close up shot on one of them with blood dripping from her mouth and revealing her fangs smiling as this adds a nice touch to the horror story along with a businessman staring shocked and wondering who these band members really are adding more good horror flavor.
You also may find an amusing moment when we spot a drug dealing type of vampire offering bags of blood to a hungry vampiress who is addicted to blood. Seems to look fairly interesting by what we see on what goes on here.
Also there's pointless news reports that we spot here and there which doesn't look convincing at all and it seemed awfully silly to watch this. This for sure needed more inspiration to make it seem believeable as well.
A nice kidnapping sequence with Agent Black being tied up with Isiah speaking slickly and spookily towards her and giving her warnings and threats on her spying on them and following them as this seemed to fit in nicely to the story when we watch all of this and perfect camera shots on all of this too.
Bottom line is that the film is made on a good quality type of budget for an independent flick and some of it seems quite well done and paced and some of it seemed dull and pointless with the odd cheesy one liners. It's a party type of flick that you could have fun watching it or hate it. At times it can be a little annoying to watch and a bit longing for a proper storyline too. If you're in the mood for an average music horror flick then this one is for you.

The acting is in an average type of shape in which lead actress Dana Cheshire (Ariahna) seemed to be the best out of the entire cast with her sharp no nonsense type of attitude as she does well with her tempting behavior along with doing well on her clear speaking and just getting into what she had to do by portraying a vampiress. Plus does well with her singing and really getting into all of this portraying a perfect rock star outfit with a thirst for blood. She really studied this role a great deal as you can tell here.
Christopher Forbes
(Dr. Redman / The Darkter) apart from being the filmmaker here co-stars in this too. He seemed fairly okay but nothing special by any means. Seems to pass on his nervousness for certain scene's of the film and knew on how to get into a heavy conversation. However there were times his energy was low and needed to be more convincing that he was a part of the dark side since he seemed non-threatening. He's not terrible at all just needed a bit more inspiration to what he had to do here. Hey it's hard to make a film and act in it too.
Dave Mercer (Isiah) seemed to have a perfect smooth and dark type of attitude while speaking and was brilliant just lashing out when you don't expect it making you scared from time to time. Perfect with his cold whispery voice too as he really got into his role and one of the best cast members in this flick. At times he did perfrom a bit cheesy but picks it up big time to make up for all of that.
Shelby Blackstone (Agent Black) tried her best with her seriousness as a detective in the flick and lamost had the right looks for it. Yet she doesn't seem to cut it and is fairly wooden by what she does. She is well focused I will give her credit but however is a bit stiff with everything that she does here. I'm sorry but she doesn't seem satisfactory as a character actress but not everyone is meant for this type of industry either.
Stephen Gilliam (Robert Stephenson) was the second best out of the whole cast here as he lived to portray a businessman in which he shows a perfect mature and seriousness. He speaks his lines perfectly and has the right manly clean cut looks too which was another bonus to his role. Also does well showing a frightened and concerned reaction when he spots something terrifying too. A worthy character actor here by any mean and one of the folks who stole the film in his performance here.
Scream queen Linnea Quigley (The Queen) only has a few scene's in the film and I can't say that it was worth mentioning cause her voice was overdubbed by a man who tried to speak demonic which spoils her performance a bit. She seemed to come across quite ghostly with on how she approaches others and shows perfect creepy expressions too especially when she reveals her fangs and can at times make you jump but that's about it here. Oh well.

Lots of gratitious nudity.
A woman takes off her top slowly but fully exposes her breasts and she lies on the floor while someone gets it on with her.
Many different scene's with women taking off her top showing their breasts getting changed or getting into a lustful mode.
The odd butt shots on a male or female while lusting with one another.

Some bloody bites and bloodied faces yet nothing too graphic here.

Certain parts of the music seemed to sound a little cheesy hearing the low synthesizer music which at times it goes high pitched too. Yet there's some nice flowing music sounding very airy like too. Plus we hear the odd cymbals clanging which didn't sound all that great either. There's also certain parts of techno music which sounded incredibly annoying during some music and dance segments. Ugh this is sadly on what's in style for today's standards. However some of it sounded great like hearing the odd organ vampire type music as this adds a great touch. All of this was put together by Christopher Forbes.